adventure pig

Okay, but could we talk about this? Did we just get a poly relationship in mass media? In a childrens cartoon?

2017, I had a feeling from the beginning that you’re gonna be a good year and you surprise me everyday with great things. Thank you and thanks AT crew. ;3;


Guinea Pig by Jorge Ibarra L.

Adventure pig!

[image: Sweet P and his sweet parents, Tree-Trunks and Mr. Pig! He’s laying on his belly, Tree-Trunks snuggled up to one of his arms and Mr. Pig setting his head on Sweet P’s shoulder. He has cute little hearts floating above him.]

Anonymous:  how about a drawing of tree trunks or baby lich?

a sweet kid and his sweet parents, ahh

yay.. another one… this was for the request I got.. sorry I couldnt post a speedpaint…. my screen recorder was acting up and blargggh yep… sooo here it is for those who’s been waiting on it… sorry just posted it nowcuz I was doing other things *nervous awkward laughter*

neways.. promise fullfilled yay