adventure in sahara

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Apparently the world has decided that this morning was going to involve ammonites held in larger things and the afternoon would feature lots of sand dunes. I think there’s one post with no dunes the next few hours? Here is a camel caravan over Mergouza, a large erg in Morocco.


Morocco To Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

Arabist and explorer Alice Morrison talks to Morocco’s first female mountain guide Hafida Hdoubane. Her great-grandmother was a slave captured in Ethiopia and given to her great-grandfather as a prize for his prowess in war. 


Explorer and adventurer takes you on a dream trip traversing Morocco’s Atlas Mountains by van and by bicycle, with shots from land and above on the trails and roads


“I wish I could tell you the wonder of the souks and marketplaces; the brilliant overflowing of spices, olives, fabrics; the witchcraft stalls; the fishmongers; the piles of mint and thyme scenting the air… and even more than this is the wonder of its becoming familiar, the sufficiency and contentment in knowing the names of things, the words to tell the taxi drivers, the sense and reason behind the lives of Moroccans.”

Marrakech and the Sahara Desert, Morocco.

Matheus Carvalho