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a list of shows I'm watching or have watched because jesus its so many shows

1.Pretty Little Liars

2.Gravity Falls


4.Fairy Tale

5.Steven Universe

6.Star vs the Forces of Evil

7.My little Pony

8.Scums Wish

9.Kaichou Wa Maid Sama


11.Over the Garden Wall

12.Adventure Time


14.Special A

15.Seven Deadly Sins

16.Miraculous Ladybug

17.Death Note

18.13 Reasons Why

19.Ouran High School Host Club

20.How i Met Your Mother

21.Ok K.O

22.Camp Camp

23.Rick and Morty

24.Yuri on Ice

25.Black Butler

26.Little Witch Academia 

27.The Irregular

28.Tokyo Ghouls



i also have a list of shows i plan to watch but I’m sure no one wants to see that mess I’m pretty sure this isn’t all the shows I’ve watched but its what i can think of don’t be like me and watch shows 5 at a time just watch them 1 at a time it makes things 10x easier i promise you this isn’t even all my fandoms just one for shows oh god save my soul


31.Loud House