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Okay, but could we talk about this? Did we just get a poly relationship in mass media? In a childrens cartoon?

2017, I had a feeling from the beginning that you’re gonna be a good year and you surprise me everyday with great things. Thank you and thanks AT crew. ;3;

anonymous asked:

Can you draw a pic of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum dressed as pigs with fake pig noses? OINK OINK!!!

that’s a very specific request, but… yes.

Adventure Time Daily #32: “Doesn’t Jake usually help you with this stuff?” 

(also I just realized I misread the ask…idk maybe they had to deal with this during the costume party)


Title: Bugs Bunny’s Adventures

Series: Whitman Story Hour Series 802

Characters: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Petunia Pig, Cicero Pig, Three Bears, Big Bad Wolf

Creators: No Creators Listed

Year: 1948 Warner Bros Cartoons Inc

Publisher(s): Whitman Publishing Company, (Western Publishing)

1) Bugs Bunny’s Balloon Ride - 14 pages
2) Bug’s Bunny’s Headache - 6 pages 
3) Porky Meets The Three Bears - 12 pages 

Good/Bad: The art is awesome. The stories are great. This is a nice book.