advancement through technology

AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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Humans Are Actually Alteans

NOW HERE ME OUT. This is just something I’ve been thinking about since all Alteans can’t just be gone and it makes me too sad to think that Allura and Coran are the last ones.

So what I was thinking with how humans can be Alteans actually relates back to how the Blue Lion was created. In Voltron Force there was this arc explaining that five planets brought together resources to create the Voltron Lions, I don’t remember that arc very well but it made me think

“What is the Blue Lion was built on earth?”

Again hear me out, a loooooong time ago even more 10,000 years ago Earth was having an ice age people. It makes sense that the Blue Lion, Guardian Spirit of Water was built on a planet covered more or less 70% in water and ice. My money is that the Blue Lion was built underwater to be kept safe, along with the researchers, in an underwater city sounds familiar huh?

If that’s the case, maybe a couple hundred scientists, researchers, explorers, etc may have called Atlantis and Earth their home for a time but the planet was not very suitable for a mass population to live on which may factor in to why Earth has been left untouched by the rest of the universe. Anyway, moving forward it’d also be interesting if a few other species like the Merfolk and perhaps even other species humans could consider myths now were actually other alien species that remained on earth  

Now, why did they remain on earth? For this the first thing that came to mind was Ilos from Mass Effect. That when Zarkon and the Galra empire rose to take over the empire, the planets the Lions were built on were cut off from the rest of the universe to prevent Zarkon from conquering them and learning the secrets of the Lions

And like Ilos, the Altean research team could have put themselves in cryo perhaps to wait things out or for the Voltron Force to arrive, other species like the merfolk and even other Alteans could have lived and maintained the city along with others and they could have become keepers to the city and the Alteans but it couldn’t have lasted forever right? It would take a lot of resources they’d eventually have to journey to the surface when the ice began to melt

Some Alteans and other species that had lived on Atlantis chose to live on the surface, perhaps alongside the small human population that survived the Ice Age. The Alteans took their features to blend in and accepted their new home and the species. Only a handful remained in Atlantis, some Alteans, mostly merfolk since a few pods were left active, perhaps the Alteans with the most knowledge of their culture and Voltron.

Then, when the species began to intermingle. Humans and Alteans began to evolve into a new form of Alteans that lost their mystical abilities like manipulating quintessence from lack of exposure to its raw form or maybe even losing the art from it not being caught. It happens over long periods of time, these Humans/Alteans lose their long life spans and the Altean culture. They eventually lose the points of their ears and the markings on their bodies but evolve to adapt and survive in harsh environments so that’s how humans got their current appearance. Because really, they are the ONLY species we’ve seen that resemble Alteans, literally the only different appearance wise are the ears and face marks. 

Also I’m thinking around modern times human’s lifespans may have grown again to around 100-150 years but not nearly as long as the original Alteans (again, a Mass Effect reference, shh)

I’m not saying these human/Alteans lost everything about them that makes them Altean, but many of the information and culture was lost when Earth had to cut its ties completely to keep hidden from the Druids and Zarkon’s rise to power. There may even be some Alteans descendants that still remember the stories of their people and their abilities, some may even still have such abilities and watch over Earth

These Human/Alteans that still remember tend to retain their long lifespans and have been watching over the planet and protecting it, maybe they’re an order of sorts for them? They may have also helped humanity evolve faster through technological advances

Perhaps there are members among the Galaxy Garrison?

Now I’m going into more headcanon territory now but imagine if Sam Holt was one of these Altean/Humans? Or maybe he may even have been one of the scientists in the cryo pods who was one of the original scientists to work on the Blue Lion? Or maybe he was just a descendant that remembered  

Just, I’m not letting go of all that foreshadowing he said to Katie during the last family dinner that she will be a part of her own team and do something extraordinary. If he helped built Voltron who’s to say he can’t notice a potential pilot? Also, back to Sam being Altean, he’d jump at the chance to be on a mission to travel out to Kerberos, the furthest humanity has gotten out to space he’d give anything to go out there and see the universe again because how much do these Alteans really know about how damaged the universe has become?

