adventure thief

girlgroups: fairytale concept!! maid concept!! adventurer concept!! thief concept!! black swan concept!! eve concept!! pippi concept!! doll concept!! catwoman concept!! table tennis concept!! classy concept!! great gatsby concept!! 80′s disco concept!! retro concept!! seafood concept!! femme fatale concept!! vampire concept!! 

everyone: ugh girls are the same always cute/slutty :/

boygroups: hip-hop concept #982062 

everyone: now thIS IS what im talking about!! iNNOVATION! no oNE HAS ever worn a backwards cap before!! did you know that my oppa invented the word swag?! did you????!!

let’s hear it for

This is what the children say:

There’s a man who has one hand:

A thief, upon the throne.

A hook holds fast, at last, at last,

Around Attolia’s throne.

Attolia wants to be angry. It is clear from every clench of her jaw and every cold, hard line in her face. She wants to be angry and demand that the miscreant who penned this rhyme be hung by his thumbs in her dungeon and make him burn. She wants to be angry. But–

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