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I don’t know how long ago the rest post about muscular trans women was posted or when these amazing people posted their selfies but when I saw them, something washed over me.
All of you looked so happy and feeling gorgeous and confident that i got inspired to draw you all! I’m sorry in advance if those selfies were posted on earlier stages of your transition, I can always take down the drawing, I have no problem on doing so! In order that are @rocketmermaid @lady-feral @snarlahazard and @sogay4rey

I hope you all are having a great day, you have lighten up my day just by being yourselves. ((NOTE: from the text post I reblogged the only one ibdid not post was @/that-dyke because she left tumblr and it feels disrepectful to post it here. If anyone knows if she would like to see the drawing please contact me.))

What do you all think of this dress? Should I wear it tonight?

Tagged by @lovelikesummer for SDS. Just got home from work and about to start reading the first chapter of Karen Barard’s book ‘Meeting the Universe Halfway’ for the LGBTQ+ reading group tomorrow. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, it’s physics intersected with feminism. Interesting but a little out of my depth considering it was the science I never got…

I’ll tag @dwendog @hwenfayre @harmonymelody and @advanced-procrastination

Happy selfie-ing!


I was tagged by @trxnquilvibes for the six selfies of 2015 thingy. So here they are.

I tag: @kylejmarks @giraffelicker007 @kayethegay @volunqueer @flahpjacks @sonixshadx @nameiscorey @typicalgaybitch

I’m sorry in advance.