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marhaba! i made a game!!! 

it’s called Being and it’s a short, abstract, adventure-horror game about the Palestinian lived experience through a future lens. it’s gonna be in a show opening @ Babycastles tomorrow – called Over The Rainbow – that’s a collaboration with Art Palestine International showcasing Palestinian art, sprouting from a dedication to rejuvenation after the infamous attacks on Gaza during the summer of 2014. while i worked on curating and putting together the show, Being is my personal contribution to the collection + is a short exploration of my thoughts on the spectrum of emotions and trials that come with living in the Palestinian diaspora.

Over The Rainbow will be open @ Babycastles from march 16th-april 17th. (gallery hours are M-F 12-5!) //  the opening is tomorrow evening from 5-8pm so if you’re around nyc come hang!!! i may put the game up for download after the show??? i will keep y’all updated! 

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Through The Lens - Chapter Three

Harry’s POV

I took a deep breath as I grabbed my keys and headed out the front door, determined to go into town and try to blend in. It had taken me a while to prepare myself to go, the fear of being recognized giving me anxiety. I’d been there a week and loved every minute of it, the thought of having someone recognize me and losing the anonymity that I was enjoying so much was upsetting. I was just starting to settle in and feel free to roam around, slowly easing myself into being around more people, and I figured if it all came to an end at least I had a good week.

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Fellowship: A Tabletop Adventure Game
Go on a quest to defeat the evil overlord threatening your world. Define your people and build the world you must save, together.

The game is funded, the first stretch goal (more art!) has been reached, and we’re only a couple of thousand away from the next stretch goal (the Giant playbook!)!

For those of you just tuning in, Fellowship is a tabletop adventure game that is basically Lord of the Rings through a different lens: the players take the roles of the various peoples of the world who form a fellowship against an evil Overlord. Instead of there being a traditional GM in the game, each player has a degree of narrative agency, especially as it relates to their people (for an example, the Dwarf player gets to tell everyone what the deal is with dwarves in the setting, be they crazy gunsmiths or totally cool rock people), while one player actually plays the Overlord as an antagonist to the rest of the players.

I’ll be posting more cool snippets from the game (with the author’s permission) in the days to come, because I am very hype about this project.

When I was a kid, adventure movies and stories usually had a male protagonist. And when men talked about traveling, it often seemed so reckless and unobtainable because they took risks that women are socially discouraged from taking.

But then I read autobiographies and heard stories of women traveling, and I [thought], “Oh, maybe I can do that.” And the more stories we have out there, I think more women will feel empowered to travel. And the more women that travel, the more capable we are of creating safer travel experiences for each other.


Aliyah Khan, Who What Wander contributor

In response to “Why do we need to experience traveling through a feminist lens?”

“Waiting for new adventures.”

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