advanced defence

Further ideas in a world where the Dresden cast works at Hogwarts:

-Bob completely ruining Binn’s after-life by being his typical wise-ass self .  For fun.  And being completely accurate in his corrections.  

-The annual “First Year Races” on Mouse and Fang.

-Karrin as guest lecturer for Muggle Studies.

-McCoy and McGonagall have a history.  I repeat: a “history.”

-Side note: have we ever found out who Harry’s grandmother is?  No?  Hmm…

-Butters teaching an advanced class on supernatural physiology.  And Advanced Defence Against The Dark Arts.

-Harry, Butters, William and Molly teaching a class on how to blend in with Muggles.  It eventually devolves into an Introduction to Popular Culture course, filled with quotes.  And some very interesting choices in fashion, without breaking the ruling on school uniforms.