Husband material Steven Hyde like

  • Takes you to dances, even when he hates dancing
  • Also learns how to dance for you *cringes a little*
  • Comforts you even when crying people makes him uncomfortable
  • Will defend you from his friends, no matter what they may think
  • Better than you at cooking
  • Better than you at baking too
  • Knows more than you and your grandma about house chores
  • Also will repair stuff without you having to tell him to
  • Likes sleeping in comfy sheets and nice scent candles
  • Will dress up as you wish if you ask nicely
  • Hits the shit out of assholes who wants to take adventage of you, included assholes dressed as dogs
  • Takes you to tematic parks
  • Also will do basically anything you want if asked nicely
  • Supports your career more than he supports his own
  • Will put his comfort over yours any time
  • Gives you his favorite shirt because you are his chick
  • Happily takes you to things that interests him to spend the day with you
  • Also happily buys you food 
  • and knows how you like your food
  • Talks to you on the phone even when he doesn’t want to
  • Touchy af
  • Gives you secret cute nicknames
  • Likes being called cute nicknames
  • It’s probably the bomb in bed
Being friends with Cassian would include:

Originally posted by letdiegolunatouchjabbathehutt

Warning: None.

  • Meeting at the age of 11 for the very first time. 
    • You both being the only kids on the base.
    • Being always together and play-fighting and you totally not being the damsel in distress. 
    • Singing contests while dancing absolutly horrible.
    • Cassian telling you that he’ll marry you in the future.
    • Being best friends.
  • You calling him Cass.
  • Hiding from your parents and his father for hours and exploring ‘secret’ rooms.
    • Being catched and getting grounded because your parents and Cassian’s father are very concerned that you won’t have a real childhood after finding out how bad the war really is.
    • You finding out on your own when you both sneak into a conference, seeing detailed pictures of the war.
  • Your parents loving Cassian and treating him like a family member.
  • Cassian often sleeping at your home when both your fathers are on missions.
    • Sharing a bed and cuddling innocently. 
    • Building a castle out of blankets and having a passwort.
      • The passwort is a mix of your and his name.
  • Observing stars together and dreaming of traveling the galaxies.
    • Cassian telling you how much he wants to fight for the rebels and you being worried, trying to convince him otherwise. But of course he makes you see the whole picture, saying that it’s your duty to help the galaxy and that they both get dragged onto it eventually. 
  • Cassian making up adventure stories to impress you or to make you happy.
  • Cassian’s father showing you all the basic tricks on how to survive, fight and shoot.
  • At the age of 14 you both get ‘The Talk’. It’s your mother who does it.
    • Even if Cassian thinks your mom is pretty awesome, it’s still very embarassing since both of you never thought about doing improper things.
  • Cassian’s dad rooting for the both of you to get together. He adores you.
    • “Cassian, you’re  a man and I think that [Y/N] and you would be-”
    • “Dad… no…” 
    • “She’s a cute beautiful girl.”
    • “DAD!” 
    • You blushing because you’re just friends.
  • There are no secrets between you two and you’re open about everything.
  • People not believing you’re only friends but you both don’t care about rumors. You use the rumors to your adventage, getting rid off annoying men/women.
  • After Cassian’s father dies your family takes Cassian in, caring about him so much. 
    • You sharing a bed with Cassian because of his bad dreams.
    • You taking care of his needs, making him eat, sleep and take a shower.
    • On really bad days you both stay in bed until one of you complains that the other stinks.
  • Him changing drastically and joining the rebels officially.
    • You follow him. 
  • You always going after him on missions, never leaving him alone.
  • Him doing the same. 
  • Him introcuding you to K2 and completly adoring the sassy droid. 
    • You using K2 to drive Cassian crazy. 
    • “The chance of being strangled by Cassian increases by 13% every minute you mock him” 
  • Meeting Jyn and going with her, K2 and Cassian on a mission. 
    • You three being very close.
    • “I wish we had more time, Jyn.”
    • Taking his and her hand in yours. 
It’s done! I’ve read every single issue with Harley and Joker in it. Now, an article: Comics: Harley, Joker and abuse

Friend: T_T Everybody in internet says I’m sick because I ship JxHQ

me: Let me explain the mess : ) book by book >.< 

what’s mainstream and continuity? click here 

If you want to know what N52 is click here

Friend: Why is people always talking about Snyder’s Joker or Morrison’s, etc?

