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A true Victuri

Today was my last class with my 6th graders and I will miss those nuggets so much. I usually end the class with a “See you!” and it felt so heavy to say “Goodbye” instead. It felt like that moment in Les Choristes when the teacher leaves the school and the children throw him paper airplanes. This is my first year as a teacher and it’s hard to imagine that teachers go through this every year. 

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Anyway, I’ve bonded with this one girl over anime. It’s surprising (and refreshing) to see a Japanese student to approach me and initiate a genuine conversation. We talked about anime and how we’ve both cried watching Orange. KAKERU BABY NOOOOO000ooo

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Today I asked her if she’s watched Yuri!!! On Ice and she started crying immediately. She reached out for my hand and I grabbed it and raised it up and sang “WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY”. The other students gathered around us and questioned what was going on. I started crying too and we both got red and puffy eyed. Fangirling with a student… She asked me who my favorite character was and I told her that I like Yuri and she told me she’s in love with Yurio. 

I definitely don’t want to forget this moment. It was so pure and feeds my passion for teaching. 

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The other students started to jokingly mock her about being Otaku. I stood next to her and proudly said “We are Otaku together!” 

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Water Adventures #ShuttaMission

Salty or fresh water? Never mind that, there are plenty of fun activities in either, both just imply getting wet. Get your swimming suit or–in case we are catching you in winter time, your neoprene – and be brave enough to jump into the water to make the biggest splash ever! There is no wifi in the water, but you will, none the less, feel a great connection… just a different kind! 

For this mission, the blue becomes the protagonist of the photos. From nature spots to wet roads and umbrellas, from swimming pools to getting wet ‘n wild with the garden hose. In case you don’t have an underwater camera, remember to protect your phone by using a waterproof case! From the cheaper plastic sleeves to more expensive and professional cases, any of them will work, as long as they are still in a good condition. Additionally, beware of water droplets that remain on the lens, or your image may be blurred. 

So, say yes to new experiences and join the Water Adventures #ShuttaMission! The goggles with the built-in waterproof HD Coleman Vision camera are waiting for you! 

So the contract in AUJ. There it is, sitting right on the little table by the fireplace, where we last saw Thorin singing. Bilbo looks at it and the camera zooms to reveal Thorin’s signature. This film editing really makes me think that Thorin intentionally left it sitting there. He wanted Bilbo to come looking for them in the morning, and see the contract, and see that he had already signed it. It’s as though Thorin is vouching for Bilbo, in the sense that Bilbo is doubting himself (the other Dwarves doubted him, too, and spoke against him coming - but Thorin remained silent during their tirade at the dining table, only opening his mouth to tell Gandalf “Fine, we’ll do it your way.”) so I think this is a nice parallel for Bilbo vouching for Thorin in Laketown. Thorin believed in him enough to sign it. I think Thorin’s signature on that contract plays a huge role in Bilbo’s decision to go with the Company - if Thorin Oakenshield isn’t opposed to him coming, and even went so far as to sign the contract before Bilbo did, even after seeing Bilbo faint at the mention of dragon-fire, well, how can Bilbo argue with that? 

All I want for Christmas is...


And Yooouuu

And Yooouuuu

And again Yooouuuu

And again so everyone gets it Yoooouuuuu

So, I’m done writing my wish list for christmas.
Dear Santa, the 1st, the 4th and the 5th wishes are VERY VERY IMPORTANT. But don’t forget about the 2nd and 3rd wish.

In fact, I want them all pleeeeeeeaaaasssseeee (♥ω♥*)

  • Kaiser: Oh my God, I love your goggles! Where did you get them?
  • Daisuke: They where Taichi’s in season one.
  • Kaiser: Vintage, so adorable.
  • Daisuke: Thanks.
  • Kaiser:
  • Kaiser: Those are the ugliest f-ing goggles I’ve ever seen.

FULL CONFESSION: Davis/Daisuke is my favorite of the leaders because even though he’s made some rash decisions and messed up a bunch of times, at least he never made Veemon digivolve to something evil, was always able to learn from his experiencea and always had faith. No wonder he had the digieggs of not only courage and friendship, but of miracles as well.

Why I Love Taichi Yagami #4

Although many critized him in Digimon Adventure Tri, because of his “lack of courage” I have to say that in this sentence “I’m scared” is a lot of courage. He didn’t play the cool one who’s like “I don’t give a fuck”. No, he admitted that he’s scared and this is so human. This makes him even more lovable and Digimon Tri just showed another side of his courage and him growing up, which is absolutely fine.


Okay this time its all about Digimon protagonist Goggles (ゴーグル)

Turntable version coming soon so you can check them better..

To see the full resolution (4K) with all the rich details (Ultra High Definition) see my work on pixiv on the following links:

ゴーグル / デジモンアドベンチャー トライ

ゴーグル / デジモンアドベンチャー

ゴーグル / デジモンアドベンチャー 02

ゴーグル / デジモンテイマーズ

ゴーグル / デジモンフロンティア

ゴーグル / デジモンクロスウォーズ

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