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So I saw a lot of posts here warning about going to the Club Tortimer Island wearing a crown…

… So I decided to buy a crown and see what the big deal was…

I was legitimately surprised at how horrible it was. Granted it was hilarious, but still.

These aren’t even all of the screen shots I could have gotten. I was doing this for hours. I was trapped by tours, sworn at, told I was horrible, got sob stories, had one girl admit to trying to steal my crown and like, sat herself in time-out. (See 2nd to last photo LOL)

I even had a 10 year old girl threaten suicide if I didn’t give her bells or my crown…

Yeah. O_o

Anywho, after hours of this I finally met the only person who didn’t harass me. Mayor Megumi. (Last Photo)

Of course, I had to play around for a while to make sure since some others waited a bit before harassing me, so I helped her catch snazzy bugs and waited…

…Then I explained the experiment and went to the atm and took out a million bells for her… she was so cute, even when i started dropping the bells she didn’t try to take them or anything. She kept asking if it was okay.≧﹏≦ and she also happens to have a tumblr as well so go follow her» sailormegs


Moral of the story: Don’t be an idiot on the island and maybe someone will give you bells..(⊙o⊙)?