Me: DC made it sure that the sacred continuity of the mainstream was kept, each writer had to work based on what his predecessors wrote but writers had different interpretations of the character so the characterization was different.

So sometimes we have an absolutely violent Joker, sometimes He’s a smart guy who tries to seem dumb or a man so crazy that couldn’t avoid the police.

Why Am I explaining this? because you have to understand that Joker in the time Harley was introduced in comic world was extremely violent and sadist. He spent the half of his time killing his own men. He wasn’t the character we knew in the tv show. Comic world is more raw, crude and bloody. Of course Harley changes her personality many times it depends on who wrote it.

Harley was written like Joker’s girlfriend in the series, now if you’re not familiar with batman comics that’s the most logic development but otherwise you understand that was a bold move cause Joker existed during 50 years before someone gave him a girlfriend but more even, he didn’t have a brother, a father, sons or a sidekick, nothing at all* and today someway we have big pictures of him kissing a girl and people pay for them LOL.

Harley was a new phase for Joker as a character cause she gives to him humanity what is good or bad, good if you want a more complete character, bad if you’re trying to use the cruelest, the grosser and the most important batman’s enemy to be creepy.

Batman - Harley Quinn (august, 1999. by Paul Dini): The canon origin for Harley in the mainstream (Mad love is from tv/adventures continuity). They didn’t use the thing of abuse, no, they had an idea to keep it weird and dysfunctional: He tries to kill her and they had a twisted reason, It’s cause he loves her alike but different entirely to abuse. This was the strategy of the comics and was reflected everywhere 

Comic Harley Quinn (2000-2004), comic Batman adventures (Tv continuity), comic batman, etc at least until 2007 BUT we have a couple of exceptions.

This picture by Guillen March (many batman comics) is a good brief of that tendency:

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hydejackies-deactivated20170430  asked:

Imagine how fucking high Hyde must had been to say "yes" to a "be mine" card...

High? Imagine how fucking ORGASMED he must had been when Jackie showed him that card and he, like a damn moron, said “yes”. I bet Jackie doesn’t let him live that one, It’s her revenge for every time he has made fun of her romantic ways.

“Jackie, calling each other for only pet names is ridiculous”

“Shut up, you said ‘yes’ to a card”




At some point it must had become a joke between them, especially when he started to use it to his own adventage, like

“I’m not taking you anywhere with that ugly concert shirt, change your clothes!”

“Sorry, nope, I’m yours, you are taking me as I come. You gave me that card, didn’t say anything about dressing code”

She wants to hate it but coming with more creative and ridiculous ideas of how to use the card for their adventage is so funny, even in that moment she said that in the show, he just kid of

#she’s good at this shit #i have made a mistake #damn (gif credit)

But think about this. Maybe the reason he doesn’t make a big deal out of it, why he doesn’t stop her from keeping the joke it’s because when the card happened, it was their second Valentine’s together, it was the ‘anniversary’ of the ‘ge toff my boyfriend’ shit. So honestly? Better have this memory than that one.

It’s just a day like any other for Jacob Kowalski. As to say, a perfectly brilliant thing.

