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Ahaha I decided to take part in just because of AT *even if somewhere too far in my heart I feel like I have no chances to win* >///////////////<

Anyway, if you like this design, please, VOTE for me HERE ^^ *just rate it with 5 stars*
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Hey guys! Ratings for the Adventure Time design contest I did some stuff for on WeLoveFine are finally open! You can vote for my designs here and here . (my car broke down and life is what it is so winning some money would reaaaally help [not to mention having something I made on a shirt would be hella cool], if you can spare a minute of your time to rate them I would be eternally grateful♥)


Hey all, do you like these Adventure Time designs? I entered a shirt design contest on welovefine about a month ago and now all of the designs are getting voted on!

If you wanna help me out, please get a welovefine account first, then click on these links for my submissions (1, 2, 3, 4) and give me a 5/5! You can also rate other designs as well, they are all quite good!! 

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Art By:  Anna Maystrenko


To see more concept art check the blog out at:

Been rewatching a bunch of Justice League on Netflix and came to the logical conclusion that Jake the Dog and the Martian Man Hunter have some similar powers, and should have a crossover somehow.  

Both cartoons are under Cartoon Network, make it happen guys. 

so, this is my contest entry for the Adventure Time design contest! (it’s supposed to be for a t-shirt haha)

I really don’t know if this is about votes or only the judges choosing the winner, I thought it would be fun, maybe I’ll make another one!

just click the link! or not! (I don’t know if this is about viewers neither lol) anything is cool, hope you like it!

>>> Hero of Time on Threadless  <<<< Click there to VOTE!! 

GUYS GUYS! My design was approved for Threadless! Now all I need are your votes! And you could even preorder the shirt to help fund it! just $20.. FREE shipping! <3 <3 <3 

>>> Hero of Time on Threadless  <<<< Click there to VOTE!! 

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Here are all the designs I created and what they would look like on the t-shirts. These will all be in the Adventure Time Design Contest over at So if you have a chance, maybe you could go and vote for my designs in a few days when you are allowed to start rating them. I have my fingers crossed in hopes of winning, but if I don’t at least I made some good fan art. :P 


It’s been a really long time since I’ve done anything but I do hope you help me out with this one!!!

Please vote for my entry, The Ooo Starter Kit, on WeLoveFine’s Adventure Time contest!
The only inconvenient part about it is you have to log in/sign up in order to vote and I completely understand if that will hinder you from voting :c I will still love you wholeheartedly nonetheless hihi

Please and thank you!! ♥