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so now we’re into the stolen centuries arc I think it’s a fair assumption to say that the unaccounted for deaths Kravitz mentioned in crystal kingdom are from their deaths exploring the different planes
Merle has 57 deaths total, so given everything I know about Merle Highchurch, you cannot convince me that since he knew he was gonna revive on the StarBlaster that whenever he was told “we gotta run quickly to the ship, or we’re gonna die!” that his immediate response wasn’t

OLD MAN ATTEMPTS TO USE SELFIE STICK 🎅🏻 fr though this selfie stick is broken and I need to get a new one before acen but HELL I wanted to test Merle out before the con. And I’m so excited for acen and momo u have no idea. If anyone else is cosplaying taz hit! Me! Up! I want to get pictures with all of you and give you the good word of pan. at momo im going to be with the absolute squad of lup and taako!! (also. im so tempted to make the jortpurs. help)


‘Bible Adventures’


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Quick! Get that Bible quote, before you run out of power!

The church I went to as a kid did a week long day camp every summer called Bible Adventure that I went to every year until I was about 10, I think, and I barely remember anything about it except one of the daily activities was in a big room they’d set up props and tell a bible story, and one day the story was about how Christians were getting persecuted by the Romans but Jesus told us we all had to be trutheful and then one of the instructors burst into the room in Roman armor and swinging around a fake sword screaming “ARE THERE ANY CHRISTIANS HERE!” and everyone but me raised their hand.

Then the Roman armor guy got real quiet and looked super worried and confused and came over to me and asked why I didn’t raise my hand, like quietly because I think we was trying to not embarrass me but loud enough that everyone could hear anyway and I just answered truthfully like, you just told me the Romans were gonna fucking kill me if I said I was a Christian, I’m pretty sure God will forgive a little lie like that so a literal 9-year-old doesn’t get impaled.  Then Roman armor guy left the room real nonchalantly just shaking his head and the woman telling the story just continued like nothing happened, shooting me some very dirty looks whenever she got to another passage about how it’s a sin to disavow God or whatever.  Excuse me for not wanting to die, Karen.

By the Hands of the Ticking Clock

Arrogant is the first word that comes to mind.

To be sure, he had been arrogant then; wings as large and flawless as the Morningstar, and just as pristine a white. Castiel! Castiel! They heralded from on High. Blessed be the Father for a brother such as this!

His wings were revered by his siblings, though some were wary. Hesitant or not, however, there was no debate as to their magnificence.

Castiel was God’s last angel, and he was irrefutably beautiful.

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Let’s talk about work today
  • I got there late because they took like twenty minutes to make my starbucks and somehow made the wrong thing Buddy I don’t drink coffee (but I was already late so I just took it anyway)
  • My kids were making snack today and it was so goddamn hectic what the fuCK!! They’re not allowed to carry finished snacks to the tray or get new ingredients themselves, so when they were done, they would raise their hand and I had to take their food to the tray and bring them a new one. I’m also not allowed to take more than two at once. ALL EIGHT OF MY KIDS FINISHED AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME 
  • Every single time I went and brought back a new kit, someone else was done.
  • We had Bible Adventures after that, which my good pal Diego works at. I offhandedly say stuff like  “I love Diego” and “Diego is snazzy” a lot. My kids decided today that I have a crush on Diego and want to date him. For the rest of the day they screamed at the top of their lungs and made hearts with their hands at us
  • Another one got frosting all over her. Im talking in her hair, on her face, on her nametag, e v e r y w h e r e 
  • In Crafts I nearly fainted bc heat exhaustion is a thing and it was like 95 F
  • This little boy who’s never said anything looked at me and said “GREEN”
  • At the end, one of my kids hadn’t finished her craft which was a stained glass thing and she cried when I had to go put it away to dry and go to Cinema
  • My Partner and I had to blow bubbles on the kids at Cinema and one of them tried to take the bubbles from me so they could drink them
  • Games. We ended with games. We played ‘God Says’ which is Simon Says but with more Jesus in it and my kid yelled at me for making him get out
  • I got flicked in the face and then a spoon was thrown at me
  • Freeze tag should be fine, right? 
  • W R O N G
  • One of my kids ran into someone else’s and she started crying and screaming because their faces hit each others’. She didn’t want ice, or a drink of water, or a hug, or to sit out, or to keep playing, or to do anything other than cry
  • Three minutes later another one of my kids hurt her knee and she couldn’t even walk so I carried her to Covenant for ice while she’s flipping the fuck out saying ‘I DON’T WANNA GO BACK!’ Like okay kid no one’s making you go anywhere
  • I carried her back to the Sanctuary for the end of the day and the Pastors got fuckin slimed. All over everything. On the chancel.
  • Everyone got picked up except for Caterpillar Kid™ so I have to stay an extra twenty minutes for his mom to get there and she just has no apology for being late and takes her s w e e t  a s s  t i m e checking him out
  • I have to go back tomorrow (:
Prayer Request:

SO…. This week I discovered that MOST of the kids that are coming to this VBS this week are not kids from the church. Of course, that changes the way that Anna and I will have to teach things, BUT it means that there is GREAT opportunity to share the gospel with these kids, and in turn, their parents!

 If anyone that reads this wants to help, please pray for these children!