Jacob has a routine, for mornings: get up, get dressed (in positively smarter clothes, in his positively more colorful, less crumbling room), walks the three blocks of buzzing New York life to the door of his bakery, and prepare for the first clients of the day. Jacob has spent the small hours of the morning - light but a grey thought along the roofs across the street, one of those suspended moments which lately, for no reason, make him hold his breath in anticipation - making pastries and waffles, donuts and pies, cleaning the shiny coffee machines and making sure his young and carafree clerk didn’t make any mess the night before. He loves every minute of it. He loves every minute of it, and of the following chores too - serving people and busy business men and dainty ladies and kids with a mess of cents and hungry eyes. He talks, laughs, bid good morning and good day, mysteriously forgets to ask the right price from the hungry-eyed kids. And that is it. Jacob finds himself slipping towards afternnon without even realizing it. An absolutely normal day, no surprises, no thrills.

Except for the unexpected clients waiting by his door, of course. 

No, it’s not the blonde lady wandering around his shop like a light-stepped hawk and coming in through the door in a cloud of rushing velvet and rose perfume at exactly seven past nine a.m., seven days a week - the blonde lady who seems to forget every single time what her order is meant to be and who blinded him with the most heart-stopping smile of the world the first time he remembered it for her, and who once touched his arm sendind tendrils of electricty all the way to his core, and who despite dripping warmth like coalesced sunlight sometimes, sometimes watches him with the most desperate eyes-

Err. Anyway, no, it’s not his - the - blonde lady. The figure waiting by his door is a man, a pale, smartly-dressed man with thick black eyebrows and a cane, and has been staring absently at Jacob’s shop window for the best part of ten minutes.

Now, Jacob Kowalski may be a curious man - as his Nana never, ever tired of reminding him - but he knows when to stay quiet and mind his business, and from the mortally focused way he’s staring at the gilded letters of his name the gentleman seems more than able to dig holes in people’s skulls with a single glance. Still. Still, jacob Kowalski has also been in the war - and there’s something sickengly familiar in the minute shaking running through the gentleman’s body, and something that has nothing to do with New York’s Autumn winds. So he finds himself dropping the rag he was lucidare with on the counter, slid around its corner, and going to open the door - keeping his movements slow, cautious, untreathening. Jacob pushes his door open. The gentleman starts, shoulders tensing, a shot of alarm flashing across his face. Jacob stops. Nice and slow, suggests a voice in his mind, British accent like peppermint sprinkles on a cake. Let him come. On his own terms.

“Would you mind a cuppa coffee, mister?” he asks, nice and slow. “Maybe something sweet, too.”

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hydejackies-deactivated20170430  asked:

AU in which Jackie never gets back with Kelso after JBH, she forms a friendship with Hyde and she's single at the same time as Donna and together find their own worth without any boy's fart near them.


Okay, so. Maybe she does feels the weakness for Kelso after seeing him having a bad time with his little situation. When she’s in that inter between feeling sorry and still not wanting him back, Fez and Donna realize what is going on and quickly talk her into noticing NO, IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA, DON’T DO IT.

When Kelso persues her to get back together after realizing his dick wants Jackie again, she realizes its because of the sex thing and rejects him. Everyone knows about it by the time she’s back at the basement, and both Fez and Donna are like :D! 

Meanwhile, Hyde feels better about the fact that Jackie didn’t use him to get over Kelso/get back at Kelso after all.

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Rough morning

Pairings: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,120
Warnings: NSFW, smut (oral sex + mentions of future smut), swearing
Summary:   Reader is having some troubles waking up and Negan offers his help.
A/N:  Okay. This is not only my first published smut ever, but also first smut in general. I decided to finally post it on my tumblr and I’m shamelessly taking adventage of Negan Smut Week to have an excuse for that. Still, I hope you will like it or at least find it bearable!

This is my last time posting a fanfiction on this blog, if you’re interested in my writing please follow my other account @lumifuer

Tagging: @negansmutweek @negans-network @superwholoki

“Good morning,doll” I heard a husky voice right by my ear. Negan hugged me from behind, locking me in a firm embrace. I felt a tingling sensation flowing trought my body as he did it. He gave me few more seconds to reply and once he realized there will be no answer he softly placed his hand on my neck and started to slowly move it down, caressing my skin. I moved a bit under his touch, but refused to open my eyes or give him any signs that I’m going to get up soon.  I wanted him to make me get up.

