advent calendar meme

A fandom OTP

You see, I’m not a fandom person anymore (have not been since I dropped my other blog two years ago), this meme should tell you much. However, Mako and Raleigh will always have a place in my heart. I don’t even care about them romantically so this title is misleading. They are both my OTP and my BROTP, they are my Platonic Kisses TP, they are my Hold Hands TP. They can just stare at each other like they did under the rain when they met forever–it was perfection. Amen. OTP: we’re drift compatible.

                      day 2.  my recent character

mangle of course. i watched the let’s play by markiplier && found the new bonnie the coolest at first, but once mangle was introduced, something hit me. the story of this animatronic made me feel melancholic somewhat && i started to like her the first time i saw her. i went on to research a lot about her, the gender, what her function is, ect. && what reputation she has on tumblr. after figuring out she was the most popular && loved one right now, i went along && made a blog for her. first url idea was manglled or mxngled, but lucky me i got the coolest.

advent calendar meme


Names: Thor Odinson & Sif
Fandom: Marvel
RPG: earthsmightiestheroes-rp
Partner: jediisms

I really just wanted an excuse to put Libby into this meme because Libby is Libby, but Libby is also Thor. The Thor. The best Thor. She just is Thor. This relationship comprises of Sif keeping Thor in check where most others lack the courage/capability to stand up to him, Thor and Sif challenging one another, and ultimately Thor and Sif supporting each other. I know the meme prompt says OTP but seriously, I love Thor and Sif’s dynamic even without the bells and whistles, because they’re sort of one and the same. They have similar temperaments and interests and their relationship has a rock solid foundation since they grew up together. It’s just something that happens and develops so subconsciously and naturally. They are my baes. I adore them a lot and I love exploring their relationship with Libby. I’m very lucky to have a partner who’s so dedicated to Thor and Norse mythology in general. 


A D V E N T   C A L E N D A R   M E M E   ♛   D A Y   S E V E N   ♛   A   C H A R A C T E R/S   T H A T   L I V E   I N S I D E   M Y   H E A D

The Wolf Among Us is set in the year 1986, for years, many of the magical and mystical lands described in myth, legend, and folklore have been occupied by an enigmatic tyrant known only as the Adversary. To escape the Adversary’s marauding armies and totalitarian regime many creatures and characters known as “fables” fled to the mundane world and created an territory known as Fabletown in colonial America, now located in modern-day Manhattan. To mask their presence from the native humans (referred to as “mundies”) all non-human fables have to purchase an enchantment known as a “glamour” which allows them to appear human, if they can not afford or refuse to do this they will be relocated to a rural community known as “The Farm”. The reformed Big Bad Wolf, Bigby Wolf, is the sheriff of Fabletown and is responsible for hiding the community from the wider world and enforcing its laws.

I’ve always wanted to role-play characters based off and inspired by the plot of this computer game, specifically the concept of ‘glamours’ and fairytale/fable characters going rouge.

characters; sheriff bigby wolf previously known as the big bad wolf – andrew lincoln, snow white – emily didonato, beast – liam hemsworth, beauty – indiana evans, nerissa previously known as ariel from the little mermaid – kate mara, faith previously known as donkeyskin – young!angelina jolie, bloody mary – katie mcgrath, georgie porgie – ash stymest.


advent calendar rp meme; day fourteen (a ship that almost happened but didn’t)

it took me a while to decide on an almost ship, because most of my ships either happen or they don’t. but then i remembered jarolyn, and i decided that they count. so jarolyn it is. joel and carolyn were on supergleeks, one of the best group rps i’ve been a part of in a long time. as they name suggests, it was a superhero rp. carolyn was an adorable ray of sunshine with plant manipulation powers, and joel was… well, joel was basically doctor dolittle.

joel and carolyn are basically adorable, dorky bffs. they both have very similar views on how they want to use their powers for good, and while the two of them probably couldn’t get all that much done if they teamed up to save the world, bless them, they try. they’re both sweet and optimistic and want to see the very best in people, and joel is a huge loser with a huge crush on her. like seriously, he wore a flower crown that she made for him. what an heart-eyed idiot.

they had some tension-y moments where joel probably could have gone for it, but she had a boy and he didn’t want to get in the way of that, so he just sulked like a sad, pathetic loser and watched disney movies with her. they were really good friends, and really cute, and could’ve been good for each other, but alas. maybe in another life~

My oldest OTP

Wolfpup, for those who don’t know, is made up of Gabriel Sarti and Charles Derane. Like said above, it’s my oldest ship. It basically just started as a simple, cute little plot idea between Noir and I, back when this was just a mere curiosity. But it’s now much more, and I cherish them. Charles had never he’d feel so much for someone, and then this silly guy comes into his life and proves him wrong. He’ll never let go of him if he doesn’t have to.

And still going strong as fuck, if you ask me. I’ll never get tired of these two. They’re perfect and beautiful and nobody will ever be able to tell me otherwise. I love how much development they’ve gone through, and how there’s still a lot to do and it never feels boring. It helps that it’s so easy to fit them into any universe Noir and I want them to—and create a whole different story with them as the only fixed points. They complement each other well, and they’re always entertaining to just think about. They’re my sons. Writing them will always be a pleasure.

