The problem with the DCEU or Plot vs Characters

Now, before I start this post I would like to say this isn’t in any way intented to be wank. While I think that the movies of the DC Extended Universe have their problems I don’t think they are as terrible as some people made them. If anything they did entertain me. This post is rather a reponse to a comment I saw a lot in reviews for Wonder Woman: that WW saved the DCEU and is the first movie to get good critics. So, let’s take a look back to the movies of the DCEU so far, let’s see what they did right, what they could do better and what I think is the main problem of the DCEU.

One of the biggest problems of the DCEU is, and there is no way we can’t talk about this, Marvel. Marvel has already established their Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DCEU now feels like a response to it. Unless you are a die hard DC fan most people are familiar with the movies of the MCU and will likely compare these two cinematic universes. And so far it seems like the MCU is the better one. Of course the comparison isn’t balanced. By june 2017 the DCEU contains four movies, the MCU though 15, with number 16 (Spiderman: Homecoming) at the ready. But in a way it feels like this part of the problem. The DCEU tries to do the same thing as the MCU, which ultimately is to bring their established characters together (because why else would they share a universe if not for them to meet?), but they are trying to do in a faster way.

The MCU started in 2008 with Iron Man. By the time we saw the first ensemble movie, The Avengers, four years have passed and we had another Iron Man movie along with three other origin movies (Captain America, Thor and the Hulk movie nobody ever talks about). By the time the Avengers movie came around we already knew these characters because they either were given origin movies (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor) and were otherwise introduced as characters (Nick Fury, Black Widow, Loki). The only new guy was Hawkeye. Avengers worked because it didn’t need to introduce and established its characters. Ensemble movies are always harder when it comes to the characters, simply because they are so much and you can’t give all of them the same screen time if you want to tell a story as well. Simply speaking what the MCU did was to establish and develop their characters in their respective solo movies - they are the character moments so to say - whereas the ensemble movies (Avengers 1&2, Captain America: Civil War) move along the plot. (Of course the solo movies have plot as well and the ensemble movies have character moments, it is just a very abstract way of categorizing these movies).

Now, compare this to the DCEU: Man of Steel (Solo/origin movie), Batman v Superman (ensemble movie), Suicide Squad (ensemble movie), Wonder Woman (Solo/origin movie), Justice League (not released yet but another ensemble movie). The ensemble movies are the ones fans want to see - I remember the exictement over the first Avengers movie because for the first time several superheroes would work together on a big screen. But these movies only work if you have established the characters we see first. Instead of taking their time as the MCU did what DC did felt rushed. They didn’t take their time to establish their characters, which I think is the main reason the movies didn’t work. But let’s take a closer look.

Man of Steel (2013)

I liked this movie for the greater part. I have to admit I wasn’t that familar with the character of Superman/Clark Kent, despite general pop culture knowledge. I haven’t seen any of the other many Superman movies or shows like Smallville, so I had no real expections watching this movie. The reason I liked it though is that it takes its time to explore the character of Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman. The conflict of being a child of two worlds, about finding out who or what he is and whether or not he owes this world to save it was what made this movie worth watching. All of those character moments were the strong points of the movie. I admit I wasn’t particular interested in all the action we saw in the second part of the movie; the big fights and explosions are never my jam. But the movie did establish the main character, it showed us the person Clark is and the hero Superman is and much of the conflict we saw in Batman v Superman (the potentional abuse of power) was already brought to life as well.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

First things first, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, please watch the extended cut. They cut out around 30 minutes of the movie; not only character moments though (who always get cut out first) but plot points as well. The overall tone of the movie doesn’t change and neither the things that didn’t work, but it is the version that makes more sense while watching/feels more coherensive.

As I said I feel the DCEU rushed things. Releasing an ensemble movie so soon felt like a desperate move. The only character that we already know is Superman (and well Lois) and therefore to no surprise the scenes that worked for me the most were the ones regarding Superman and the main conflict of the potentional danger of Superman/his powers. As I said they continued these themes from Man of Steel, so we were already familar with them and they didn’t need a lot of explaining.

The problem is that Batman v Superman needs to be a second Superman movie, a Batman movie and a teaser for Wonder Woman and Justice League all in one movie. That is a lot to handle and the reason the movies feels a bit stuffed. Because boy is there a lot of plot. I guess they wanted to establish Lex Luther as a criminal mastermind and tell a complex story, but with everything that was going on it were the characters who suffered the most.

Batman is the character that doesn’t need another origin movie and feels like he is well known enough to simply throw him into the movie. But the more I think about it the more it would have made sense to release a Batman solo movie before Batman v Superman. It would have established the character (and for that we don’t need an origin movie per se) and explained the character better. I had some problems with his character, because he did seem like an overly agressive guy, a one man army to live out male fantasies of violence, near a psychotic breakdown. What happened to that guy? Robin’s death was mentioned but it might have played a role in it. Showing us how Robin died would have (probably) explained this dark version of Batman and would have already introduced the Joker and Harley Quinn (as Suicide Squad established they were responsible for Robin’s death). (It still wouldn’t have explained the Martha twist though, because it still doesn’t make sense, no matter how you look at it).

