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I have no ordinary lover. I have a fucking storm. I have sleepless nights and endless conversations at 4 a.m. I have passion. I have madness. I have someone who's able to make my whole body shiver from a distance and also pulls me close to make sense of all my bones.

since it’s relevant, some notable bits from sentimental na ongakku etc:

Reita’s lil nose, and a scarf in the time before Kai

Aoi in black lipstick and a torn outfit all whilst looking like an emo kid

Uruha with anime eyebrows, rocking a lacy emo dress and stockings yet somehow not looking like an emo kid

and of course Ruki, suffering

Sagittarius x Sagittarius

Adventurous & Dreamy

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Crazy & Wild

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Silly & Playful 

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Cute & Flirty

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Pushing & Pulling

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Fireworks & Electricity 

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Just some theorys,/thoughts on the Ruby squad……

After Room for Ruby Leggy seems the most popular choice of the Rubies to switch sides after Navy’s betrayal, but  I’m not sure if she actually would either, (although she would probably  be the easiest to persuade in the right circumstances), on one hand .she is the most likely to genuinely reform if any do, she is very new  (literally  emerged the day before her debut episode), and seems unsure, nervous, and scared more than anything, and being so new is probably more impressionable and a “blank slate” compared to her comrades. She also seems genuinely curious and friendly when she gets over her fear, like smiling and waving at Lapis while stood next to her. 

On the other her ties to the other Rubies would probably make even her reluctant to heel face turn, and I can’t see her really having the motivation or  incentive to switch sides on her own, 

Leggy, despite being timid and very “green”, was comfortable enough to go to the other Rubies for reassurance, most notably she was seen hiding behind Eyeball and/or holding onto her several times in Hit the Diamond, and Eyeball despite her gruff nature didn’t object or seem to mind Leggy clinging to her at all. Leggy also sat next to her when they were on the bench most of the time too.

If Leggy has adopted Eyeball as a kind of reassuring mentor/protector like figure, it would follow she also has some affection and  loyalty to her,and the other Rubies mentoring her too, even if she is  not yet fully swept up in the Homeworld mentality. Unfortunately Eyeball, the one at first glance she seems most attached too,  is also probably the most fiercely Homeworld loyal out of all of them….

But if Eyeball were ever to have a change of heart and heel face turn, which seems unlikely at this point if not impossible, then theoretically Leggy might too. Eyeball at least seems more  honest and open about her intentions and feelings than Navy , and Steven did heal her Gem…it would just take something very major or a series of revelations, to shake her loyalty to breaking point (if anything can). Eyeball is stubborn, not stupid, I think she genuinely believes she is fighting on the right side, but if proven wrong she might listen to reason and reconsider. then I can see Leggy maybe following her and defecting as well …just not Leggy doing so on her own. 

One thing I noticed on Adventures in light distortion, the ship hits Doc, then Army, Navy….but neither Eyeball nor Leggy are seen. Did the ship just miss them, or have they drifted away and gotten cut off from the others somehow? They might not even be together, I don;t know if it means anything we saw the others but didn’t see them or not. But since they’re lost in space and seemingly away from the other Rubies, another thing I thought of is maybe Eyeball cares about and has feelings of responsibility towards Leggy, and maybe if Leggy gets damaged/cracked,  Eyeball might put her vendetta  aside and  begrudgingly take Leggy back to Earth to find Steven behind the others backs so she can be healed,  knowing Homeworld would just dispose of her. 

Although not to the point of becoming an ally with them, probably only as a temporary truce and “fine, I haven’t forgotten what you did, but I’ll keep quiet and do what I can to cover up this once if you’ll help her”. kind of thing,

 I feel like Eyeball would keep her word once she gave it and leave peacefully that once, but probably adding a warning that if they ever met again on the battle field, they’re still enemies along with her thankyou..

And yeah,I know this post is long, and one, let alone two of the squad redeeming is unlikely to happen, just me speculating as to possible ways it could. The whole thing with Navy is probably gonna come back to bite the Crystal Gems regardless though

Feyre and Mor Meet

“Feyre,” Rhys said smoothly, “meet my cousin, Morrigan. Mor, meet the lovely, charming, and open-minded Feyre.”

“I’ve heard so much about you,” she said, and I got to my feet, awkwardly jutting out my hand.

She ignored it and grabbed me into a bone-crushing hug.“

(ACOMAF, Pg.59)


Can we flashback to this moment for a second please? This is right after Rhys brings Feyre to the Night Court for the first time, when he took her from that horrible wedding.

And they are squabbling when Mor arrives to meet her. Rhys somewhat reluctantly introduces them but Mor is soo excited.

When Feyre offers to shake her hand, Mor just pulls her into a hug. It is the start of a beautiful friendship. Yet let’s think of why Mor is so happy to meet her.

When Rhys came home from Under the Mountain, Mor, his closest confidant finds him first. Before she can even embrace him, he blurts out ‘she’s my mate’.

It’s the only thing he can think of, and he is so broken as he tells Mor about this girl. The girl he let go, who loved his enemy. This star in the middle of his darkness.

So she is honest: she’s been waiting to meet the girl she’s heard so much about. The girl who stole her cousin’s heart. His mate.

Thus there was Mor, embracing this stranger like a pal, like family, because she knew what Feyre was to Rhys, even if Feyre didn’t know it herself.

And they would be the best of friends.

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I think we all have multiple soulmates for different things. Like your food soul mate? You might find a person who likes the same toppings on a pizza as you do. Your music soul mate? You might share the same exact experience another person does while listening to a band. Your adventure soulmate? You might find someone who will climb a mountain with you and then end up laughing when you get to the top.


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Characters - Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer & Michael

Word Count -989

Warnings - This is pure fluff

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Castiel heard something very interesting one day while walking along with Michael. When he asked his older brother what mating meant, Michael explained very poorly that it was something that two Angels did when they loved each other. Castiel didn’t pursue the line of questioning beyond the answer Michael provided, however brief, as it was satisfactory to his young mind. Later when Michael left him with Lucifer to attend to important matters, Castiel crawled into Lucifer’s lap and very sincerely asked him to be his mate. 

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lmaoo it’s almost even between all of them haha

I still think I like saying I’m a Slytherin tho

here’s the test too btw