advantages of a loner

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High school AU with rebellious goth Lena and sporty Kara (Her idea of a gentle run is supersonic, she has an advantage). Lena's a loner, eating by herself at lunch. Kara's sunny enough that she automatically tries to make friends with Lena and sits by her and "Hi, i'm Kara!" Lena tiredly looks up, and is about to introduce herself when she sees Kara's arms and just "Hi, I'm gay." and awkwardly pauses. Kara's new to Earth and just assumes it's her name for a couple of weeks.

ajfdgjhadsfdhjs  omg Kara thinking Lena’s name is gay is so funny (and totally possible) <3


w i t c h e s :  seers

while basic magic is harder for seers to master, visions come as easy as breathing. eery in their clarity, many witches succumb to the madness of their visions, unable to find their way back to reality. those who flourish with their powers, often turn to the cards to find their life’s path and can be found working as fortune tellers, taking advantage of their powers to further their oppurtunities. considered the loners of the magic world, seers are quiet and usually shy, though they take a certain pleasure in fooling with the lives of mortals, however they can.