And everything is great! That is, until Sam and the Kerberos crew are captured and his hopes are shattered by the state of the universe and what Zarkon has done to it annnndddd that’s all I got 

Well, besides an idea that Zarkon could potentially be rounding up any species/people that have Altean blood in them because they could still be a threat to him and perhaps he has a prison for them? Has them experimented on? Maybe even turns them into whatever Haggar is. After the Haggar is Altean reveal there must be more Alteans out there, I just like to think they’re a little closer to home haha see what I did there 

ANYWAY If anyone wants to expand on this idea go for it, and please tell me about it, also I just really wanted to find a way for the Altean race to keep living on even if it’s in a different form, this may even apply to other Alteans around the universe, they’re still alive just in different forms and shapes to survive

And to end on a happier note anyone who wanted a valid reason for Altean Lance YOU’RE WELCOME

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The Butterfly Effect

Okay strap yourselves in, ladies and gentlemen. I have a crazy AU for you:

Let us imagine, for the sake of argument, that the Roman Empire successfully resisted the external forces (invading barbarians) which were the proximate cause of its collapse. This would have consequences outside of the Roman Empire just as much as within it.

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franzferdinand2  asked:

Alright, another pitch. Let's say it's 1992 and DC is letting you decide how the Death of Superman is going to go. Assume that you're allowed to write whatever you want, and also have full editorial control if you want multiple books about it. How do you do it and how do you bring him back (after how long)?

Hoo, okay. My personal favorite take on Death of Superman is in the JLU cartoon, in the two-parter “Hereafter.” Barring just straight redoing that, and bearing in mind that I haven’t reread it in twenty years, here is roughly what I would do.

We establish up front the big missed opportunity, that Lex always carries on about how he could be a hero so much better than Superman if only Superman weren’t around, and how Superman actually believes that this is possible - that Luthor could be a far more inspirational figure than Superman, and effect far more lasting change through technological advancement, if only Luthor was able to overcome his demons (jealously, greed, pride.)

These two factors come to a head when Doomsday shows up. Now, Doomsday is kind of a boring villain, and thankfully with the recent DOOMED crossover they’ve started to shift him away from a big bruiser to something that plays more to him adapting to every fight, like the Borg. I’d introduce this a bit earlier. Superman throws Doomsday into space? Doomsday sprouts wings halfway there and flies back. Doomsday evolves fireproof chitin, warding off heat vision. The fight shifts back and forth and back and forth. Cleverness is failing Superman. So is inspiring others to act, because anyone who threatens Doomsday to try and protect Superman winds up being badly hurt if not killed, forcing Superman to order everyone to let him handle it on his own.

Doomsday, in other words, wins because the Superman storytelling victory paradigm finally fails Superman.

Superman manages to get Doomsday on the ropes long enough for Luthor to vaporize it with a death ray. Superman bids Lois a farewell and he passes on.

At this point, the line is split in half, with the various Superman replacements coming into play - but with Luthor counted amongst them, replacing Cyborg Superman and the Eradicator (which are both yet another not quite Superman that we frankly do not need.) Superman’s last will and testament (which is a whole thing of its own, reverberating through the DC line for a month or two, because of course Superman remembered to put everyone in his will) included a personal letter to Lex Luthor asking him to be a better man, and Luthor actually tries to be so, and there is a small kernel of his success, him helping to coordinate the other heroes of Metropolis and working on his miracle cure for several types of cancer (currently tends to kill the patient unless you’re superhuman, but he’s sworn to fix that.)

Meanwhile, we learn up front that Superman is NOT dead, costing DC millions of dollars in spectator money but hopefully forestalling the spectator bubble bursting and essentially wrecking the direct market. Honestly, it’s better if we get this out of the way up front rather than lie to readers for months on end, right? Didn’t we all prefer how they handled Dick Grayson as Batman, him thinking Bruce was dead but us knowing Bruce Wayne was still alive?

