advent caledar

Day 24

It was an energy unlike any either had ever experienced.  Excitement bounced and crackled around them as lightening would, loudly announcing the approaching storm. 

The tension of the last two years found a giddy release as their bodies moved close, the anticipation sending tremors of joy through their fingertips as they held onto each other.  A great fire swelling as the doors open.

They stood on a precipice, hearts pounding as they gazed at the unknown. It was beyond words: the moment when a soul mate is found, when desperation and need drive two people together, when the chaos of wondering is slayed by the calm peace of home.

It was thrilling.

It was overwhelming.

It was a paradox of danger and safety, of perfect tranquility and uproar, of naivete and wisdom.

They closed their eyes. Their lips met.

And they jumped.

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