adventure mates

since it’s relevant, some notable bits from sentimental na ongakku etc:

Reita’s lil nose, and a scarf in the time before Kai

Aoi in black lipstick and a torn outfit all whilst looking like an emo kid

Uruha with anime eyebrows, rocking a lacy emo dress and stockings yet somehow not looking like an emo kid

and of course Ruki, suffering

Sagittarius x Sagittarius

Adventurous & Dreamy

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Crazy & Wild

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Silly & Playful 

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Cute & Flirty

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Pushing & Pulling

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Fireworks & Electricity 

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Feyre and Mor Meet

“Feyre,” Rhys said smoothly, “meet my cousin, Morrigan. Mor, meet the lovely, charming, and open-minded Feyre.”

“I’ve heard so much about you,” she said, and I got to my feet, awkwardly jutting out my hand.

She ignored it and grabbed me into a bone-crushing hug.“

(ACOMAF, Pg.59)


Can we flashback to this moment for a second please? This is right after Rhys brings Feyre to the Night Court for the first time, when he took her from that horrible wedding.

And they are squabbling when Mor arrives to meet her. Rhys somewhat reluctantly introduces them but Mor is soo excited.

When Feyre offers to shake her hand, Mor just pulls her into a hug. It is the start of a beautiful friendship. Yet let’s think of why Mor is so happy to meet her.

When Rhys came home from Under the Mountain, Mor, his closest confidant finds him first. Before she can even embrace him, he blurts out ‘she’s my mate’.

It’s the only thing he can think of, and he is so broken as he tells Mor about this girl. The girl he let go, who loved his enemy. This star in the middle of his darkness.

So she is honest: she’s been waiting to meet the girl she’s heard so much about. The girl who stole her cousin’s heart. His mate.

Thus there was Mor, embracing this stranger like a pal, like family, because she knew what Feyre was to Rhys, even if Feyre didn’t know it herself.

And they would be the best of friends.

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