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Things that are canon because of the Final Fantasy 7 Extended Universe
  • A best-selling epic based on the My Bloody Valentine album Loveless
  • Cloud hoarded all of the master materia after the first game
  • Reeve still uses Cait Sith years after his cover is blown
  • Cait Sith talks in a Scottish accent but Reeve doesn’t (???)
  • Everyone with a voice actor goes out of their way to never say Aerith’s name because it’s apparently still up in the air how her name is spelled?
  • It’s entirely possible that Vincent actually was coming to Midgar just to buy a phone and decided to help fight Bahamut just because
  • The entire party has enough upper body strength to each throw Cloud 80 feet into the air
  • Rude keeps at least two pairs of sunglasses on him no matter where he is or what time of day
  • The Turks are all probably immortal?
  • Literally everyone is apparently good enough for SOLDIER except for Cloud
  • Zack was reincarnated as a wolf, but also he’s still a man ghost sometimes
  • Aerith wrote 90 letters to her boyfriend without any response for four years and never assumed something went wrong until his parents said he was probably dead
  • Japanese pop idol Gackt is a Sephiroth clone and also possibly immortal?
  • Every time Sephiroth is reincarnated his sword gets two feet longer
  • Sometimes Hojo is Sephiroth’s father but sometimes it might be Vincent? And we never get a clear definite answer one way or the other??

feel free to add on or correct me because I’m sure there’s a lot I’m missing