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I have never been happier with a podcast than I am with the Adventure Zone right now, dealing with exactly what I’ve been jonesing for: Superheroes.

Did up my take on the Commitment Squad while the latest episode is playing in the background, and my god, Kardalla is the coolest and the strongest, though everyone else is fantastic too, though I guess the background gives away my bias.

Gave them color-coded uniforms since I imagine the general idea was that each division would have a color assigned to them to differentiate each representative and figure out who worked where.

Commissions remain open!

Au where everything is the same except Barry’s thick nerd glasses are transitions that turn into sunglasses outside lmao.

Barry and Lup meet in their outdoor mandatory space-conditioning sessions for the IPRE with like 50 other recruits and become friends, but she doesn’t know what he looks like w/o shades on. He’s kinda hurt one day when he says hi to her in his lab and she doesn’t recognize this nerd boy.

(She totally recognizes him like an hour later and runs back to the lab room to stick her pair of heart-shaped fashion sunglasses on him and make the connection, the rest is history)



anonymous asked:

Not to chat about a topic from ages ago, but your eight birds idea is really good but with one small thing - when they get to cycle 99 and all of them forget and everything, when they RE-meet Angus he'll be in his 20s and that's weeeird.

*Smooth Jazz Angus Voice* Hello sirs 

also no worries about bringing up old stuff i’m absolutely willing to talk about this topic some more. i have thought about that though because adult Angus is weird, and differing lifespans make me sad and 


shit okay here me out here people. so there’s the whole ‘angus is a silver dragon’ theory right? 

aasimar angus. angus is a literal fucking angel okay and maybe he doesn’t even know it but aasimar are born from human parents but age much slower than humans, only reaching maturity around age sixty. and ya know, angus cast zone of truth once, which is not a wizard spell but a cleric and paladin spell so him having some divine in there makes sense 

also assimar are beautiful and he is The Fanciest Boy 

@836pm​: #also it was hilarious how the frames fans lost their minds at that shirt too iirc

ok shannon, i just went back to lj because i knew i had this documented there. i had forgotten this part: there was a link on ebay - someone was making LARRY MULLEN BAND shirts. and to advertise THEY WERE USING A PHOTO FROM U2.COM WITH ME IN IT.

this one:

people were shouting about it on the frames board. i don’t have screencaps (and the wayback machine for the board is broken for that exact time period, boo) but i kept these two comments because i thought the whole thing was so hysterical and baffling:

Phil Monday, 14 November 2005 19:41:53 GMT
bono loves the frames
great t-shirt, but look at the picture at the bottom, notice the girl’s t-shirt???? bono loves the frames

l f Monday, 14 November 2005 19:53:21 GMT
that’s Exit, a U2 tribute act who were invited on stage at the last LA gig. i guess they’re frames fans as well.

then claire put me in the newsletter. and now bono really does love glen. the end.


consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia

i’m not sure why, but the scene where lup and barry become liches always gave me like, a wedding vibe. an extremely quiet and small wedding, like they eloped and taako was the only one they wanted to bring along. 

it’d be funny if that’s actually how they got married too. Griffin says they probably don’t tell the rest of the crew about the lich thing for a few cycles even, so what if that’s like, a reoccurring thing with them. Lup and Barry making these monumental life choices off on their own and just not telling anyone until years later. 
It’s just 

Davenport: wait, what do you mean you became liches? Back on the magic world? That was three cycles ago! 

Lup: guys, has anyone seen my wedding ring, I took it off to cook and I can’t find it
Magnus: Lup, why do you have a wedding ring?
Lup: uh, me and barry got married like, six cycles ago, that’s why? Did we forget to tell you guys? 
Magnus: yes you forgot to tell us!

Lucretia: Taako, you’re not bothered at all that lup and barry go off and do these things on their own?
Taako: What do you mean on their own? You think I wasn’t there for my sister’s and best friend’s wedding? Or when they ripped their souls out of their still living bodies? what kind of person do you think i am?