Super long post is super long!

I know the Undertale hype has slowed down a lot recently, but I figured I should finally post this monster. I worked for about 2 and a half weeks straight on these after all :,D

I got inspired after seeing @fofufofu‘s AMAZING Portal Tale piece and kinda maybe drew out an entire AU for it (almost anyway!).

I worked really hard on these, so please give it a reblog if you can! Thank you <3


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Ever wish you could see all the times Wheatley falls during the Portal 2 (Unauthorized) Musical without having to fast forward through the entire performance? Well now you can!




If you’re a fan of Portal, I REALLY recommend you go watch it, it’s really good!

And a big congrats to the musical ensemble, lighting person(people??), and the turret company, you did a great job! :D 

And congrats to Geekenders themselves as well, AMAZING JOB! I really loved it! Great job with the acting and the costumes too, I loved those! You know what, great job with everything, aHH! What a great musical <3

Portal 2 Musical Fact #5

One of the hardest dialogue scenes was the one with all the cores after “Good Morning Aperture.”  When you have one core spouting off disjointed and incorrect facts while still trying to convey meaning, another core shouting very similar (but still distinct!) things about space, and the most comprehensible core just trying to make sense and keep order, AND we all have to keep the pace up without unnecessary pauses… it takes a bit of practice.

But ultimately worth it!

  • Wheatley: 9:01. Chell is officially late for the first time ever. Who's got theories?
  • Virgil: Uhh, her alarm didn't go off.
  • Wheatley: You mean that Announcer alarm that is programmed by GLaDOS herself? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?!
  • Rick: OH! She was taken in her sleep!
  • Wheatley: That's what I'm talking about, Rick! Much more plausible than Virgil's IDIOTIC alarm theory.
  • Fact Core: I bet she tucked herself into bed too tight and got stuck
  • Space Core: Maybe she fell into an alternate dimension where she's in space
  • GLaDOS, over PA system: It's 9am. Why is no one working?
  • Wheatley: Chell is late and we're all trying to guess why.
  • GLaDOS: ...I'd like to play. I'd say she's...in line at the...bank.
  • GLaDOS: This is fun.
  • Rick, murmuring: (Is there a bank down here?)
  • Wheatley: Unfortunately, you're all wrong. She clearly slipped and fell back down into Old Aperture and is having TERRIBLE sex with a mantis man.
  • Chell: *walks in*
  • Wheatley: There she is! Chell, where have you been? We've been worried sick!
  • Chell: I'm just seventy seconds late, it's not a big deal.
  • GLaDOS: You will tell us and you will tell us NOW.
  • Chell: ...There was a line at the bank.
  • GLaDOS: *clapping sound* HOT DAMN!