Advent Calendar Meme
Day Twenty-One: My rp kryptonite (aka the one thing you can throw at me that I’ll say yes to every time)

Fucking arranged marriage plots. I’m such a sucker for arranged marriage plots you don’t even know. You could pop in my inbox, offer a character I’ve never met to do that plot with one of mine or a new one and I’ll die with heart eyes. That’s how serious this is. Admittedly I have favorites in my existing characters for them (some of my babes are easier to play with than others with this one) but everyone is fair game when it comes to arranged marriage plots. 


advent calendar rp meme; day five (a male character of someone else’s)

what can i even say to express my love of marco de luca? are there words for it? i don’t think so. simply put, marco de luca is a pretentious asshole. he is the son of a mob boss, he does what he believes in no matter the consequences, he hates children, he’s an amazing cook, and he only cares about a handful of people. he cares way too much about designer fashion, he is incredibly damaged, and he is the occasionally loving husband of avery.

this was such a hard decision to make, because i have such a love for so many of the characters i roleplay opposite to, but i had to pick marco because he is so simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. when i start reading something that miranda’s written about marco, i never know whether i’m going to start laughing or crying, but it’s usually some combination of the two. his relationships with both avery and ophelia are so important to me. he is so important to me.

a male character of mine

There are characters I create that I’m fully serious about, that come to me a certain way and I have to depict them a certain way, that are nit-picky with themselves, and oftentimes riddled with inner turmoil–Caleb Jones Pelletier couldn’t be any more different from that; literally, he’s on the other end of the scale. And he’s a perfect and illustrative example of my general creation process: Completely Ridiculous Idea + Directly Proportional Amount of Enthusiasm About Said Ridiculous Idea = Profit. Challenge me to see how far I can go with the concept “A cabbie named Cubbie” and see how I’m already out the door. Really, it was ridiculous how quickly I got a grasp of him, probably partly thanks to hollowes, in what’d become a spree of development I’m still puzzled as to how it even started.

Cubbie is easily one of my happiest characters, despite what’d could’ve gone real dark real quick–his father’s sudden death and his mother’s neglect, which led to him being raised by her paternal grandmother, Chelsea. There he lived not only with her but several of his aunts and cousins, Frankie, Irene, Lena, Audrey, and Kelsey, on a small town on the outskirts of Chicago. He was the “man of the house” ever since he was brought, and he had as happy a childhood as possible. He later on met his now best friend, Carla, and he’s basically always been surrounded by people and loved it. 

He moved to the city thanks to sheer luck, in his opinion. Frankie helps him pay a small studio apartment that has like 0.5 furniture, and he got a job as a taxi driver and never meant to get into college, even if he had the brains for it, he didn’t have the drive or downright desire.

In the city, he meets TJ Daher one day the loud, shameless tiny dude hops on his cab and they become friends almost instantly. Then, the rest is basically history–he’s one of the pillars of the now quite large Chicago Group, along with TJ’s friend Lucy (and I’m not even gonna get on Cubbie and Lucy’s relationship). Why? Cubbie loves people. It’s what I enjoy about him. Cubbie loves people. Even the people who don’t like him much (like Lucy’s ex girlfriend! But then he got her to be at least somewhat fond of him so, he’s kinda pleased, :3). No matter what happens to him, he’ll still have faith in people. He’s completely incorruptible and easy to befriend. He never lets things or people get to him and this sweetness that characterizes him, and he makes a point for people to know it. And all in all, he’s anything but naive. You don’t get to become one of the designated drivers of the city’s secret supernatural creatures for anything. 

But, really, he’s just a cabbie.


Advent Calendar

Day 22 - A FC I’m dying to play

Have you looked at that beautiful face? I started liking Katie around the time I was making my first Tom Sawyer gifset. Because, of course, I was going through The Carrie Diaries to make Annasophia gifs… and then I happened across her. And bam. She was my first reason to watch HTGAWM and I’m really really really interested in playing her. Of course, I’ve got an OC with her face already that I haven’t played but, you know. Please.

my first character

After a bit of fiddling as to which character to use for this meme, I settled for the one character I first actively roleplayed with someone else. As you can see, there are no references as to what he looked like, because I spent five full minutes trying to settle on something concrete and I sucked at it. Back then, my approach to character creation was just “feel it and go with it”. I had an idea with a certain purpose and I pulled it through, so my characters were more centered around abstract concepts and personality than me bothering to define them. I’d probably tell you right now he looks like those depictions of angels with many eyes and several wings, and the next day he looks like whichever person I may be looking at at the moment. I often used color motifs, though, and his was red.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah–his name was Nithael, but he went by Nick on casual endeavors. He wasn’t an angel per se despite what I just said, but he wasn’t a child with unfortunate parents either. It’s one of the characters I remember most vividly, mainly for his taciturn personality. Part of a very personalized lore, Nithael’s only purpose in life was to maintain order among his fellow no-angels and humans whilst the leader took care of other activities, and he didn’t spend time looking for much else. He was this grumpy ass dude that rarely spoke unless approached first. Then, he met this one human that genuinely piqued his interest, and the pace shifted. He bonded with this guy who was about the purest individual he’d ever seen, and made a point to protect him. It didn’t get him to become any warmer, but it definitely made him more curious and eventually more open to other things beyond occult obligations.