Hey girlies just promise me to stay away from older dudes if you’re still very young. Live your life free from damaging men. Be the young person you are and don’t fall for men who want to take adventage of you. Some men show their true colours after months and months in a relationship. You are young, in fact too young for significantly older guys. There are too many negative people out there. They might see you as an easy target. Just a young girl who isn’t experienced enough yet, who is impressionable, a naive girl who can be manipulated and molded into a person THEY want. PLEASE BE SAFE

I love the book version so much

Elena drowns under the Wickery Bridge. Stefan pulls her out of the water.

Elena: *wakes up as a vampire* Yay, sire bond, I love Damon!

Damon: Dude, you’re a crazy ass new vampire, you need blood and then I’ll get you into bed.

Elena: Yay, vampire sex!

Damon: No sex. You sleep alone, I don’t take adventage of girl’s who can’t consent.

Bonnie: I told you all that Damon isn’t a complete evil bastard.

Damon: Because I kissed you and complete evil bastards don’t kiss like I do?

Bonnie: Yes!

Elena: *goes to sleep*

Elena: *wakes up, is totally over the sire bond*

Stafan: Elena, I love you, I will always love you and protect you and if you choose Damon then I will support-

Elena: *throws herself into Stefan’s arms*

Damon: Is this where we have a threesome?

Elena: No, I choose Stefan! I love Stefan! It’s always gonna be Stefan!

Stefan: Are you gonna go on a random killing spree now?

Damon: Nah, I’m fine. Btw where’s that little red-haired witch?

The production cost advantage that China currently holds will be gone in late 2015, and the need for continual improvement should fuel the automation industry for years to come. In general, this is the time to think about loading up the pipeline in order to ride out most of the late-2013/2014 downturn.

China is slowing down, Europe is struggling, and the August U.S. jobs report appeared dismal to many. The political rhetoric and wild claims made by both parties are not helping the situation. ()

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Review (Movie)

We’ve all heard those late night sounds and bumps in the night that have kept us up throughout our childhoods. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark prays on those memories and shapes them into new-found nightmares. The movie is immediately teeming with the childhood dreads and paranoia we’ve all dealt with throughout our lifetimes. It takes those unreasonable fears and gives them a face and voice that is worthy of any 8-year-old gripping tightly to their sheets.

You see Guillermo Del Toro’s hand in this movie from the very first time you see the movie’s heroine, Salley, who is played by the young and talented Bailee Madison. Del Toro has a way of showing the truth and steadfastness of youth that many writers, directors, and producers tend to write off as simple hubris or ignorance of reality. Instead we see a child that shows all the inquisitiveness seen in other movies but also the cunning and ingenuity that is a staple in movies like Pan’s Labyrinth. Bailee also gives a performance that outshines both Guy Pierce and Katie Holmes, who serve only to play as background pieces to what is really happening.

The focus of a child as the protagonist is what made this movie really work for me. It made for a mix of real terror that any one can feel mixed with the fear of the unknown that we’ve all experienced as children. This mix made for an uneasy experience that was held almost throughout the movie and was amplified by the group of tweens in my theater that shrieked a few times throughout the film.

Rich’s Recommended ViewingOpening WeekendAt The TheaterRent ItWatch It On CableStay Away! – 4/5

What it comes down to is that Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark is a horror flick that is worth checking out when you can but you most definitely don’t have to rush out to do so as the quiet of your own home might add to the ambiance of the movie. The movie takes the basis of fairytales and twists them into a gruesome tapestry of terror and doubt that will have you second guessing any late night sound you hear after the film.

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further star wars modern au brainstorming ideas

  • the twins are half-native (on shmi —> anakin’s side) b/c tbh “skywalker” works much better as a lakota or cherokee surname than anything else (w/ ”walking” actually being a relatively common root for them?)
  • r2-d2 and c-3po reimagined as humans (…b/c 21st century technology); they’ve been friends since they were really young.
    “r2″ is prelingually deaf and speaks in rapid, excited signing w/ “3po” often “interpreting” him for other people
    (a buch of the others start to learn so they can talk w/ him too but he’s REALLY FAST so knowing him for a while is an adventage)
  • CHEWBACCA AS A HUGE IRISH WOLFHOUND/TIBETAN MASTIFF/LITERALLY EVERY MASSIVE FLUFFY DOG BREED YOU CAN THINK OF MUTT. (han rescued him from a shelter when he was younger. they go everywhere together.)

