How I organize my documents on google drive (and additional little tips):

I decided to make this post because I got a peak into my friends’ google drive accounts which were horribly organized so maybe I can help someone organize their documents a little bit better with this post. So let’s get started.
(click on pictures to enlarge)

Before I start, I want to tell you some adventages of google drive:
I use many different devices and I wanna be able to have access to my documents no matter where I am. It also makes sharing documents with friends easier. Especially when someone couldn’t attend a lecture. If you dont have Word and you dislike Open Office, Google documents is a great alternative to those. It also makes making short notes really easy cause you can just write them and save them in the right folder immediately.
I do not use Google Drive for my university documents only. I also keep pictures and other notes and documents here, which makes organizing everything much more important. So here we go:

1.  As you can see in the first picture, I have some folders. The one that is important for this post is the one in the red circle: Uni. 

2.  In my uni folder, I keep 3 folders. One for each semester. That way I can easily look up topics that I already had the semester before (which happens quite often).

3.  I’m gonna show you the folder of my 2nd semester. As you can see, I created a folder for each course I have, as well as a folder for miscellaneous documents I need to print.

4.  So, let’s take a look into one of those folders. Quite a lot is going on here. I tried to colour code it so it is easier to see what’s going on in this picture. The most important folders are the ones that I highlighted in red. Every folder matches on lecture. To keep them in the right order, I save them as: month/day/year. In the blue one, I keep my summary of the course. The green folders contain material of the tutorial of this course. One of them is for the presentations, the other one is for my notes. 

5.  Phew! Almost done. All we gotta do now is look into one of the folders for one of my lectures. I keep it pretty simple here. My professors upload their presentations online. I save them in the folder P_“Topic”  so I know what the topic of that day was. The texts that we had to read for this lecture are saved in the folder T_“Topic”

And that’s it. Maybe this is a bit complicated but I figured that if I save my files this way, I have a great overview and it’s easier for me to find things.

Other tips:

You can colour code your folders:
Right click on the folder >>> change colour >>> choose a colour

(I don’t really like the look of this which is why I dont do this)

Install the app:
This way you can use google drive like dropbox

Attach google drive files to your emails

Edit pictures on google drive with  pixlr express:
if you download this browser extentions, you can edit your photos directly on google drive.

Ironically the fact that the creators of the show had to keep Korrasami relatively under the radar worked in its adventage. Korrasami wasn’t a sudden burst of emotions, instant blushing and sudden “I love you, I cannot live without you” declaration. It was a relationship that was built slowly over time, all these grand moments but also all these small ones - everyday interractions. First blooming friendship and then slowly, naturally moving into romance.


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The production cost advantage that China currently holds will be gone in late 2015, and the need for continual improvement should fuel the automation industry for years to come. In general, this is the time to think about loading up the pipeline in order to ride out most of the late-2013/2014 downturn.

China is slowing down, Europe is struggling, and the August U.S. jobs report appeared dismal to many. The political rhetoric and wild claims made by both parties are not helping the situation. ()

You know what really concerns me? Why did they make Delphine Cosima’s monitor. Why did they pick her…

I mean, we know that in Beth’s case, as well as in Jennifer’s, their monitor became their boyfriend. Alison even married that clown. It was very practical - the testing in their sleep, the trust, etc.

So, why Delphine? Had they tried to make Cosima fall in love with a guy before she came to the university? Did they know she was into girls? Did they send a girl just to be friends with Cosima, or for Cosima to fall in love with her? The partner thing worked on the other clones, they wouldn’t just give up all those adventages, right? So, why would they send the I-have-never-considered-the-option-that-I’m-not-straight Delphine? Did Delphine know that the other monitors were “dating” their marks? IS EVERYTHING A LIE?

I have so many questions and I’m so scared, I mean, I love Delphine with all my heart and I want to trust her, but..??? What if..?

No. 2: Assassins Creed (series)

Assassins creed was my favorite gamr for a long, because it has something that others games did not have from my point of perspective: mysteries, story and knowledge.
For me, this game deserves to be one of the best sandbox ever, because unlike gta, max payne, saints row, etc. They are based in present, and all of them are about terrorism or traffic of drugs. AC stories are everyone different than the others, but in a same way, taking adventage of all the history that they got.
Even though some people say that gameplay is repetitive, I think that was that made AC the amazing game that everyone loves; doing parkour, climbing building and defeating tons of enemies in a roll make this game as good as it is.
I think that the best AC game is the third, but the thing isn’t the game, if not the well used concept.



Loki’s green eyes were fixed in the masculine figure hiding on the top of the room. He himself was lurking into the shadows, melting with them. It has never been a problem for him to pass unnoticed, and with the years he has learned to use this fact to his adventage.

The trickster could almost feel how concentrated the other man was, his eyes scanning the street like a hawk. Searching for his next prey. Like a predator. Like a hunter. So similar to himself. And that last thought made him crack a small smirk because that was just what he wanted. What he needed.

The Winter Soldier.

The trickster wasn’t supid, he knew that not everybody -in fact, almost no one- could help him in the task he had to fullfill next. His revenge against the Advengers. Those pathetic mortals who had dared to humillate him, to laugh at him. He had been defeated.

But that won’t happen ever again. Because this time he was completly in control of himself, this time there was no sentiment left to make him weak and this time, he will have help of someone who really knows what he’s doing.

Because he had been watching the other man, watching him successfully archive his goals over and over again. Killing without remorse, his eyes as cold as ice. No sentiment making him weak. So alike himself. And Loki wantes him. Loki wanted his revenge and he was going to get it, no matter at what cost.

The trickster already knew the man was being brainwashed, but that stupid human methods couldn’t stop a master of the seidr like he was, so that won’t be an issue.

He was suddenly snapped out of his thought as a shot sounded. It wasn’t too loud, but the liesmith was near enough to drag him back to reality. With a confident smirk and unwavering steps he moved out of the shadows, his green eyes sparkling. “Good job, as always.”