Somewhere out there, there’s this tree with star-shaped fruit. And the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry good luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart. You will always find your way back to each other. An unbreakable connection.“ - Aqua, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

I saw these keychains being sold at a shop, and being the silly person that I am, I decided to buy them with the intention of giving them to people I consider precious friends.

For now, I have given one to Cheska. The plan is that I would be shipping these things to people overseas, but I will still have to check how much the said shipping would cost, or if customs will allow me to just put this in a normal letter envelope and pay the usual postage fee.

For now, it’s just a project I have in mind, I guess. I dub thee, Project Wayfinder.

…I suck at coming up with titles, ne?

I’m so sorry guys–it’s my face again on your dashes.

Ehh… what should I say? Next on my cosplay list is none other than Jade Motherfucking Curtiss, and I’m gathering materials and such in preparation for it. My cosplay partner-in-crime, adven277, will be going as Yuri during whatever con we decide to show our stuff. Lmao.

I’m very much tempted to don my red contacts, but I guess that would have to wait until I manage to have the costume made. Or maybe I could just don a bathrobe to end all my costume troubles.

It’s not often I post pictures of myself, and I’m not sure if Minako and Minato are going to kill me for posting this, BUT I REGRET NOTHING.

From left to right: Minako-mun (crimsonxheadphones), Minato-mun (apathystation), Aki-mun (goldenboysanada).

My other picture of Minato and Minako ended up corrupted. :c I’m really sad, as I was planning to caption that photo properly. DAMN IT CAMERA! /tableflip