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Everything repeats over and over again, no one learns anything because no one lives long enough to see the pattern
—  Marceline, Adventure Time

I ship Stevidot romantically & I don’t see what the problem is. There are similar ships like Dib x Zim & Finn x Princess Bubblegum. Both of them have minors in a romantic relationship with someone much older, but neither of those get nearly as much hate.

- Amy

In which Dean turns thirty-six.

Dean Winchester is not thirty-six years old.

If you want to get technical about it, he isn’t even one. Hell, he’s died and come back so many times; Dean doesn’t know how old he is. And after the Mark, well… he’s trying to figure out where he falls in the spectrum of ‘dead/alive/damned’. Birthdays kinda take a backseat.

This is what Dean is working through at 7:30AM on the 24th of January 2015. Not what he thinks Sam got him, not if Cas is gonna stick around for the day (he probably won’t because he never has and most likely doesn’t even know): if he’s even alive enough to celebrate. If he’s even human enough.

The more Dean thinks about it, the more the answer becomes a resounding ‘no’.

He lays in bed for a half-hour; tossing and turning and staring up at the ceiling. His hands fist in the covers, he takes off his t-shirt, puts it back on, pulls on his pj pants and then kicks them off. By the time 9 o’clock rolls around, Dean is hot, uncomfortable, and has decided to spend the entire day in his room.

And then he hears it: Rumble-talk from the other side of the door, and two sets of feet throwing the small crack of light that gets let into the room.

Dean burrows into his bed and covers his head with his pillow just as he hears the knock.

“Go ‘way, Sammy.”

But when the door cracks open, it isn’t Sam’s voice that filters through the dim.



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I'm obsessed with Zelda, so I confess, I took this photo.
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I just so happened to bring that plastic sword with me, and just so happened to be passing the Grand Tetons National Park on our summer vacation, and having remembered that I always believed that the “one NES LoZ booklet photo looks an awful lot like Ansel Adams’s photo of the Grand Tetons” I figured I’d have a look for myself. Lo and behold, the match was made in heaven. So my brother Matt stepped back and used his keen eye to match the shot. Above is the result, which then inspired the making of this Ocarina of Time short film:
Hope you guys enjoy.

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