adventure pig

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Princess Bubblegum dressed in a pig costume as a pig with a fake pig nose?

you ding-a-ling. You sent me this exact same thing the last time I drew princess bubblegum a while ago and I ignored it, in hopes that you would not return, and yet here you are.

For anyone who cares #TheAdventuresofAandJ, my baby Jarppi is okay after giving me the scare of my life after work last night (major head tilting and balance loss). Hes doing okay minus hating his medications, poor guy.

Funny how a small ear infection can throw him off entirely.

But his brother Artyom was the best moral support ever throughout the vet visit.

Once shifts start becoming more scarce, I’ll be updating a helluva lot more (ye girl got on to a casual health care aide job). Thanks guys

Much love

JustTwentyOneWriters, Sam.