He moved even closer. I could feel his stubble scratching my jaw line as he nibbled my ear lobe.

“Troubles waking up?” he whispered, his tone sending thrills down my spine “Let me make it easier for ya.”

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Imagine: Dean being insecure about your age difference.

You were watching doctor sexy with Dean, al snuggled up in the blankets and your head resting on Dean’s lap. You tried not to doze of as your boyfriends fingers traced through your hair. “Babe?” Dean’s voice startled you and you looked up, expecting to see his beautiful green eyes, but he was doing his best avoiding yours. His fingers stopped playing with your hair and he had a serious look on his face. Emidiatily you sat up and took one of his hands in your own. “what’s wrong honey? Are you feeling ok?” He shook his head lightly. “No, not really. I’ve been thinking… Does it ever bother you that i’m old?” A little smile played on your lips:” What do you mean? you’re not old Dean you’re 37″ Your smile quickly disapeared as you saw his sad expression. “Dean, what is this about?” He looked away from you and cleared his troat. “Earlier, when we were in the bar, i heard a couple of guys talk. And they said that we were gross, that i was taking adventage of such a young girl.” Anger raced through your veins and you squeezed Dean’s hand a little harder. “Don’t listen to them. Dean i’ve known you for a long time now and never did i have the feeling that you used me. You are the most honest and sweetest person i’ve ever known.  Doesn’t it ever occure to you that i’m dating you because i’ve had enough of all the teenage love drama.” His eyes were still not meeting yours so you put a hand on his cheeck and carefully forced him to look at you. 

“Dean i love you, that’s all that matters, isn’t it? And i don’t care what some teenagers said in some random bar. I would pass on any of them to be with you.” His face softened and a little smile was forming: “but i’m getting wrinkles.” You knew he was playing with you, you loved the little wrinkles around his eyes when he laughed. In a world full of ghosts, demons and vampires, those were the things that made him human. You gently pulled him closer and pushed a soft kiss on his full lips. “Don’t be insecure Honey, you really don’t need to.””

note: So i’ve been thinking about this for some time now. When i write about Dean, i don’t change my age, or Dean’s and i was wondering if you guys did? I’m 24 and i don’t think it’s weird or gross. Does that make me weird? Anyway i hope you like it :)!!!

xx admin Venora

So, im opening some commissions

not many slots but i need that money income kind of asap to get my annual bus ticket again (it expired weeks ago but i could hold with my rechargeable bus card, but the adventage of this ticket it’s that it’s WAY cheaper if you use it often, and i do to get to my school everyday) , which is arround 270 euro (290$ aprox.)

So; my commission price list is over here

For now I’ll be opening 3 slots, if you’re interested drop in an ask, or IM me.

Thank you for reading!

elit3-zab  asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

Five thing I like about myself….woa that will be a huge retrospective to me😝
By the way here are the five things I do think I like.

5- my thumb are just tiny like a bug everyone in my surrounding always say I have an alien thumb. Surprisingly that make me a little bit special they always associates this with my art skill.

 4- to be able to speak English and French is a good adventage to anybody who went to go on a journey around the world. Even if I confess to not know the language correctly yet! 

3 my sens of human being I have this chance to grew up inside me this sens. Especially on Internet where everyone do what they want and don’t care about the other’s feeling 

 2-my suppleness. I never practise gym or classical dance before. But with 3 month of practice I can do it. 

 1 my art skill. I’m currently in art ’s college to learn more about the world of art and improve my art in the meantime. I usually do traditional art but recent I’m learning how to draw with a tablet and photoshop and it ’s amazing !

 By the way here are the ten people tagged: if we don’t know yet then hello! @megumi-kirishima @poisonpinkreijus @paulxchris @orihimeblog @dsdoodles @dshanks-op @kanekinga @bubblegalaxylove @elit3-zab

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So you've made your opinion about dating with a significant age gap clear but what about playing or fucking with a significant age gap?

