adventure 64

good things about episode 64:

- magnus learning woodcarving because you do it with weapons
- Professor Kristoff: “attack the wood”
- the first thing magnus carves is a DUCK
- merle learning interpretive jazz dancing
- him subsequently getting so good at it that he gets to be a professor
- just merle’s whole stepchart description
- “PAN- DEMONIUM” CLINT!!!! that’s such an amazing name for it!!!!
- taako “stealing” quotes and reattributing them to himself as his contribution to the “light of creation”
- taako about after every quote: “that used to be [insert fantasy celebrity], but now it’s taako”
- “taako time: a book of inspirational aphorisms for the independent soul”
- awwww poor magnus… being embarrassed of his duck:((( 
- “it’s not perfect, but it’s the best i can do” MAGNUUUUUUS:(
- PROFESSOR merle putting everything into his performance and making everyone horny
- the audience applauding hornily
davenport singing an 18 minute song
- lucretia submitting a painting of their original home (/the IPRE headquarters)
- taako’s presentation: dropping it off and just saying “you’re welcome” 
- lup and barry
- L U P  A N D  B A R R Y
- them playing a duet together and being in love and being super cute
- griffin’s description of  love and lup and barry’s love and his whole “speech” is just really beautiful
- “lup grew furiously in arcane power” YEEES THAT’S MY GIRL!!!!
- “they take each others hand high in the air […]
and barry and lup laugh and they don’t let each others hands go
and then they stop laughing and they don’t let each others hands go
and they keep not letting go “ AWWWW  
- yes justin, you’re right, we’re all very sorry that we didn’t get to hear griffin’s romance scene with himself that would’ve been so hilarious omg
- clint losing his shit because of “that’d be the audio equivalent of wrapping your arms around yourself to make it look like you’re making out with someone” 
- lup: “ can i blow up the mountain? i mean YEAH” 
- magnus meeting the voidfish for the first time 
- MAGNUS RUSHES IN(to the cave)
- the baby voidfish being all cute and wanting more ducks from magnus
- “hi i’m taako from tv-”  (hasn’t been on tv yet)  “- and you’re wanged. you’re all pretty much in a bad way pretty badly. and there’s good news and bad news: the bad news i’ve covered pretty exhaustively with the fuckedness that you are. the good news is that you have a shot, […] and normally we don’t enlist people but here’s something i know about you all: you currently have the most inspirational shit mankind, and by mankind i mean me, has ever written in your heads held simultaneously. you motherfuckers believe in yourselves probably more than any group that’s ever been assembled in all of human history. correct? “
(i had to include this whole thing bc if this is not the most inspirational shit idk what is) 
- the baby voidfish getting lucretia “too close to the edge in seaworld-” wet
- lucretia illustrates and tries to understand the voidfish while magnus is playing ducks with the baby
- magnus visiting it and bringing it new carvings even after it’s put in a tank in lucretia’s room


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I made a Zelda-esque timeline for the Star Fox franchise, since not all of the games can co-exist in a linear timeline, but fans still want them to be canon in some way, and don’t want Star Fox: Zero to end up invalidating everything.

Star Fox: Zero’s place is tentative, and I can actually think of three ways it could be incorporated depending on how the game plays out.

anonymous asked:

was it ever explained why lucritia could sing in static?? like why did she know the song and nobody else did?

Lucretia had accidentally been inoculated in the 47th cycle.

Griffin: And the first time Lucretia comes with you, um, those other fish, the bigger ones kind of come over to her, um…one of them- there’s like a pretty big pond in the center of this chamber, that these, uh, stalactites are just constantly dripping down into–One of these fish, just like splashes out of the pond, and like splashes Lucretia, in like a huge, like sit-too-close-at-Seaworld wave. And she like turns her- she turns quick and tries to get her books away, but gets like doused by this water. And she’s like kind of horrified. She’s like,

Lucretia: Oh god. Oh, god. It’s doesn’t smell very good, Magnus. It got in my mouth. This is awful. Why do you keep coming–

Griffin: Lucretia had realized, after finding Fisher, that imbibing in its ichor made you immune to its power. It was a discovery she made accidentally when she was doused by its family back in the world of the Legato Conservatory. 

Lucretia can’t actually sing in static, however, she could remember one of the songs that didn’t get broadcasted, sing it aloud, and have that song heard by anyone that wasn’t inoculated or undead hear only static.

Taako: So… you’re singing static. Right now.

Justin: I’m assuming this is something that we have not observed before.

Griffin: Nah, you’ve never seen this before, she says,

Lucretia: What are you talking about? I’m just, I’m singing, uh, I’m singing… Ah, god, what was the name of it? From, back at the Conservatory, remember? That red-headed kid, he worked on it for months; he was always bellowing it, down on the quad?