Instead, he was rescued by the Legion of Super-Heroes, who used 31st century medicine to revitalize him. However, the medicine requires him to stay in the 30th century, because his body is riddled with Doomsday’s micro-organism attackers, which require an up-to-the-minute nano-bot army in his system to adapt to Doomsday faster than it, in turn, can adapt to it. These nanites need to be hooked into the computational power of the 30th century’s quantum computer wireless network. Without them, Superman will die within an hour.

“I don’t accept that,” he tells Brainiac Five. “There’s got to be some other way.” But for a while, we get Superman adventuring in the 30th century, establishing or re-establishing some ties, and hinting at what happened after history said he was “killed.”

(Side note: perhaps it’s possible to restore Superboy’s place in Legion history at the same time, by having the medicine also regress Superman physically to a teenager, and have the act of refusing to let him die be the first action of the someday-legendary Legion of Super-Heroes. But I digress…)

In the present, Lois and Jimmy uncover startling evidence that suggests that Luthor lured Doomsday to Metropolis, planning to let it kill Superman and then killing it himself. Lois is forced to choose between a possible greater good and her duty to the truth. Obviously, because she’s Lois Lane, she chooses the truth. When the allegations break, there is a split down the middle of the freshly formed Team Metropolis, with Steel and Supergirl firmly on Lois Lane’s side and the younger, more uncertain Superboy on Luthor’s. Luthor, being Luthor, views Steel and Supergirl standing on a matter of principle as a personal betrayal, and that’s when he starts to backslide.

Luthor winds up activating one of his many contingency plans to eliminate Supergirl and Steel, causing brutal infighting amongst Superman’s allies at the worst possible time, because now Doomsday has returned and there may be no stopping it.

… and when Superman learns that this is the day that Metropolis was destroyed utterly with no survivors, vaporized by Luthor’s black hole bomb in a desperate attempt to stop Doomsday, He refuses to stay in the future one second longer. He insists on going back, and after having fought half the Legion to a standstill, the other half figures out that they just can’t talk him out of it.

Superman returns. He has one hour to stop Luthor’s black hole bomb, figure out a way to stop an even more dangerous Doomsday, and if he’s got time, save his own life.

Luthor, facing the realization that he didn’t kill Doomsday after all - that he made a mistake, which is the one thing Luthor cannot fathom himself doing - suffers a nervous breakdown and is barely any help. So while Superman, Supergirl, Superboy and Steel keep a rapidly mutating Doomsday under control, Lois and Jimmy have to sneak into LexCorp’s heavily guarded defense systems and disarm a black hole bomb (easy, right?) Once again, powers and intelligence play their part, but it is Superman’s ability to find, and bring out, the best in others that wins the day, when he manages to convince Luthor to join the fight. Luthor loads up his panacea, focusing its healing power to a few narrow meters, and fires it directly at Superman and Doomsday, stopping Doomsday once and for all - and incidentally, neutralizing the infection killing Superman.

Luthor swears that it wasn’t intentional. That he thought only Doomsday would perish. And Luthor will always have the nagging doubt that deep down he knew it would save Superman’s life - that deep down, Luthor wanted to save Superman’s life. Luthor’s glimpsed the best in himself and is so terrified of it that he will lash out, with even less mercy than ever, at anyone who reminds him of it.

And Superman, having seen that side in Luthor, will fight ever harder to bring it back out.

And the Legion realizes that all of them have forgotten the day that Superman was supposed to die, but that’s impossible. There’s no way that Superman could have forestalled destiny and time itself yet left everyone almost exactly as they were. No one can change the course of the mighty river of history, they say.

But of course, they’re wrong.

