adventure tim with finn and jake

It’s about to get spoopy, y’all.

We have two special posts coming at you tomorrow, but for Hallow’s Eve, I thought there’d be no better way to celebrate the holiday than to gush about my favourite Adventure Time character, Marceline!

AT’s Anti-Hero

The theory goes that Mar-Mar’s adorableness partially comes from how badass she pretends to be/thinks she is. It’s pretty true. Her transition from villain to friend happens about as naturally as you’d expect from a character so chill.

Not only is she the Cool, Older Chick ™ , she’s a don’t get too close to anyone loner who just has fun doing her own thing. Her episodes end up feeling special to me since she’s usually off being edgy somewhere.

With that said, Marcy grows to like and trust Finn and Jake, after thousands of years of guarding herself to rejection, which is really sweet and important considering the next topic …

Terrible, Secret Past


Anything that can crush my heart into a tiny ball gets my stamp of approval. The way Adventure Tim is structured means the tragic backstory behind its world comes to the audience in bits and pieces over multiple seasons, so it took a while to get around to Marceline’s past.

But when it did … OH GOD, EVERYTHING HURTS.

Simon and Marcy is still my favourite episode of the entire series, and I love how loving her dad seems despite how Marceline feels about him (whether or not you’re a good person, you can screw up your kid’s childhood big). 

Needless to say, I’m ecstatic that we’re about to get an entire Marceline mini-series based entirely around jerks from her younger days. Her story is one fans having been dying to hear more about for ages, and Stakes seems like the answers we’ve been craving! Speaking of her past

Her Gal Pal Girlfriend, Princess Bubblegum

I mentioned these two in my post on queer characters in kids cartoons, but that’s not gonna stop from talking about them again!

Marcy & Bonnie’s (off-screen) relationship isn’t just adorable, it’s realistic. Things didn’t work between them the first time. If you have a chance to read Marceline Gone Adrift, you’ll see why. They just weren’t mature enough at the time, and life got in the way, as it tends to do.

But given their character development, I’m genuinely rooting for them to get back together and give it another shot, which was implied as a possibility both at the end of the comic you see there and in Adventure Time issue #32, where they end up ruling over the Candy Vampire Kingdom together.

It’s an important part of Mar-Mar’s past that unfortunately hasn’t gotten the screen-time it deserves, but what we have gotten is wonderful, which I think sums up Marceline pretty nicely.