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6-year-old Vanae James-Bey has created a book celebrating black indigenous cultures across the globe

  • Even a 6-year-old understands that representation matters. Vanae James-Bey and her mother, Veronica Bey, teamed up to create a coloring book celebrating the black indigenous cultures around the world.
  • The coloring book, The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae, has already been given high praise since going on sale on March 31. 
  • The book lets readers in on a journey learning about the history and culture of the native-born black people in Africa and the Americas, the Root reported.
  • “We’ve received tons of positive feedback, with orders from Australia to Amsterdam,” Bey told the Atlanta Black Star. “Parents asking for one for boys are as negative as the feedback gets.”
  • The book was a family project. Johnathan Ellerbee, Vanae’s uncle, provided the illustrations for the book in April 2016. 
  • Vanae, who is homeschooled, researched all kinds of indigenous cultures with her mother. Ellerbee then drew illustrations of the 6-year-old wearing their traditional dress and jewelry. Read more (4/27/17)

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IPRE Orientation
  • Magnus, in a shirt with the sleeves ripped off and a hat on backwards: Hi! Your name tag says "I am... BETTER THAN YOU" and I think you just cheated at arm-wrestling a guy, which I didn't even know was an option. Do you want to be friends?
  • Lup, taking a step back, complimentary mints cascading from her pockets: Whoa, holy shit, muscleman. Do you think you could pick me up?
  • Magnus: Definitely. I could probably throw you too. These puppies can handle a lot.
  • Lup, already trying to clamber onto his shoulders: Benchpress me, my man.
  • Taako, running back over with his arms full of cheap plastic pens and fridge magnets: Lup, no, don't let the strange human boy carry you, you don't know where he's been!
  • Lup: Taako, come on, we're gonna go find some really high shelves to raid. Or maybe just a library to hold dominion over. We're unstoppable now.
  • Magnus, helping himself to some pocket mints: I heard there are training rooms somewhere.
  • Lup: Choice, homie.
What Voltron Season 3 has Done to Our Sweet Children
  • Allura: Upside, finally got her own lion. Downside, found and alternate universe where she legalized slavery.
  • Keith: Didn't want the job, had to do it anyway. MAGNUS RUSHES IN.
  • Hunk: Didn't want the job, didn't have to do it. Taako's good out here.
  • Lance: Asked for the job, but got transferred. Is still too slow for the Red Lion. Also, our sniper got a sniper rifle. Why couldn't his old weapon do that again?
  • Pidge: Would've ROCKED the job, but the Green Lion has the only booster seat.
  • Coran: Who the hell do you think he is?
  • Shiro: He's Squidward, he's Squidward, I'm Squidward! Are there any other Squidwards I should know about?!
  • Sven: Meow.
  • Lotor: Gathers a group of token women ethnic minorities and creates the illusion of a civil rights movement to expand government control and make himself look good. My god, the arch-nemesis of Voltron is neo-liberalism.
  • Lotor's Squad: IDK, we're all still trying to memorize their names and decide on whom to marry first.