I think that’s a great idea.

You can learn so much from someone who is older.

Just be aware of people who try to take adventage.

@frownster skomentował(a) Twój post “You know what? I really want an AU where Rex hears about Obi-Wan’s…”

I was writing something similar to this almost two years ago but stopped because I couldn’t find anyone else who shipped rexobi! Even in an unrequited or not-relationship way. It’s canon as far as I’m concerned. You have good ideas!

You wrote rexobi?? Did you post it somewhere? Can I read it?? Pleeease, there is never enough of OTP.

But! If you want to find people who love this pairing (and who create more content than me with my random meta), go to @norcumi blog. Seriously, she is the author of rexobi manifesto and was the one who dragged me (and possibly 90% of known to me shippers) in this rarepair hell. And her fics, don’t get me started on her fics. I mean. War Against The Odds still kills me, and it’s just a tip of an iceberg.

Next name: @deadcatwithaflamethrower. Possibly THE name. And not only rexobi is a part of her Re-Entry series, but she also wrote epic length modern AU that now becomes real books. I am so excited and so proud of one of my favorite fanfic authors.

My friend @peskylilcritter also wrote a couple of Rexobi ficlets, you can found them either on her tumblr or her ao3 account.

@myurbandream! Her prompt fills are awesome, but the real gem is Tactical Adventages in Interpersonal Relationships. I was laughing the whole time, Obi-Wan is such a little shit in it.

@sanerontheinside and her Whose War Is Never Over. Nghhh.

@the-last-hair-bender @jhaernyl @shadow-spires are more into Codywan from what I know, but they have a couple of Rexobi or Rex/Cody/Obi-Wan ficlets.

So, as you can see, there is more of us!

… No, seriously, tell me more about your fanfic, I am very curious.

snowball-n-mittens  asked:

What do you think of an AU where instead of becoming Nea's host, Past!Allen messes up and instead Nea becomes like The Grave of Maria. But C!Allen doesn't know it until after becoming Cross' apprentice and accidentally summons Nea one night after being tossed to Akumas again. Imagine Cross' "Well, he f**ked up" face at seeing a summoned corpse-Nea. Imagine Cross teaching Allen necromancy, imagine Allen hating almost every second of it because it reminds him of calling Mana's soul back. Imagine

Allen only summoning Nea in dire, dire DIRE situations. Imagine Allen not telling anyone that not only can he summon dead people, but a Noah.

 Imagine something big happening, like the attack on the Order or something of the like and Allen gives in and summon’s Nea, (who has most of his memories and personality still) 

Imagine Nea’s smirk and /finally/ being called into battle again after FOREVER. Imagine him teasing Allen, who glares at him. 

Imagine the looks on everyone’s (from ScDpt to Generals  to the Bookmen, Lenalee and ESPECIALLY KANDA.) How would they react, before and after knowing that Allen /loathes/ the fact that he knows how to summon the dead? How would they react to finding out that he hates it because of Mana? 

Imagine the looks on the Noah’s (Tyki&Road&Jasidevi) faces at seeing Allen summon the Fourteenth. Imagine Cross’ ‘pride’ at seeing his student actually use what he taught him (imagine Allen punching him in the face.)

I’ve left this one on the side because it was a tough but interesting one! 

And omg Past!Allen screwed up haaard; Neah must be so pissed. Especially if he has still his normal attitude, like, much more of a living puppet who’s physically manipulated by Allen. Therefore i’d see that, if Allen invocate him,  Neah would try to manipulate him. See a little devil on Allen’s shoulder. Most of the time Allen would ignore him but sometimes it’d get to him. Moreover I could see a side effect like, Allen would feel the need to use and call it more and more. A bit like Ashuda with Link, it’s like, he can conceal the power if he wants but the more he uses it the more he feels the need to use it and might decide to use it in situations he would always have found a loophole to avoid it before. Allen would know it but it’ll be harder and harder to controle, especially with Neah convincing him that’s “the only way he can save everyone”.

