adventure mates

Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU in which your dreams are the memories of you soulmate.

Kravitz hadn’t slept in years, but damn it he was tired. A small nap never hurt anybody.
When he fell asleep, he found himself instantly aware that he was looking through someone else’s eyes. This person had just woken up in the dream, and was sitting up in a barn.
“Sazed?” The person, a young man, called into the dark.
Kravitz felt the crushing realization and loneliness as if he were there himself. He just knew, watching through this stranger’s eyes, that this man had been abandoned.
And with the guilt and shame fighting in his head, he was fairly sure this man blamed himself.

Barry laid in his bed, aimlessly turning the coin over in his hands as he drifted to sleep.
In his dream, he was looking through the eyes of someone smaller than he. A child maybe. Looking down he gathered that he was dreaming as The Girl again.
He felt the pain in her legs as she ran and the way each breath stung her throat. She was running towards a burning building.
“Please!” She begged, and Barry felt her urgency “I know fire magic! I can help them.”
A voice behind her said something that came out as static, followed by “This is wack. Come ON.”

Magnus hadn’t slept much since Raven’s Roost went down in flames. He remembered what dreaming was like before Julia’s death, how her memories filled his dreams with the smell of wood and horses. How he’d sometimes see his own face grin at her and feel her heart thump in her chest the same way his did when he was awake and saw her.
But these days, there was a chance.
Sure, it didn’t happen always. Sometimes the dreams were nice like before.
But sometimes there was smoke, fire, and fear.
Sometimes they were filled with screams.
Sometimes the dreams were a reminder of all Magnus had failed to stop.

since it’s relevant, some notable bits from sentimental na ongakku etc:

Reita’s lil nose, and a scarf in the time before Kai

Aoi in black lipstick and a torn outfit all whilst looking like an emo kid

Uruha with anime eyebrows, rocking a lacy emo dress and stockings yet somehow not looking like an emo kid

and of course Ruki, suffering


JILY CHALLENGE | @elanev91 vs @anxiouspotter

Theme: Summer Tropes

Prompt: we’re at a music festival and you crawled into my tent when drunk and fell asleep, now you’ve woken up bewildered and to be honest I should be more annoyed but you’re just so good looking

Word Count: 9033

This, uh… got a bit out of hand (#onbrand). Also, a bit of smut ahead Enjoy friends!

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‘Why in the bloomin’ fuck did we let you convince us that this was going to be a good idea, Sirius?’

James, about twenty back in the queue for the nastiest toilet cubicles to exist on planet Earth, shot Sirius a look that probably would have struck anyone else down immediately. Sirius grinned, grabbed James by the shoulders and shook, 'The music! The energy! The adventure!’

James smacked Sirius’ hands from his shoulders, 'No fucking part of this reads “adventure,” mate.’

Granted, they’d only been at the festival for a few hours, had only set up their tents and gone to see a few of the afternoon acts, but James was confident that the rest of the weekend would prove as non-adventurey as the first few hours.

Sirius rounded on Remus, 'What say you, love? Are you in the Glastonbury spirit yet?’

Remus sighed, 'I’m saying that you’re lucky you’re fit, because I also really want to kill you right now.’

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