thats right kids i’m doing one of these lmao (i am a Master of graphic design)

hello everyone it’s alice and i hit my first follower goal so here’s my first follow forever lmao ! i remade nearly 2 months ago and now i have all of u beautiful mutuals and i just wanted u to know that i Love and appreciate u all… i sound very soft and honestly i am but enough of me ily all keep up the good work etc etc 💌❤️🌹💫

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- Gabriel Amarne, Queen of Stormholt’s Bodyguard from “The Crown & the Flame” -

(I may post my next pixel fan arts slower due to my internship, which just started from today. Being a design engineer intern uses most of my energy and weekdays time. Sorry in advance if I keep someone waiting! ;w; )

please pray for my mom who has a dangerous medical examination on thursday. they’re going to put her to sleep before they start and there’s always a possibility that she won’t wake up afterwards. she has uterine fibroids and they want to check if she has cancer. so please, pray for 1) her waking up after the examination and 2) her being healed. thank you.

You know what is cute?
- Double chins
- Belly rolls
- Back rolls
- Arm flab
- Leg flab
- Big cheeks

You know what isn’t cute?
- Fatphobia
- Body shaming
- Being shitty to people for the way they look

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