I think that would be the kind of things Cross failed to warn Allen about though. Because Maria is a real human corpse who’s totally under Cross’s controle, not a Noah from a messed up spell. And if Cross notices, if he notices how Neah is trying to break free by using Allen, well, isn’t it just fullifying the wishes of Past!Allen and Neah’s plan? Shouldn’t he let it be done? Cue to Cross’s dilema.

So when Neah get invocated my Allen, he uses it at his adventage. And I don’t think anyone would be thrilled about it. I think most people who know Cross would have seen this coming, but the youngest exorcists would find it gross. Lenalee and Lavi showed already how they feel about Maria and they weren’t pleased.

Moreover considering the Noah thing, I think the higher heads would try to use it for their own mean, the way they used the Akuma Egg for themselves. At this point of controle they’d think they can mess with it more properly. Lenalee and Lavi would be seriously horrified but I think they’d support Allen no matter what. Same for most of the exorcists but Chaoji who’d hate Allen with all his soul after that tbh.

Kanda though? I think that’d have him be really mad at Allen.  Like, if he already react the way he did when Allen was considered to have a Noah inside him, what would happen if he could see him play with the deads?

As I mentioned one of my personal fav thing to think about is to have Kanda directly confronted to Necromancy, especially to Maria who was an exorcist who died on the field. Those kind of things would make Kanda furious because he sees in Maria a tool that could have been him or Alma. And Kanda has showed his disproval of the Order’s ways, he got bitter at the 3rd exoricsts while as far as he knew their situation was far from his. so, in a situation involving corpses, I think Kanda would be furious. Even more with a Noah tbh. This is like a combo of everything he’d feel disgust for.

I think whenever Allen likes to summon the deads or not won’t change much of Kanda’s pov at least - the others exorcists - aside maybe from Chaoji- would be far more forgiving. Lenalee would be as supportive as she can, try to show Allen that she’s all with him, Lavi would probably have problems to deal with the infos but he won’t let Allen alone in this.

As for Mana, Allen never talks about him, Link mentions that in the mission in Paris. So if they were to learn about Mana and therefore Allen’s feeling regarding it, I think well - yeah they would all care more about him.

As for Kanda though? Well that’s tricky. Because I mostly think that Kanda could relate to that, I mean, ding dong coming at the door of the one who killed his best friend/lover  because of the Order he works for now to talk about guilt and how to live with it when being confronted to it everyday. I think Kanda would be mad to be able to relate. And it mostly would just bring out the dynamic they had during the Paris’s arc where Kanda was taking his distances from Allen while still not totally hating him either.

For the Noah, that’d be a catastroph. First I can see Neah jokingly said “I’d love to kill you myself but I gotta obey the kiddo”. They’d all be horrified, especially Road who /knew/ Neah. Adam would get to know about it and be furious, I think Allen would be the first on their killing list just for this. Because it’s messing with family and we all know how much the Noah cares about that. And also about “playing along the rules” - the Order using not only A Noah, but The Dear Noah That The Earl Loves against them? That would make them furious. They’d want to find a way to have Neah back. Not that it’s something Neah would get against, he wants to get back his own autonomy.

(I talked about Cross earlier so I won’t come back on it. And yes. Allen punching him in the face is always great.)

Thank you for this one <33 it was interesting!

askblogiskill replied to your post “askblogiskill replied to your post “So far I unlocked 4 worlds on…”

Yeah, console. My experience with the game has been very different. I was expecting the console port to be the buggy one, but seems like it’s the other way around. What a pity.

yeah haha, my version was so broken, i could just cheat through, get on platforms I am not suppose to get on and jump on platforms that I am only suppose to get on with purchased power ups

but at the same time while there were no invisible walls, i could easily fall platforms, some features would work, sometimes i would hover over objects, enemies would attack me while I have conversations with the characters, sometimes when i have to go through loops and somehow i die at the same time the timer would go off, i would get two screens of “game over”, 
sometimes i would just glitch out of the map, sometimes i get the adventage of being hurt by the enemies to climb paletforms im not suppose to climb on, and ever since I get the flying ability, im able to cheat through everything and get everywhere