Same goes for Wonder Woman. I know they probably wanted to introduce her as this mysterious woman, but everyone who saw a trailer or just the movie poster knew already who she was. The photograph was meant to tease the Wonder Woman movie. But just imagine Wonder Woman would have been released before Batman v Superman. Diana would have still remained a mystery, because she seems to be nothing like the woman we saw in her solo movie. We know that 98 years passed between her first adventoure and Dawn of Justice, which leads to the question what happened in between. Did she return to Themyscira? Did she stay in the human world? If so why are there no more records of her other than some very recent photos and the one from 1918? Also remember the end after Superman sacrficied himself and Lois comes to the scene? She looks at Diana who shakes her head; there is a silent understanding between the two of them. With the knowledge that Diana lost a lover as well the scene makes way more sense.

In short, less plot, more character moments, establishing character in their solo movies before releasing an ensemble movie.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Even worse than Batman v Superman we didn’t know any of the characters before this movie. What they did then was exposition. Lots and lots of exposition. So much that it seemed that they forgot about the second act and we were rushed to the third act. The movie didn’t even try to balance out their characters, but focused instead mainly on Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Which worked for Deadshot, because his story/motivation was simply: everything he did he did for his daughter. Harley Quinn though? I still have questions about her and her relationship to the joker (and it sucked that she wasn’t a character on her own but a woman defined by the relationship to a guy). We hardly saw anything of Harleen Quinzel and the reasons why she fell for a psychopath. And they didn’t even bother with some other characters at all. Slipknot was only there to show us that Amanda Waller meant business and why exactly was Katana in the movie? In all fairness the movie was entertaining but completely missed to make me feel for the characters. Of course you can’t give all of them their own origin movie, but as I said before they could have introduced Harley Quinn and the Joker in a Batman movie for example.

Wonder Woman (2017)

The movie that did everything right. I couldn’t care less about the big bad or the big fight at the end, but it didn’t matter. Why? Because I watched the movie for the character. And they did everything right in showing us who Diana is and what she stands for. The reason why the no man’s land had such a great impact and is the one everyone talks about? Because it is the moment Diana became Wonder Woman. Even though it is an action sequence technically it is a character moment. Not only managed the movie to establish the main character but the supporting characters as well. We feel Diana’s pain after Steve died, because we know about the character and the relationship these two had.

So what does it mean for Justice League? By then we are familiar with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The movie will introduce us to Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg though, so we will likely see a lot of exposition and bringing the gang together stuff. In order to make the movie still work I think they have to focus more on the characters this time, especially the ones we haven’t met yet, and their relationships with each other, instead of presenting us another complicated plot. The plot is always secondary to the characters, because in order for the plot to work we need to care about the characters first. To me Man of Steel and Wonder Woman are so far the best movies of the DCEU because they are character driven. Let’s hope they took some notes after the sucess of Wonder Woman and we will see more solo and/or origin movies in the future before we get another ensemble movie. 

What Hogwarts Houses EXO would be in

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Xiumin: Xiumin would be a Ravenclaw because of how smart, wise, and mature he is. I think that he really represents the more sophisticated and educated side of the Ravenclaw, and he seems to be someone who would be able to resolve all of your problems in a few minutes. I can also easily imagine him calculating and deducing problems and equations like it was nothing and being an amazing Prefect and Quiddich Captain. He’s a perfectionist who’s always looking for more ways to improve, and he’s also very hardworking and calm.  

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Suho: Suho would also be a Ravenclaw just because he’s very level headed, smart, but also a leader who would be able to take charge with ease. Like Xiumin, he’s very educated and mature and I think that in any situation, he would be knowing what he was doing and would perform actions with confidence. I also believe that Suho has a craving to learn, he always wants to try new things and can easily be open-minded. Grades and papers would come easy to him because he would partly enjoy them, and he would also make a great Prefect.

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Lay: Lay would definitely make a Hufflepuff because he’s simply such a sweetheart and I’ve honestly never seen  him put himself before anyone else. Hufflepuffs are all about family, friends, kindness, and caring and I think that all of those words would simply make up who Lay is as a person. He’ll worry about others despite the fact he should worry about his health instead, and he’s also someone who’s extremely hardworking and will do absolutely anything to make others happy and find success himself.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun is such a Gryffindor that it’s impeccable, I could only see him being a Gryffindor and not anything else. He’s someone who’s very curious  yet adventourous, and he would wander around all the nooks and cranies of the castle despite breaking the rules. He’s just as curious as he is brave, he’s extremely outgoing and can easily make anyone laugh. He’s silly and loud and fiery and definitely one to “leap before they think.” I know for a fact he would have the reputation of being the class clown at Hogwarts, and although he might not do all of his work, the Professors would still appreciate his presence in class. He would be a mini James Potter.

