Husband material Steven Hyde like

  • Takes you to dances, even when he hates dancing
  • Also learns how to dance for you *cringes a little*
  • Comforts you even when crying people makes him uncomfortable
  • Will defend you from his friends, no matter what they may think
  • Better than you at cooking
  • Better than you at baking too
  • Knows more than you and your grandma about house chores
  • Also will repair stuff without you having to tell him to
  • Likes sleeping in comfy sheets and nice scent candles
  • Will dress up as you wish if you ask nicely
  • Hits the shit out of assholes who wants to take adventage of you, included assholes dressed as dogs
  • Takes you to tematic parks
  • Also will do basically anything you want if asked nicely
  • Supports your career more than he supports his own
  • Will put his comfort over yours any time
  • Gives you his favorite shirt because you are his chick
  • Happily takes you to things that interests him to spend the day with you
  • Also happily buys you food 
  • and knows how you like your food
  • Talks to you on the phone even when he doesn’t want to
  • Touchy af
  • Gives you secret cute nicknames
  • Likes being called cute nicknames
  • It’s probably the bomb in bed
Rough morning

Pairings: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,120
Warnings: NSFW, smut (oral sex + mentions of future smut), swearing
Summary:   Reader is having some troubles waking up and Negan offers his help.
A/N:  Okay. This is not only my first published smut ever, but also first smut in general. I decided to finally post it on my tumblr and I’m shamelessly taking adventage of Negan Smut Week to have an excuse for that. Still, I hope you will like it or at least find it bearable!

This is my last time posting a fanfiction on this blog, if you’re interested in my writing please follow my other account @lumifuer

Tagging: @negansmutweek @negans-network @superwholoki

“Good morning,doll” I heard a husky voice right by my ear. Negan hugged me from behind, locking me in a firm embrace. I felt a tingling sensation flowing trought my body as he did it. He gave me few more seconds to reply and once he realized there will be no answer he softly placed his hand on my neck and started to slowly move it down, caressing my skin. I moved a bit under his touch, but refused to open my eyes or give him any signs that I’m going to get up soon.  I wanted him to make me get up.

He moved even closer. I could feel his stubble scratching my jaw line as he nibbled my ear lobe.

“Troubles waking up?” he whispered, his tone sending thrills down my spine “Let me make it easier for ya.”

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Do you think if Toffee knows that Star is in love with Marco he would take some kind of "adventage" of that?

He already kinda did, even if it was just friendship at the time.

and it wouldn’t be the first time his plans involve love…

Not an advantage

(Apologizing in advance)

Why isn’t he eating anything?

Sherlock looked at the bowl of food in front of him. His expression confused.

Redbeard was lying like a shapeless pillow in the floor. Breathing softly. Whining a little in his throat. Refusing the food or water.

This was not new. This was going like for a month now. His constant companion, his partner in crime, the most lively dog in the world wasn’t so lively anymore.

And  Sherlock was so helpless.

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Do you have any hcs for JJ from Yoi?? I NEVER see anything for JJ and I know that he's not exactly the fandoms "favorite" character per say but he definitely has so much potential when it comes to tickles omg like he should be knocked down a few pegs by some tickles wouldn't you say? ;)

You are very right, Anon. JJ is not exactly my cup of tea, bUT Let’s be real he gets tickles quite a lot:

