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Holy flurking schnit, there’s a ton of great movies coming on TCM over the next three days!

3/23 (Thurs)

  • 8:00pm (EST): Gojira (1956; i.e., the “Americanized” version the original Japanese version with English subtitles!)
  • 10:00pm: King Kong (1933)

3/24 (Fri)

3/25 (Sat)

3/26 (Sun)

So many movies… so little time…


Happy Birthday, Andy Serkis! (April 20, 1964)


The Adventures of Fawn Diaz and Peter Parker–Chapter 29

By the time it was Monday again, Fawn got her voice back. To say she was recognized was understatement. Now, everyone knew who she was in school. Girls that passed her in the hallway saluted to her to signal that they were with her.

When she got to her locker, a swarm of people were by her locker, especially the jock boys. Kong leaned against her locker while other boys on the basketball team talked to him. Fawn rolled her eyes.

“Hey can you like, I don’t know, get out of the way?” Fawn asked as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. The people around her locker looked at her all at once and Fawn made a confused face.

“Not unless you–” Kong stepped toward her and crossed his arms.

“I’m not going out with you. Get out of the way,” Fawn said.

“Aw come on Fawnie. You, me and a picnic under the moonlight–” Kong leaned down, but Fawn flicked him on the forehead and he stumbled back. “OW!

“No thanks. I already have plans with someone else.” She said as she went to her locker and started opening it.

“Parker? Seriously? He’s a dork,” Flash chimed in. Fawn gave Flash a look that said “seriously?” and he looked away from her.

“Actually, its me.” Harry appeared next to Fawn.

“Harry. Hey man, I didn’t know you–” Kong stood up.

“Shut up and get out, Kong. No one cares.” Michelle pushed past the crowd and got on the other side of her friend’s locker.

“Jeez, I was just sayin’ sorry. I’m going, I’m going. Come on guys,” Kong led the basketball team away.

“I guess my job here is done. I’ll see you around Fawn.” Michelle saluted her friend and left. Fawn saluted back and continued switching her books at her locker.

“So…speaking of our plans…when exactly are we going out? We ended up talking about random shit, I completely forgot to ask about the details…” Harry trailed off.

“I’m kinda busy on Friday and Saturday. How is Sunday?” Fawn suggested.

“Sunday? Yeah Sunday is okay. How do you feel about…basketball?” Harry asked.

“Basketball? Uh sure. But I support Miami Heat, forever and always.” Fawn smiled.

“Ah, see, I can get us courtside seats to the Knicks, but the Heat? Sorry, no can do,” Harry smiled back.

“The Knicks are okay; that’ll have to do for now,” Fawn laughed as she closed her locker. “I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I,” Harry smirked.

“Can’t wait for what?” a voice asked. Fawn and Harry directed their attention to the voice and saw Peter standing in front of their lockers with his hands in his pockets. He still looked the same; fitted clothes, darker eyes, small smirk on his lips. Fawn frowned at him.

“We’re gonna see the Knicks on Sunday.” Harry said. Fawn had told him what happened on Friday after school and he wasn’t particularly happy with Peter either.

“Oh. Sounds cool, but I prefer baseball,” Peter said randomly.

“No one asked you if you wanted to come. And you would’ve gotten to see one on Friday if you had shown up at Nia’s Little League game,” Fawn snapped and stormed off to her first period while hastily waving ‘goodbye’ to Harry. Peter groaned, suddenly remembering that he missed the game and ran after Fawn.

“Fawn! Wait! Hey!” Peter caught up with her and grabbed her arm, making her suddenly turn around, the Rosales icy glare in her piercing blue eyes.

“What do you want?” she asked him.

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t come to Nia’s game on Friday. I completely forgot. I was really busy…” Peter scratched the back of his neck.

“Peter! Last Friday was fun, we should do it again!” Liz passed by them. “Later!”

After she left, Peter looked back at Fawn and saw her glare was sharper than before and her arms were crossed over her chest.

“Busy? Busy with Liz?” she glowered.

“Uh…we were on a study date?” Peter said. Fawn turned on her heels and started off down the hall again, her brown hair whipping around her.

“Didn’t sound like it!” Fawn raised her voice. Peter ran in front of her and stopped her again. He gripped her arms and looked her in the eyes.

“I’m sorry. I really did forget and made plans with Liz, not realizing I already had plans to go watch Nia play. I promise it won’t happen again.” Peter apologized. Fawn raised an eyebrow. Seemed heartfelt enough.

“She really wanted you to be there,” Fawn told him.

“I know, and I’m sorry. Is there a way I can make it up?” Peter asked. Fawn thought about it.

“Yes. My art showcase is this Saturday. All my art will be on display at Mr. Stark’s tower. It’s a huge event for me and I would really love for you to attend. It’s formal.” Fawn smiled thinking about her upcoming art show.

“I’ll be there. I promise. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Peter smiled down at her. He pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head. Fawn didn’t expect it at all, but she rolled with it. She gave him a small hug back. Not the kind she usually gives him: big bear hugs. She was still peeved at him.

“See you at lunch,” Peter let go and walked away.

“Yeah, see you at lunch…” Fawn trailed off. A lot was going on in her mind. She was trying to figure out what happened with Peter. But every time she tried to, her head would start hurting. She shook her head and decided not to worry about it and trust that Peter would keep his word and be there for her big art show.

Don’t let me down Pete. Not now.

A/n So Fawn is giving our boy Peter a second chance. How kind. He’s still an asshole though. And Harry and Fawn’s first date will in fact be a chapter in the series! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Stay tuned!


P.S. I also introduced Kenny “Kong” McFarlane, he’ll appear a couple more times. 

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Choose Your Fighter!

Remember the old crappy CSS screen design? This one’s much better, even if it is entirely unfinished. The old system was trying to keep in an infinitely expandable wheel of fighters, which had its own set of difficulties, primarily in how to easily navigate the menus. In the end, we’ve weight the options and decided a multi-page finite menu is the way to go. This grid includes room for 64 characters, plus a random button and a “Next Page” button.

What you’re seeing here is a mockup of what a character select screen might look like. Right now, the art assets are nowhere near final, but it demonstrates the layout well enough. The characters you are seeing there are some spot fillers I decided to throw in to make the mockup a bit more interesting, as well as spark up a bit of discussion.

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