advancing raviolis

So, today I learned I have been mispronouncing Jean all this time: it’s supposed to be pronounced all French-like and I’ve been saying it like jeans pants.

Don’t care, I’ll keep mispronouncing it forever.

Notice how both Jean and Levi are one S away from becoming pants - I think now more than ever that there’s some kind of pant related-conspiracy going on in Shingeki.

background music for your pleasure????

Today a friend and I were talking and we were like “What if the recruit jackets were actually patchless, and when people finally got into a division they had to sew their patches on the jackets as a rite of passage?” “I bet Jean would sew his all wrong and ugly.”

So yeah, there’s that.

And then Marco would move in to help and do it perfectly.

Actually, Marco is super good at sewing and fixes everyone’s clothes whenever they get torn.

Thing is, he always adds stuff like flowers or bears or whatever.

Reiner secretly still has a cat sewn on his butt from that one pants-accident he had during training.