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Calling all podcast fans!

As a blog dedicated to diverse representation in schools and out, we want your suggestions of podcasts you love with diverse representation! Is this podcast made by LGBTQIA+ people? We’d love to know about it! Strong characters with disabilities or people of color? Shoot us an ask about it!

Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, diverse in its creation team, or in its characters, or both if you feel a podcast has positive representation for any marginalized group, please feel free to tell us about it, or if you have lists of your own, we would love to signal boost them for you!

i’m reading a very manly 1950s account of a hunt for el dorado but i’m thirty pages in and the narrator has already described his traveling companion as “handsome” 4 times, “extremely handsome” twice, “exceedingly handsome” once, his voice as “quietly husky” and “a husky whisper,” his fingers as long and deft, his body as “tall and cat-like,” and his eyes as some variation of ice-blue at least three times.

just men being dudes. dudes being pals. it’s great. this is great.

Good things about the Adventure Zone

-Griffin calling Clint “Daddy”
-“I do that.”
-canon gay representation
-NPCs named after actual listeners who tweet about the show
-Angus McDonald, boy detective
-the fact that Taako and Magnus tease Angus because he reminds Justin and Travis of their baby brother who is, evidentially, playing Angus
-strong female representation
-“Hot diggity SHIT. That is one baller cookie.”
-Taako’s character voice
-Merle’s tree arm
-The boys getting disgusted when Clint makes ANY kind of sexual joke
-the music in the Crystal Kingdom arc
-“I don’t need your help, pal! I can fuck any onion I want!”