I think i had to fight the great rampo over 30 times because sometimes i would somehow land here:

and slide down, and i have no control over sliding off, so i cannt make myself fall back into the platform, it just makes me fall to the side into my doom and I respawn at the very beginning of the game 

Some challenges i had to do dont even work, like in the third world where I have to somehow in the most frustrating way deliever the seed that grows on the trees into the holes so they could grow mushrooms out of them, and theres two trees, right? 

sometimes when i would do a spin attack in the air to try and make the seed drop, sometimes the seed doesnt drop but the timer begins to clock and theres nothing you can do to reset it unless you kill yourself

but there are two trees, right? the second tree doesnt even drop the seed at all, i cannot even complete the challenge!

some enemies are nearly impossible to defeat, like the bees, no matter how many times id jump and try and hit them, they are nearly mortal and never flinch, not unless i jump at least 7 times and somehow kill them from a specific angle 

the enemies that are just a bunch of eyes that manifest into other objects are just the worst, once they get heated up, theres nothing you can do to hurt them, or shield yourself, they will hit you no matter what with the accuracity of a god, no matter if you try and dodge them or walk in circles, if you wont litterally fly or roll away from the stage, they will get ya

the maps are so confusing and you cannot just understand where each paletform starts from not unless you spend hours investigating every inch of the map

if my game experience cannot be compared to how people see Sonic 06, then I dont know what it is then

but i sitll think its a cute game overall 

its just so very broken


How I organize my documents on google drive (and additional little tips):

I decided to make this post because I got a peak into my friends’ google drive accounts which were horribly organized so maybe I can help someone organize their documents a little bit better with this post. So let’s get started.
(click on pictures to enlarge)

Before I start, I want to tell you some adventages of google drive:
I use many different devices and I wanna be able to have access to my documents no matter where I am. It also makes sharing documents with friends easier. Especially when someone couldn’t attend a lecture. If you dont have Word and you dislike Open Office, Google documents is a great alternative to those. It also makes making short notes really easy cause you can just write them and save them in the right folder immediately.
I do not use Google Drive for my university documents only. I also keep pictures and other notes and documents here, which makes organizing everything much more important. So here we go:

1.  As you can see in the first picture, I have some folders. The one that is important for this post is the one in the red circle: Uni. 

2.  In my uni folder, I keep 3 folders. One for each semester. That way I can easily look up topics that I already had the semester before (which happens quite often).

3.  I’m gonna show you the folder of my 2nd semester. As you can see, I created a folder for each course I have, as well as a folder for miscellaneous documents I need to print.

4.  So, let’s take a look into one of those folders. Quite a lot is going on here. I tried to colour code it so it is easier to see what’s going on in this picture. The most important folders are the ones that I highlighted in red. Every folder matches on lecture. To keep them in the right order, I save them as: month/day/year. In the blue one, I keep my summary of the course. The green folders contain material of the tutorial of this course. One of them is for the presentations, the other one is for my notes. 

5.  Phew! Almost done. All we gotta do now is look into one of the folders for one of my lectures. I keep it pretty simple here. My professors upload their presentations online. I save them in the folder P_“Topic”  so I know what the topic of that day was. The texts that we had to read for this lecture are saved in the folder T_“Topic”

And that’s it. Maybe this is a bit complicated but I figured that if I save my files this way, I have a great overview and it’s easier for me to find things.

Other tips:

You can colour code your folders:
Right click on the folder >>> change colour >>> choose a colour

(I don’t really like the look of this which is why I dont do this)

Install the app:
This way you can use google drive like dropbox

Attach google drive files to your emails

Edit pictures on google drive with  pixlr express:
if you download this browser extentions, you can edit your photos directly on google drive.