So the first is a step by step of a picture I did a while back of an OC Niki. Sketch, Inked, Coloured (this was done with some very cheap and random branded markers) and the second picture shows the improvement that I’ve made with art, as little as it is. 

That literally is the very first picture I had ever drawn of her on the left. 


UWAAAAAH. This is all art that I have done on the ship I will try to do short descripts as possible.

1. This is a Shaefu, a pet from a website called Rescreatu. This was a commission I did for someone and honestly has to be some of the best work that I’ve put out.

2. This is an Iluvu, another pet from Rescreatu and honestly another piece that I consider some of the best that I have done. Another commission as well. 

3. This is my new pokemon trainer OC, her name is Iryah aka Rye and she was a construction workers daughter who is passionate about woodworking and scared to get her first pokemon seeing as she is 16 and behind the curve.

4. This is a robot pet from Rescreatu that I cannot remember the name of so sorry but it belonged to a Doctor Who lover named TARDIS and it’s nickname was Exterminate. So I drew it with the 4th Doctor’s scarf as a little gifty thing.

5. A small commission that I did of Pancham, was just supposed to be plain lines but I thought it was so sad as just lines so I coloured it > >

6. Yet another pet from Rescreatu hahah an Aerix this time, kinda griffin birdy based. I really love the ink work I did with this one. I will eventually get around to colouring it I think. But for now I am pleased pink with the inking.

7. Lastly we got Delphox (sp?) the new fire starter’s final evo of Gen 6 of which I have to say I honestly know nothing about X/Y so seriously don’t sue me if this isnt acurate I did my best with what little resources I had OTL

SO. There you go! Art that Ive done over pretty much the past month. Hope you liked it and I can safely say that holy carp damn I have at least improved since the last time I drew a ton of stuff. Maybe. I think. YEHA IMPROVEMENT WHOOOOOOOO GO ART.