adventure time chibi


Hey!!! I need help getting money to get this table at lbcc so I thought I’d open for commissions!!
My best work is physical so that’s what you’ll be getting
Full body/headshot/waist up/
Lineart: $10 /$6/$8
Flat color: $12/$8/$10
Full detail: $15/$11/$13
(Adding a character is $5 more)
(Physical copy can be sent to you for $4)
I am comfortable drawing everything except straight up nude po/rn (pedofilia, incest also) but I’m kinda desperate so kinks n fetishes are a-ok

Please reblog this if you can it would mean the WORLD to me


I went to an illustration fair this weekend so I had to print so many things, and one of the most hard and funny parts of the work is that we made handmade sketchbooks,  I really love the result *achieved goal* yay

I said we, I mean my boyfriend and me (you can actually see his hand in the video XD) Thank you for your support <3