Superman can.

anonymous asked:

Spock beaming down to a planet that expects him to bring his partner for reasons necessary for negotiations. Jim just stands up grinning in a my time has come sort of way as he goes to get matching customised wedding bands

An uncomfortable silence loomed in the captain’s quarters as Jim stared at the blank terminal screen. It persisted for what felt like an eternity while he pondered with pursed lips the additional orders that had just been issued to him from Admiral Komack. Finally, his eyes raised to Spock standing on the other side of his desk, and he got to his feet. He turned off the monitor and then his hands lifted to dock at his hips, just beneath the gold tunic.

Jim leaned his head back, peering at Spock. “Why?” His brows pulled inward, openly expressing his curiosity. “Why does Starfleet insist on complicating this process? I understand this is the way of Bynaus, but to impose that on Federation delegates…”

Spock was standing stiffly with his hands clasped behind his back. Once Jim trailed off, he stepped in. “The Bynars are said to live in pairs from the moment they are born. It appears they are never separated. Perhaps being approached by many will have adverse effects on our diplomatic efforts.”

Jim hummed, letting his eyes wander to the floor in thought for a moment. “Yes, I remember the intelligence report, Mister Spock.” He hadn’t uttered that in annoyance; rather, Jim was more pensive than anything. Their gazes met again. “So, Command believes they would be more receptive to only two of us arriving for the negotiations, instead of our usual team of five. Two on two, then.”

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Black Manhood

What exactly does black manhood mean? What is it? Why is it defined it such stark terms, and are we seeing a change in modern consciousness about it? The Marvel Universe, Star Wars, and (soon) DC Cinematic Universe has, arguably the four most high profile black male protagonists to date (I’ve left out Falcon, War Machine, Lando, and others due to the fact that those men were not leads/co-leads in their respective franchises).

Each man is black, but each one defines his own manhood in such differences, and multitudes.

There’s Finn, from Star Wars, who, through his own agency, freed himself from the First Order, rescued the pilot Poe Dameron, made friends with Rey,  and started on a journey of heroism.

Luke Cage, a man with impenetrable skin who does his best to stay under the radar, and is forced to be a hero for the betterment of himself and his community.

T'challa, the king of a great African nation, untouched by Colonialism, who lost his father and must now take on a grand responsibility of leading his nation towards its future.

and Victor Stone/Cyborg who was involved in a terrible accident, saved by his father Silas Stone through advanced technology, and now questions his own humanity while struggling to protect the people he cares about.

Each man is allowed to express his own individual self, in all of its forms and shades. In Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is allowed to mourn the death of his wife Reva, to feel conflicted about Jessica’s part in the incident, and in Luke Cage, those same shades of humanity will be pushed further.

Finn, is allowed his own self-interests. He is allowed space to care for his own needs (a need to escape the First Order and secure his own safety). He is allowed to space to mourn the death of his comrade. He is allowed the space to feel joy that Poe Dameron is alive.

T'challa is an interesting case, because he must operate with the mentality of a leader. In Civil War T'challa isn’t just hunting the people who killed his father, he is insuring that the people responsible for the death of Wakanda’s king are put to justice. He must serve his people, as well as his own heart.

Victor Stone is a little harder to pin down (mostly because Justice League hasn’t premiered as of t he time of this writing) however through the Cyborg comic books, and Justice League animated films, I assume there may be some crossover between the character’s protrayal in the different media forms. Victor is, essentially, a man who is out to reconnect with his own humanity. He is looking for shadows of the person he used to be, and trying to hold on to what small piece of humanity he has left.

Now, aside from the super hero /sci fi elements of the franchises these men are in, personality wise they have very little in common. Finn is charming, and inexperienced, yet willing to fight back. Luke Cage is reluctant, T'challa is calculating and passionate, and Victor is reflective.

