Feminine Power

Aries Feminine Power:  Fiery soul, out to conquer, savage eyes, as strong as an Amazonian.

Taurus Feminine Power: Enduring and will go farther than anyone else, emotionally strong, practical, makes their world safe.

Gemini Feminine Power: Persuasion and intelligence is their weapon, their independence gives them power, they can sell anything to anyone.

Cancer Feminine Power: Is tough, a master at defense/protection, you might win the battle but they’ll win the war, they’re compassionate.

Leo Feminine Power: 100% confident, stands up for what they believe in, is brave, is fierce, dreams big and lives big. 

Virgo Feminine Power: Gets the work done, is a hustler, strong in adversity, won’t settle, is caring, and is diligent. 

Libra Feminine Power: Has good judgment, is level-headed, is a true mediator, has that charm down, and adapts when others crumble. 

Scorpio Feminine Power: Is fire, smoke, and poison, they’re protective, will move mountains, and transforms in the most hardcore ways. 

Sagittarius Feminine Power: Is wild fire, you can’t stop their ideas. Filled with life, is optimistic, will take on the world, will slip thru your fingers. 

Capricorn Feminine Power: Filled with ambition, wields power and dominance, good with money, makes connections easily. 

Aquarius Feminine Power: Stands on their own, brings knowledge to others, is inventive, communication and intellect rule their world. 

Pisces Feminine Power: Intuition is other worldly, is a survivor, will hit you where it hurts, and never stops moving or changing.