  • He’s not insanely ticklish, in fact, he’s ticklish just in a few places, BUT those places are literally the worse ever.
  • Knees and neck (plus ears) make him giggle like a child
  • WHILE lower back, sides and underarms make him how with laughter
  • His fiancée absolutely knows he’s ticklish and she looooves to take adventage of it
  • She likes to cuddle him from behind while they’re in bed and leave tiny kisses on the back of JJ’s neck and behind his ears. 
  • and it’s her favorite thing to do because JJ is scrunching up his shoulders and giggling hysterically and he’s that kind of person that can’t talk while giggling or laughing, so he’s like “sta-ahahaha, n-ahahaha!”, or smt like thAT
  • She blushes hearing that and I’m blusing just thinking it. 
  • Sometimes, tho, she likes to be a mean fiancée and sneaks her hands up under JJ’s arms when he’s too busy giggling his head off. When Isabella starts to wiggle her fingers, tho, JJ is lost in hysterical laughter
  • His laugh is really cute, let’s be honest. He laughs with his heart, Jesus. It’s a bit desperate, but is that kind of laugh that is very manly and that you really enjoy to hear. Like it’s really bubbly and cute and happy
  • because fuck it JJ enjoys to be tickled by Isabella 
  • HOWEVER, he doesn’t enjoy being tickled by other figure skaters or just being tickled in public because he’s the great JJ, he can’t be ticklish what are his fans going to think???!!!
  • They do know, tho (partly because Isabella is like his biggest fan and she sneaks a few facts about him in the JJ fandom), but also because (I headcanon) one time, when he was being too noisy, Victor pinched his side, he didn’t mean to tickle, but actually make it hurt, so Victor was too surprised when JJ flinched away with a squeky giggle, his cheeks turning bright red.
  • Victor was like “oh? ticklish?”, and that made JJ more flustered because Victor Frigging Nikiforov was laughing at him
  • All the skaters and fans saw the scene, however, so when JJ is being too noisy they sneak a few tickles here and there to shut him up 
  • JJ is a ruthless lER and very revengeful, he actually tried to poke Victor’s side, but Victor Nikiforov is too perfect and he’s not tickish (he hides it very good), so JJ was embarrassed when he didn’t get the reaction he was looking for
  • however, Isabella is pretty ticklish herself, so when she’s being a meanie and tickling the living hell out of JJ, he aaallwwwaayysss tickles her back. 
  • Her stomach is really senstitive, so he likes to attack that spot the most
  • JJ is a dork and blushes when he’s tickling Isabella
  • cuddles after tickling are important! 

I think that’s all i’ve got haha, i hope you like it aaaaannnnnooooonnnn! Thanks for askiiing!!


OK this took me years to know if i should post this but since Satori already posted his pic of Keaton cosplay i’ll post mine with my spark cosplay i told you about LONG TIME AGO also i’ll post this taking adventage that i’m not thinking clearly since is late at night so my future self gets mad at my past self and probably erase this post

Also i would love if you don’t reblog this, but comments and likes are always welcome!

TBH i had a lot of fun in that expo with my friends even if a was so nervous i don’t recommend you to cosplay a outgoing charater if you’re timid af (?), got to know Symmetra’s, Tracer’s and’s latinamerican voice actress and also MET A GUY COSPLAYING KEATON OMG I WAS FANGIRLING A LOT enough to forget my shyness and asked him for a photo and a hug (a really long hug) 

Fun fact, the wig didn’t covered my entire hair so i had to buy and use that pikachu hat

Fun fact 2: I’m planning to cosplay Alolan Red for the next expo… even if he is a total daddy and i’m just a straw


How I organize my documents on google drive (and additional little tips):

I decided to make this post because I got a peak into my friends’ google drive accounts which were horribly organized so maybe I can help someone organize their documents a little bit better with this post. So let’s get started.
(click on pictures to enlarge)

Before I start, I want to tell you some adventages of google drive:
I use many different devices and I wanna be able to have access to my documents no matter where I am. It also makes sharing documents with friends easier. Especially when someone couldn’t attend a lecture. If you dont have Word and you dislike Open Office, Google documents is a great alternative to those. It also makes making short notes really easy cause you can just write them and save them in the right folder immediately.
I do not use Google Drive for my university documents only. I also keep pictures and other notes and documents here, which makes organizing everything much more important. So here we go:

1.  As you can see in the first picture, I have some folders. The one that is important for this post is the one in the red circle: Uni. 

2.  In my uni folder, I keep 3 folders. One for each semester. That way I can easily look up topics that I already had the semester before (which happens quite often).

3.  I’m gonna show you the folder of my 2nd semester. As you can see, I created a folder for each course I have, as well as a folder for miscellaneous documents I need to print.

