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How would the chocobros wake up their s/o? You can make them sweet or funny...or both haha.

Both? Both. BOTH! We’re going for BOTH!  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑



You were dating the Prince of Sleep, the King of Slumber, the best friend of the Sandman. So him waking up earlier than you happens once in a Blue Moon. Yet if he does, you have two options.

The first, the Prince will roll to your side of the bed and mutter within his sleepy mind, “We gotta get up, Y/N we gotta get up.”

You both won’t get up.

This will be followed by counting to 3, when either of you get to 3, you’ll find that the both of you are still laying down in bed. Typically on these kinds of mornings, you both will just have to wait for Ignis to come get you. Otherwise nothing is happening.

Other times, should you need to get up for an early appointment, Noctis, bless his little soul will set an alarm on his phone. Yet he had been known to turn it off in his sleep. So he’ll place it on your side of the bed, so he’s required to roll over towards you, and towards you typically means on you, directly on you.

So with the extra weight of the Prince added to your body, you’ll wake up to his face smushed against your own, with the Prince still snoring away, having turned off his phone but not rolling back to his side of the bed. Resulting in you shoving and prodding at the man to get him off, so by the time you actually get up your body is already pumping with energy of shoving the man off as trying to move a sleeping Noctis is like trying to move a sleeping cat, not happening.

You wouldn’t say it’s a normal way to wake up, but it’s pretty effective.



Prompto absolutely loves waking up beside you, a nice night holding you close. So it always takes him awhile to decide to wake you up. Depending on which way you’re facing him, the blonde would place sweet little kisses to your face if you were facing him, until those eyes opened and greeted him and the day.

Should you be facing away from him, he’ll place little kisses against your shoulder blades and neck, until you roll over, so that he can start the assault on your face. He has often stated, that he wants to be the first thing you see, so that you can see his love.

Yet if the little mischief blonde is feeling extra spunky, typically on your shared off day, he’ll grab a hold of the covers and yank hard. Leaving you shrieking at the blonde, about being unblanketed and exposed to the elements of the bedroom.

You thought that you’d could counter this by sleeping nude, yet you found this only seemed to momentarily stun the man, before you spend all day in bed together.

Being woken up by Prompto is always an adventure.



Everyone, everywhere knows that Gladiolus the future King’s Shield is a heater of a person! Just pure heat, and you often find yourself falling to that warm comfort of a heating pad. Head resting on his chest, just above his heart, which has often led you to lulling into deeper sleeps than needed.

Gladiolus often will wake you up with soft caresses up and down your bare skin, as the both of you alway attempt to sleep in the bare minimum. Which can often lead you giggling awake, only to have a sweet kiss pressed against your forehead, as the man sits up, forcing you to sit up as well, as you’re normally mostly on him, to start both of your day.

Other days, when Gladiolus compares you to Noct, he’ll physically pick you up snoring and all, before pulling you into the shower with himself to get ready. The first time he did this, you panicked resulting in you grabbing the shower curtain and failing out the tub, taking down the curtain ,which you got tangled in, and popping the bar out. Had Gladiolus not reached out to grab you, you were one thousand percent certain that you would have gotten a concussion from slamming your head into the toilet.  

Now the big guy, held you close, or you’d wrap your arms and legs around the man, resting your head on his shoulder, still in a soft sleep, until the man made you climb down so that he could wash both of your fronts. Which would normally end with you being held against cold water, resulting in you shrieking and him laughing after you refused to climb down.

How either of you haven’t slipped or fallen is a mystery to you both.



A soft kiss against your cheek, before the ebony, before the shower, even before glasses. You’d feel a soft press of those lips against you every morning, than a slight whisper of a phrase you never grow tired of against your ear.

“I love you, my love, my world.”

Ignis always woke up before you, should you ever wake up before the man, it was normally due to the man being ill, or you happened to wake up prior to the alarms. Yet you’d wake up to those soft lips and that little phrase, and within 15 minutes, you’d head into the bathroom after Ignis to start your day.

Other times you’d still get your phrase, and kiss, but should you be in a deeper slumber on an off day. Ignis will start breakfast, if he didn’t hear the patter of your feet or your arms wrap around his waist while getting breakfast started. He’d sneak back into the bedroom, with whatever he was cooking that morning, bacon, omelet, crepes on a plate, and watch as you followed your nose from the bed.

Careful, so you won’t run into any door frames, or walls, he’d lead you to the kitchen table before helping you to sit, and placing your plate for you, with a kiss to the forehead. It always confused you when you woke up at the kitchen table mid-chew, and your beloved across the table sipping ebony, and eating across from you. Every time you’d ask, he’d simply state.

“Your nose knows, my love.”

I want to tell you a bit about Barbara and Susan, and why I still think they’re two of the best female characters who have ever been on Doctor Who, including NuWho. And yes, both of them, not just Barbara.

Classic Who under Verity Lambert is quite magical in regards to feminism in and of itself. This is the kind of show where you’d expect to go in and see the ladies getting shafted at the beginning of each adventure, told to hide or stay put, or being put in constant peril for the male characters to rescue them.

But astonishingly, that first season is extremely egalitarian toward both women. They share in the adventure, go everywhere that Ian and the Doctor do, and their gender is almost never used to enforce limitations on them.

It’s actually jaw-dropping to watch in an age where we’re conditioned to believe that all media of that time was completely dreadful towards women. However, there’s another element to this that really seals the deal, and it’s something I think a lot of writers fail to realize the impact of.

The thing that really makes both of these characters so beautifully progressive for their time isn’t just because of their own independent characters or the way the narrative treats them, it’s also because they’re on the same show together. Susan and Barbara’s dynamic really shows just why the Smurfette Principle is problematic and how much better your work can be when you have multiple female characters to play off of each other. 

On paper, Susan’s character reads like a lot of other, young female characters you might see in media during the 60s. She’s innocent, easily frightened, and has the combined lung capacity of a dozen trained musicians. Now, I’m not at all saying Susan can’t stand on her own as a character. In fact, she has quite a few character traits (her intelligence, her Gallifreyan-codifying eccentricity that occasionally rivals the Doctor’s own) that do set her apart even by herself.

But what really pushes Susan’s character writing over the edge from simply good to utterly fantastic is the other female character she shares her time on the show with, Barbara Wright. It’s really no secret in the classic who fandom that Barbara is awesome. Ian positively looks like a non-action guy next to some of the things that she does. Unlike Susan, Barbara doesn’t even read on paper like her scripts were written with a gender in mind- she’s a good character, plain and simple, and being female is just an incidental trait of her.

So where am I going with this?

By seeing these two very different, but equally wonderful female characters together, we’re persuaded to see these character’s personalities as a part of who they are, rather then a result of their gender. We’re also persuaded to see women as a diverse group of people, and not as singular objects. We no longer see Susan’s skiddish traits as being ‘because she’s a girl’ because Barbara is there and she’s not skiddish. We no longer see Barbara’s neutral writing as just her being a one-note ‘strong female character’ because Susan shows us that while some women are tough, others may not be, and that’s okay. Both are okay. Both are wonderful.

You can be like Barbara; you can be like Susan. But most importantly, you can be like yourself. Don’t let society’s gender limitations define you; you are what you are, and that’s good enough.

For a show from 1963, that’s an incredible message.