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there is a rare breed of people that go all in. they keep their word, they give it all, they go the extra mile for those they care for. these individuals hardly ever receive the same passion and effort in return, yet never change and always give their all. hoping that one day maybe, just maybe they find someone as rare as them to love them as fiercely and with as much devotion. to the givers, forgivers, & selfless lovers out there… keep being beautiful, don’t let this cold world change you, and take advantage of every little moment you are given.
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Me or the Motorcycle?

Request: Idk if you are still talking requests but I love the idea of a Bucky x reader fic or smut where Bucky gets a new motorcycle and she’s reader admiring it so he offers to take her for a ride! Ps I love your work

Summary: You and Bucky have always had sexual tension, neither of you acted on it for different reasons; the tension snaps after the two of you go for a ride on his new motorcycle together. 

Warnings: Some smutty smut, a little angst, uhm…I think that’s it? Oh! Metal hand kink!

A/N: Hahaha I know nothing about motorcycles, I apologize in advance. 

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And for once, it might be grand
to have someone understand…

I Missed You

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Drabble Game #5 - Mark Tuan


“Hello?” you groaned, picking up your vibrating phone.

“Y/N…”  you heard that familiar voice say through the receiver. “I missed you”.

3 in the morning and he was calling you which could mean only one of two things. He was drunk or horny… Sometimes it was a cross between the two.

“Goodbye, Mark” you huffed. You were too tired to entertain his advances tonight.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of woman who uses lingerie and does makeup,and beig empowered by it? You think that invalidates her feminism?

empowerment is such a useless concept tbh.

your personal feelings on make-up really don’t matter when you’re talking about structural oppression. feminism doesn’t give a shit whether you are ~empowered~ from wearing eyeliner or not.

what feminism cares about is the fact that girls are pressured and groomed to wear make-up from their childhood on, that employers are less likely to hire you or pay you well if you don’t wear make-up, that the beauty industry is largely controlled by men and focused on making women feel insecure about their natural body so they can advance capitalism, that the beauty industry spends billions of dollars each year to contribute to the idea all girls are raised into that it’s only their looks that matter and give them worth.

i don’t think that wearing make-up or lingerie invalidates someone’s feminism, no. i do think that, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, you have to be able to criticize make-up and femininity in general on a structural level though. you have to recognize that femininity is compulsory and imposed on women from the patriarchy. you have to recognize that women who don’t or can’t perform femininity the way it is dictated, especially disabled, lbpq+ and trans women and women of colour, are punished for it. and if you can’t do that because you’d rather cling to useless liberal concepts like empowerment then yes, that does invalidate your feminism.

anonymous asked:

hello there! what are your favourite face masks? also, could you please share your beauty routine?

This such a cute ask! Old skincare routine here.  
List of my tried-and-true fave face masks:

🌹   sheet masks  🌹

  • tony moly ‘I’m real pore care/red wine’ mask
  • reskin ‘one week treatment’ mask
  • common labs ‘honey vitamin c’ mask
  • the face shop ‘solution radiance ‘mask
  • innisfree ‘it’s real squeeze rose’ mask

💦   moisturizing pack  💦

  • nature republic ‘aloe vera 92% soothing gel’
  • cremorlab ‘fresh water gel’

🛀    wash off masks  🛀

  • innisfree ‘super volcanic pore clay mask’
  • the body shop ‘himalayan charcoal purifying mask’
  • skinfood ‘egg white pore’ & ‘black sugar’ mask

🌞    sleeping mask  🌚

  • 3ce ‘white milk’ sleeping mask
  • laneige ‘water’ sleeping mask
  • korres ‘greek yogurt advanced sleeping facial’
  • shiseido ‘ibuki beauty’ sleeping mask

I’ve just finished listening to After Laughter for the first time, it’s probably my new favourite paramore album. I love fake happy, rose coloured boy and 26.

February 2, 2017
  1. Aries

  2. Sagittarius
     First-aid kit

  3. Leo

  4. Aquarius
     Pen light

  5. Gemini
     Advance ticket

  6. Libra
     Beauty parlour

  7. Taurus

  8. Capricorn

  9. Virgo

  10. Pisces
     Star chart

  11. Scorpio
     First time hearing a song

  12. Cancer
     Aquarium fish