And why is this so significant? Because this black manhood is being showcased as different, and personable. Strange, yet normal. And this is important for the betterment of both the black and the nonblack community. Humanity exists within shades, all people (regardless of race or gender) contain multiplicity. Being both black and gay is almost seen as an oxymoron. So growing up as a black man learning about his sexuality was difficult. Now, my parents were always tolerant of who I was (as a kid I loved Disney princess films, and dolls) but going out into the world as a black man, people always have a preconceived notion of who you are. And that notion is ALWAYS present, regardless if you are gay, a nerd, or anything else. We’re not expected to embrace our multiplicity as black men, so we turn away from it, and embrace a more narrow view of who we’re supposed to be.

When black men turn away from that multiplicity we, in effect, define ourselves in stark terms that human beings were never meant to be placed in.  Black men are various, and it is being reflected at a critical time (now specifically during an era of Black Lives Matter, where blackness and all that it encompasses is examined, reaffirmed, and celebrated.)

I’m happy that we’re getting media that allows black men to be human beings, and express ourselves in different emotional ways, free from strict ideologies. It’s so important to be accept who we are. We’re humans.    


In the interests of clarity and for anyone who gives a monkey’s, here’s where I’m at.

Like so many people, I’m worried about the effects on our civilisation of what appears to be an increasing emergence of forces and instincts across Europe and the West with anti-democratic, deeply authoritarian and worryingly demagogic elements.
Whether they come from the left or the right of the political spectrum.
Whether they were part of voting For or Against Brexit.
For or Against Trump.
Or any other of the votes or referendums that are going on.

Any attempt to exploit and stir up the very real worries and fears of people who feel they have been ignored for too long must be regarded with caution.
Too many times in the past that particular tactic has been used to benefit the people doing the stirring and not those they say they want to help. People who see huge amounts of wealth being piled up by those reaping the rewards of business de-regulation and global trade deals but whose own lives and communities are seeing none of it.
They just see more public services being cut, more money being taken away from their local authorities, less opportunity for a secure job, fewer prospects for themselves and their children.
Some communities have lost their own industry and sources of employment as a direct result of other countries benefiting where labor is cheaper and workers are more easily exploited. Or through advances in technology and a skills market that they have become shut out of, with nothing to take its place.
Those communities are justifiably very angry.

How people feel about this has become mixed with a mistrust of the very people and institutions that they’re supposed to be able to rely on - their politicians, the political system itself, the media, the financial sector, the list goes on and on.
A fear that those very institutions have been hollowed out from the inside by people out for all they can get at the expense of everyone else.
A fear that those institutions of democracy have become just a shiny surface with very little of substance left within.
Many good people, of real intregity and with a genuine desire to do something about it are out there working hard to address that mix.
At the same time, it is a mixture ripe for exploitation by people who have no intention of improving those institutions or re-energising the principles of democracy they should represent. They just see an opportunity to further their own self-interested agendas dressed up as a concern for ‘ordinary, hard-working people.’

The shift of the whole political establishment towards the so-called 'centre’ in the 90’s and early 2000’s appears to have created a disconnect in the traditional relationships between various political parties and the people they have always been relied on to represent.
The policies that were pursued then, whether intentionally or not, have been part of encouraging, on the one hand, massive inequality and systemic insecurity domestically and, on the other, a terrifying uncertainty and destabilization internationally.
Subsequently, with no meaningful answers to any of it being offered up by the political establishment, we’re witnessing a move towards populism.

There are no real answers in populism. Just attempts to exploit strong feelings.
Push back against populism and it’s empty rhetoric collapses. Which is why it tries to shut down rational discussion and thoughtful debate. It has to preserve its allure and power by remaining unquestioned and uninvestigated.
So it is that populism can open the door to the threat of demagoguery and all its attendant attacks on the things that any civilized democracy needs to survive - a political system that truly represents the will of the people not just certain sections of it, a fair and balanced press, free and fair elections, an adherence to the rule of law, the existence of an effective opposition, the right of people to demonstrate and organise, and everything else we value for a truly democratic society.
Of course, the important thing to realize, and the thing that the western establishment is now having to come to terms with, is that it is the apparent weakness and corruption that has been allowed to grow in those very things that creates the opportunity for populism and demagoguery to thrive in the first place.

