Grammar: More Than What I Thought

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“It’s spicier than what I thought.”

I learned this expression when I went to a hamburger restaurant with my study group. As soon as T ate a chili pepper, he cringed. He said, “思ったより辛い.” I think it’s an interesting expression. I’m gonna try to use it more often.

Here are some examples by my friend TERU on Lang-8.

It is easier than I thought.

It is not as bad as even I thought. 

We got here earlier than I thought.

He come home earlier than I had expected.

That was easier than I had thought.

There weren’t as many people there as I’d thought. 

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Triggers: Abusive partner

Requested by Anonymous

You never actually thought he was abusive. He had a temper, sure, and every once in a while he got physical, but everyone gets mad sometimes. And you even thought you deserved it sometimes.

You were very skilled in the art of makeup, and you had quickly learned how to cover up the cuts and bruises he gave you. The team never even noticed. That is, until one day, when Parker was accidentally hit in the face and got a huge bruise on her forehead. She thought it was cool, but the team needed her to grift, without the bruise.

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[Fic] A new bed

My dearest El (aka @imjustahobbit), here’s your bday fic! I hope you’re having a lovely, lovely day my dear – and, as requested, here is something about putting together a new home with our two favourite dwarves. Set in Ered Luin after they have decided to stay and build more permanent houses.

 Dworin ahoy!

“You sure about the bed?” Dwalin was standing in the middle of the room, arms crossed over his chest.

“Of course I am. Something you don’t like about it?” Thorin frowned as he threw a gaze at his friend. Dwalin shrugged and stepped over until he stood right by his side and they were both looking at the bed in front of them.

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me trying to romance Jaehee after doing Zen’s route.

This gif is an awesome illustration of how astronomy has advanced over the last 85 years. NASA assembled a 17-frame chronological sequence of observations of Pluto, starting with its discovery by American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 while working at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ and ending with the zoomed-in, close-up view courtesy of the New Horizons probe received on July 15, 2015.

Click here for a complete description of each image.

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MS C 8 | Firn & Fire

The Raw and the digital. As we progress into the future, more and more we get instances of stark contrast between the almost brutal minimalism of new design and the raw untouched “design” of the natural world. Its the combination of these two elements that I really like the aesthetic of.