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The problem with the fifth book is that all Harry does is complain. He literally complains through the entire book. It's like we get it Harry life is hard. But HARRY YOU ARE A WIZARD! Therefore, your life is inherently better than mine. Be interesting.

Shit Harry was dealing with in Order of the Phoenix:

  • seeing one of his friends literally murdered in front of his eyes
  • one of his favourite teachers was not only not who he said to be but also out to kill him who wouldn’t have trust issues after that??
  • his friends completely shut him out for months over the summer
  • the closest thing he has to a father figure fucking DIES
  • the second closest thing he has to a father figure ignores him for most of the book
  • the entire wizarding world thinks he’s a liar and is constantly saying shit about him
  • he now has to suffer through two abusive teachers who make him do shit like carve words into his own skin and intrude on his happiest memories
  • he can’t even play quidditch which is his favourite thing ever
  • oh also he thinks he’s being possessed by voldemort and is a danger to everyone around him
  • and on top of all that he’s 15 and hormonal