This is how civilisations can break down, how empires can end.

Unless alternatives are brought into existence that not only address the real concerns that people have but also put forward real, meaningful and workable solutions then eventually change is forced to work through whatever options are available. No matter how imperfect.
Or potentially dangerous.
So, at this moment, if we are unhappy with the options before us, the most urgent need must be creating those new alternatives. And accepting that, while populism continues to rise, whatever already exists to oppose it is not working and must change. Either transform or be left behind completely.
Alternatives that encourage an economy that rewards responsibility and innovation as well as wealth creation.
That allows that wealth to be shared more equally.
That supports communities in having more control over their own needs.
That allows people to feel secure enough in their identity and the values of their community to be open to other ways of seeing the world.
That allows everyone to have the opportunity for a good education, a solid job, a comfortable home.

These are not easy things to bring about, obviously.
If they were we’d already have them.

So where do you start?


Actions speak louder than words and eventually you have to put your money where your mouth is.
If you care you have to at least try. Even if you fail. You have to try.
You start from knowing what you don’t know and how ridiculous you seem and how unprepared you are.
But you start.
And you listen and try to hear.
And go where it takes you.
Try and leave behind left and right and see if you can contribute to solving actual problems that people are having.
Stick to your values.
Stand up for fairness.
For justice.
For kindness.
Stand up to their enemies.
Try not to do more harm than good.
Not give a shit what people call you or accuse you of.
Unless there’s truth in it.
Then have the courage to learn from it.
Be merciless about your own ego.
Know that sometimes you can be what most gets in your own way.
And just keep going until you’re not helping anymore.
If you ever did.
But at least you’ll know you tried.
You have to start somewhere.

And you have to start.

In the civilizations I have created there arise times when the ability to view the breadth of actions across the globe is reached through advancements in technology. At once a common perspective becomes possible. It is only when consideration and compassion reach the scope of the viewing technology can the full form of this achievement can be realized. Before that phase the direction of the view is narrow and the stories told are isolated to small circles. But once the comprehension is set to an encompassing scale a planetary awareness is embraced.


the gems are literally a kind of planet parasite (either that’s how they are naturally or they engineered it through advanced technology). it all comes together. parasites invade host cells and take over the cell’s control center to make copies of itself, and then spread throughout the cell until it’s overwhelmed by viruses and explodes (literally) and is launched unto other cells, the processes repeating and creating more and more viruses and destroying cells.  imagining this on a macro scale with planets as cells and the gems as viruses works so DAMN WELL! 

the gems even come from the “earth,” made of the same basic materials, just with a different makeup and less complexity than the whole planet (just like a virus versus a cell). 


the gems are also functionally immortal, and lack many of the basic qualities of life, but can still be argued to be “alive.” they just don’t need energy; from sleep or food or respiration or otherwise. they can, however, be destroyed if damaged. right now, we also have no evidence that gems themselves can get sick. 

the gems cannot reproduce without a host. This rule is broken by Rose in a sense; but under normal conditions, gems cannot reproduce asexually or sexually- they only reproduce via a host planet. Even Rose could only reproduce with an “alien” species for whom sexual reproduction was possible (not another gem) and gave up her own existence to do so.

gems can go into a dormant state. viruses are kind of always in a “dormant” state, but the ability to go dormant in the face of danger or the lack of something productive to do is a very parasitic quality. 

gems can mutate. it seems that mutation is what causes a humanoid gem to turn into a monster. mutation is a very important quality of viruses, however in a literal sense viruses only mutate into new forms when they mix up their dna during “reproduction.”

Anyway that episode was great, even without many episodes the lore for steven universe is already so rich and lovingly crafted