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My funny moment with Tokio Hotel…

After taking the selfies, Bill started to take pictures of Tom and since these photos were (are) horrible, Tom took my phone from Bill’s hands and started to delete them. Then Bill was trying to take the phone from Tom’s hands and I was trying to take it too, but Tom tryed to escape and didn’t want to give us back my phone. At the end he gave me back the phone and finally we were able to take the professional photo. Before I went away, Bill told me: “If you want, you can recover deleted images from the album "Recent images deleted” and I was like “Yeah, I know how an iPhone works …. ” but I replied with a simple: “Yes, thank you haha”

These photos make me laugh a lot, omg. I thank Bill for taking them, ahah. Bill is great photographer! AHAH

P.s: If you have any question about the concerts, the M&Gs, the guys or whatever, don’t hesitate to ask! :)

On artists requests: ‘Some artists, like Darren Criss, are chatty. He wants to talk to everyone about everything, so it’s just having bottles of water or tea ready. He’s going to be singing his heart out, so you help make sure his voice is on point after talking to kids for an hour and a half. It’s just making sure they’re comfortable.’

On favorite tour memories: 'Darren Criss singing the most random songs in the front lounge.’

—  Molly Texeira-Torres, VIP coordinator from Adventures In Wonderland. (x)

here is my M&G wit 30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!! i awkwardly walk up, tomo shakes my hand. i walk up to Jared and he said to me “ I like your shirt” i smile and blush and awkwardly say “Thank you” during the sighing shannon looks at me and says “Hi Samm” holy fuck i died inside. than i say “hey shannon” than say hey to tomo and hey to jared. i can say i had THE BEST time of my life that day.

VIP Info for Demi's London show from Adventures In Wonderland's Facebook page!

Check out our package and price info for Demi Lovato in London! 

UPDATE: Packages do not include a ticket to the show. 

Photograph with Demi Package
Take a Photograph with Demi Lovato!
Access to Official Demi Lovato Sound Check
Early Entry into the venue
Demi Gift Bag
Limited Edition Poster
Exclusive T-shirt
Commemorative VIP Laminate
Adventures In Wonderland Concierge

Sound Check Package
Access to Official Demi Lovato Sound Check
Commemorative VIP Laminate
Adventures In Wonderland Concierge

Backstage Tour Package
Take a tour of the backstage area and go behind the scenes of Demi’s concert. We’ll show you all the fun stuff: props, costumes, instruments, dressing rooms – who knows who you’ll run into backstage!
Commemorative VIP Laminate
Adventures In Wonderland Concierge