So, I watched the Royals and here is my opinions about the characters.

Let’s start with the most conflicted, Jasper. My feelings about him depends of actually what he did to Eleanor. If he drugged her and had sex with her he is the worst and I totally despise him, but if he didn’t it could be a very interesting character.Of course, he is still a liar asshole but when I think about it I remember Eleanor’s acttitude when she woke up. Before she discovered he had the video she didn’ give a fuck about Jasper being fired.

So we have to options: Jasper being a total asshole or Jasper as a manipulative person who when he discovered he was screwed he decided to take adventage of the situation. That would make me like him as a character (but not as a person) and would create a relationship between him and Eleanor based in rivality and challenge. Can that become a romantic relationship? Yes, only in the second case and with a huge redeption arc. Sex blackmail isn’t something you can’t forgive so easily

Now, Ophelia and Gemma. I can’t help but..I’m rooting for Gemma. Yes, she left him, but we still don’t know why she did it and why she came back. She could be a bitch or she could be a normal human being who has normal doubts and regrets. What I like about her is her brutal honestity and sense of reality. She has a huge personality so,sadly, in comparation, Ophelia looks boring, predictable and kind of Mary Sue. I actually liked the part of “I can be you, Can you be me?” because althrougth they are trying to make Ophelia humble and realistic, she is just ignoring the whole issues of being the future king’s girlfriend/wife. Knowing people, follow the manners, losing her private life, being followed by paparazzi everyday. Even if the relationship goes wrong, she would become the “king’s exgirlfriend” forever. And while Gemma adress it, Ophelia constantly ignore it and live in her pink world. Plus, I don’t like her actitude with her father, specially in the first episode. On the other hand, althrough I like Gemma trying to make up her relationship with Liam, I dislike both girls are treating Liam like an object, with the whole “I will win him, I will get him back”.

Liam and the King are nice and cute, but I’m like 100 times more interested on Liam’s friend and bodyguard. They look funny and amazing, I want more of them. Like, rigth now.

Eleanor and Helena are two sides of the same coin. Both are used to get what they want, in diferent ways (messy and sutil) and it’s very interesting watch the figth of power. And as I’m interested in know why Helena is so ambitious (maybe she was like that since child, maybe she become that with the crown), I’m trully worried about Eleanor’s addictions and how her whole family act like that’s normal, and any of them try hard to get Eleanor out of that world.

Oh, and I don’t like the uncle at all. He’s a creep.

anonymous asked:

You seem like a nice guy. I mean you have your shit in your life but you're like fighting trough it, which makes me wonder, have you even been taken adventage of? Or did you like lose friends whom you thought were important but turned out not to be?

Been taken advantage of yes, ever lost friends which turned out to be worthless, no. Because all the friends who I lost helped me or made me laugh at that moment I was with them so.. NONE of my closest friend which I lost were worthless

Bachelor 🎓

Alhamdulillah tgl 27 maret kemaren gue akhirnya sidang dan berakhir dgn menjadi sarjana 👻👻👻
Masa-masa menjadi anak kuliahan sudah berakhir, namun masa yg berat emang untuk diakhiri, mengingat betapa banyak adventage yg didapat sebagai seorang mahasiswa,haaahaha.
Namun, 1 hal yang dirasa sehabis sidang dan sedikit euforia penyambutan sarjana itu, HAMPA.
Ntah kenapa,ga ada yang terasa maksimal bahkan dgn siapapun juga. Tapi alhamdulillah, hari yang dikira bakal sepi, ternyata jadi sangat ramai ☺ makasih buat kalian yang sudah repot-repot, hohoho.

So, we have to do some kind of powerpoint to promote our BTS and I suddenly said outloud “But what are the adventages?”

And nobody were able to answer me…