4.  So, let’s take a look into one of those folders. Quite a lot is going on here. I tried to colour code it so it is easier to see what’s going on in this picture. The most important folders are the ones that I highlighted in red. Every folder matches on lecture. To keep them in the right order, I save them as: month/day/year. In the blue one, I keep my summary of the course. The green folders contain material of the tutorial of this course. One of them is for the presentations, the other one is for my notes. 

5.  Phew! Almost done. All we gotta do now is look into one of the folders for one of my lectures. I keep it pretty simple here. My professors upload their presentations online. I save them in the folder P_“Topic”  so I know what the topic of that day was. The texts that we had to read for this lecture are saved in the folder T_“Topic”

And that’s it. Maybe this is a bit complicated but I figured that if I save my files this way, I have a great overview and it’s easier for me to find things.

Other tips:

You can colour code your folders:
Right click on the folder >>> change colour >>> choose a colour

(I don’t really like the look of this which is why I dont do this)

Install the app:
This way you can use google drive like dropbox

Attach google drive files to your emails

Edit pictures on google drive with  pixlr express:
if you download this browser extentions, you can edit your photos directly on google drive.

Ironically the fact that the creators of the show had to keep Korrasami relatively under the radar worked in its adventage. Korrasami wasn’t a sudden burst of emotions, instant blushing and sudden “I love you, I cannot live without you” declaration. It was a relationship that was built slowly over time, all these grand moments but also all these small ones - everyday interractions. First blooming friendship and then slowly, naturally moving into romance.

I’m so mad at Bellamy right now...

I just finished wayching the episode for the second time. And I’m SO mad… with him specially, ‘cause you know… even tho I hate Pike, I CAN understand why he thinks like that… and his people too.

They fell on Ice Nation territory, so it must have been a 100 times more brutal that it was for Clarke and the others. So no, Im not blaming Pike for thinking that way, but I DO blame him for taking adventage of Bellamy’s situation tho. 

Now Bellamy is another story, he hasn’t lived the same things that the farm station, he KNOWS that not all grounders are the same, he knows that Trikru and Azgeda are different, he has lived with Lincoln, he knows how his sister feels about them, he has dealt with Indra and her people, he knows that they have had peace with the Trikru for the last three months. He has lived this! experience this personally. So no… I don’t get Bellamy, 

And I’m so mad ‘cause he knows that what he is doing is WRONG! but he keeps doing it anyway. 

There! you can see that he knows that what he is doing is wrong and he is ashamed! he can barely look at Octavia! But then he starts chanting “Pike” and I am like “WHAT?!”

I thought that he woukd just give them the guns. But never follow Pike! ‘cause even after Mount Weather, he knows that it was Azgeda and NOT Trikru the ones to blame. 

He is betraying EVERYONE, he is betraying his friends, that trusted him to do what was best for them like Harper & Monroe. He is betraying HIS SISTER & Lincoln by attacking the grounders and INDRA. He is betraying the coalition by attacking the army that was send there to protect them. He is betraying Clarke, Kane & Abby that had trusted that he would keep their people safe…and you know WHY?! 

because HE.IS.SAD 

Originally posted by gif-007

He is going directly to a Finn kind of situation… He is going to massacre 300 Trikru warriors that were send there to protect them all.

They will go with their guns, and the grounders probably wont even get the chance to defend themselves.

I feel like the farm station & Bellamy should have the same kind of consecuences that Finn had. But I’m so conflicted! ‘cause I DONT want Bellamy to die. 

But I’m so not here for Bellamy to massacre 300 grounders and then regret it like he ALWAYS does. If this was a war, I would kind of get it… cause people die in war. BUT THIS WAS NOT THE SITUATION. THEY WHERE THERE TO PROTECT THEM AND THEY BETRAY THEM. 

I’m not forgiving Bellamy anytime soon… And I understand now why Octavia says “You are dead to me”. Did you all saw her walking between the corpses in the promo?! with the “you abandoned me” music ?!?!? did you?!