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I promised everyone cards, and every single person who has taken part in this challenge deserves one.

Unfortunately, with me having to buy a train home from uni and my bursaries not coming through and me not having a job I can’t actually afford the international postage. 

If you want to try and help by donating anything (I’m talking $0.10 here) then please click the button in the sidebar.

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Advent recovery challenge: day 25 - enjoy!!

Christmas is here!!! I hope you have all had a wonderful day. I have had a great day of movies, cooking ( check out the ham I prepared this year!) Celebrating and yummy food! I joined in with everything year, and it felt so nice to share champagne and Christmas dinners, and mums cherry pavlova’s! Now for some all important downton and more choccies!!!

Advent recovery challenge day 24: have a cosy movie day and don’t let it be ruined by ED anxieties over tomorrow!

Can’t believe it’s the 24th!!! Hope you all have a great Christmas eve! I certainly did. Not skipping or running away from anything.. Me and mum went for Christmas coffees, (my absolute favourite gingerbread latte’s!!) Then followed by lots of Christmas movies and TV!! I also went to sing at a carol service with a free mini mince pie and choccies….and I didn’t over analyse what I was having for dinner…which just so happened to be creamy spinach and ricotta ravioli and pesto! I have had a few wobbles.. But still such a motivation boost to see my progress! Bring on tomorrow. It is a wonderful family day and I am going to enjoy it!! Have a great Christmas everyone! Xxxxx

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for taking part in the advent recovery challenge and supporting me in mine.

It was so inspiring to see what you have accomplished, and I found that the recovery challenge for me this year has been such a positive difference for me!!

I am feeling stronger and more free this year than last, and I am going to keep that feeling and use it to keep up recovery as we go into 2016!!