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This is a cool moment that really captures that the Chosen still see Taichi as their leader. 

They are all discussing the situation with the Digimon and if they should take them home or not. When Jyou states that Koushiro wanted everyone’s opinions on the mater you see Mimi, Sora and Yamato’s eyes immediately turn to Taichi, as if looking to him to make a judgement call. 

But he looks down instead, and I think that prompts Sora to then voice her opinion followed by the others.

But they may not of had Taichi spoken.

This is probably the last time I’m going to comment on this, before I move on to discussing other theories, but I’d like to argue one last time for them being Taichi’s.

I’ve seen people comment about how the shape is too square for them to be Taichi’s, claiming that Toei never draws them like that in crucial scenes and is very consistent with the animation on them. I’ve already discussed in another post how this is simply not the case and that there are plenty of times when the goggles are not drawn to look round. Some examples include the following shots:

But allow me to point out a scene in which Taichi’s goggles look almost identical to how they look in this shot, and it is, arguably, a very crucial scene.

When we are first introduced to the goggles in Saikai we get a shot of Taichi putting them on for the first time, and they do look more oval. However, if you look at their edges, they really do have a slight square shape to them.

However, in the following shot, they look rather different.

This is our very first introduction to these goggles and already the animation on them is not consistent, from one shot to the next. 

And I don’t know about anyone else, but the goggles in this shot look a lot like the goggles in the trailer, look at them side by side

They seem, to me, like the exact same shape. So I am fully committed to believing they are Taichi’s goggles and just animated slightly differently than how some people have come to expect them to be animated. But they are certainly not animated any differently than how they are animated several other times throughout the movies, including Saikai. 

One last thing, as a counter point to them being Daigo’s Goggles, I’ve noticed Taichi’s goggles tend to be drawn more square in shape when it is a distant shot of them and not a close up. And the only shots we get of Daigo’s goggles are distant shots, so it is very possible that his would be more circular close up as well.

Again, look at the similarity in shape between Daigo’s goggles and Taichi’s goggles in Saikai. And again, this is our introduction to the Tri goggles; the animation on them being different from shot to shot is something that has been happening from the moment they appeared on screen.

Furthermore, it is not consistent with Toei’s behavior up to this point to for them to lie to us. If they state that they are Taichi’s goggles on their twitter than I believe they are most definitely Taichi’s goggles. 

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Okay this time its all about Digimon protagonist Goggles (ゴーグル)

Turntable version coming soon so you can check them better..

To see the full resolution (4K) with all the rich details (Ultra High Definition) see my work on pixiv on the following links:

ゴーグル / デジモンアドベンチャー トライ

ゴーグル / デジモンアドベンチャー

ゴーグル / デジモンアドベンチャー 02

ゴーグル / デジモンテイマーズ

ゴーグル / デジモンフロンティア

ゴーグル / デジモンクロスウォーズ

Until next time! See ya!

FULL CONFESSION: Davis/Daisuke is my favorite of the leaders because even though he’s made some rash decisions and messed up a bunch of times, at least he never made Veemon digivolve to something evil, was always able to learn from his experiencea and always had faith. No wonder he had the digieggs of not only courage and friendship, but of miracles as well.

Why I Love Taichi Yagami #4

Although many critized him in Digimon Adventure Tri, because of his “lack of courage” I have to say that in this sentence “I’m scared” is a lot of courage. He didn’t play the cool one who’s like “I don’t give a fuck”. No, he admitted that he’s scared and this is so human. This makes him even more lovable and Digimon Tri just showed another side of his courage and him growing up, which is absolutely fine.