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Chen: Chen would be a Hufflepuff for so many reasons, he’s someone who thinks of others and and can always be one to support and help friends through tough times. He’s such a precious cinnamon roll that the House of the hardworking and sweet would suit him perfectly.He’s extremely kind and thoughtful even to strangers, do I need to bring up the hot packs and haunted house incident? His loyalty and charming personality would cause many girls to swoon no matter what grade he was in, and his reputation at Hogwarts would be one that was very clean and respectable. He would be very similar to Cedric Diggory and he would bring a lot of pride and points to Hufflepuff.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol is cheerful, outgoing, and underneath his dorky and silly personality, he’s very brave and strong. He’s also the type of person who would never betray someone else, and he wouldn’t ever leave another person behind. He would probably be underappreciated because a lot of people can’t see past his lame jokes, but he would be sorted in the Gryffindor house for sure, and I can see him doing all sorts of things at Hogwarts. He would be pulling lots of pranks like the Weasley Twins, and I think he and Baekhyun would be good friends getting into lots of trouble because of how mischievious they are.

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Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo and Kai were the most difficult for me to place because I see different aspects of different houses inside both of them, and I was ultimately tied between Gryffindor and Slytherin for both of them. Kyungsoo is very wise and I think he would fit well in Ravenclaw, but I ended up sorting him into Slytherin because it would suit him more. I know a lot of you are thinking that Kyungsoo is too sweet and pure to be a Slytherin, however we need to remember that not all Slytherins are bad (Regulas Black) and not all Gryffindors are good! (Peter Pettigrew) The Slytherin house represents mystery and achievements, and Kyungsoo is someone who takes his career seriously and doesn’t show a lot of his personality to strangers. Not only that, but he’s cunning and smart and extremely hardworking.

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Kai: Kai would end up in the Gryffindor house ultimately, but I think he would face the same problems as Harry due to the fact he would be very closely linked to the other houses and would have trouble connecting with that sole house. He’s very sweet like the Hufflepuffs, he’s extremely ambitious like the Slytherins, and he’s well aware of what’s right and what’s wrong like the Ravenclaw. I ended up putting him in Gryffindor because although he’s soft-spoken and shy, I think that he would always do what was best and he would learn to be brave. He would transition from a quiet and timid 1st year to a brave and outspoken 7th year, which would really allow for him to step into the role of being a Gryffindor.

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Sehun: Sehun would be with Kyungsoo in the Slytherin house because of his snarky jokes yet how smart he is and how successful he can be. I’m not sure why, but Slytherin just stood out to me and I can see Sehun as being one of the best students in his potions class. He can be quiet and stoic around people he doesn’t know, and he can also be mysterious as well. His sarcasm and wit would strike well with all students, and I think that he and Kai would be good friends despite the fact they were in the opposite houses and on the opposite Quiddich teams. Sehun does of course have his more sentimental side, and I don’t think that being a Slytherin would prohibit that either. He would end up being the Captain of the Slytherin Quiddich team against Kai, the Gryffindor Captain once all the other members had already graduated. 

When You Tell Them You Like Anal Play (EXO)

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO:The relief on his face would be real, like he’d be so happy to hear that his kink was shared

CHANYEOL: He’d make a bid deal out of it (in private) when you told him, acting all shocked and surprised (when in reality he had a feeling you’d had some kinda kink that you weren’t telling him about)

KYUNGSOO: He would snap to attention as soon as you said anal. I honestly with my whole heart think he’d be down for it

BAEKHYUN: He’d have a fit of mad giggles, not meaning to embarrass you or anything, but I think he’d be surprised that you’d be into something like that

JONGIN: I think on the outside he’d stay calm, but the inside he’d be screaming. I think he’d like to try but at the same time he’d be running through all the ways the situatin could go wrong. Like what if he does it wrong, what if he hurts you, WHAT IF YOU LEAVE HIM (He tends to overthink)

SEHUN: He’d be ready. For a thusand years he would’ve been ready

XIUMIN: I think he might play with you and so no, but at some point when you guys were doing the dirty later, he’d ask you if you wanted to

CHEN: This dude, he’d be like ‘for who? me or you? my body is ready baby’

but he would agree eventually lol

YIXING: He’d get real shy and embarrassed talking about something like that, but if you wanted it, he’d prob do it for you


KRIS: You would certainly catch him off guard. After a while f convincing him that you weren’t joking, he;d be happy to fulfill your wishes

TAO: He’d be surprised to (and a little turnt) to find that his baby was so adventurous and dirty. Would most def say yes

LUHAN: He would immediately take a liking to the idea, even though he might never have thought much about it. I feel like he’s an adventourous one in bed

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