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Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)

YouTube AP Government Review Videos

Listed below are the links to the YouTube videos my AP Government teacher in order to review for the AP Exam :)

Enjoy studying for you AP Exam and hope you guys will use these links well!! Pass them on if you know someone who is looking for links to use to help them study!

I have an honest question for you guys.

I’ve had the idea for quite a while now to make a tutorial on how to edit photos without whitewashing idol’s skin. I know what my blog isn’t really an edit blog, but I actually do a lot of editing on photoshop since I’m an art major in college and actually it’s one of my best skills as an artist if I’m being perfectly honest.

Would that be something anyone would be interested in? Cuz like I’ve kinda developed my own style of editing kpop photos that avoids whitewashing skin tone while still making the overall photo very light (since I really like the pastel/faded edit sort of style).


(please don’t delete thanks xx)

A lot of people are asking me how I made this edit. So here is a simple tutorial by me :) special thanks to Harry Styles for being my model.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me!! I’m always glad to help you out. (please do not ask me where to download Helvetica, etc.)

btw, if you think this tutorial is helpful. please like/reblog to give me a credit! if you’re using my edits as an inspiration, please credit me in your post. thank you in advance! xx


Compression Piped Leather 

(As with all leather, remember to use a teflon presser foot and leather needles.)

1. Stretch spandex around a frame. Stretch only in 1 direction and pull as tightly as possible. Nail securely to frame. Check that frame fits between sewing machine’s presser foot and bobbin case. 

 2. Lay leather in frame and stitch. Distance between stitches determines the size of piping. I used ½" and my pipes are about ¼".

 3. The bulk if the frame will make it impossible for stitches to run the full length and width if the fabric. Remove the fabric from the frame and pull it until it lies flat to do additional seams. I was able to sew about 2/3 of the fabric with a gap in the center from where my frame hit the inner wall of my machine. 

 4. Cut to pattern shape and sew into garment. I recommend basting around the edges before cutting.


Here’s that new video tutorial for my realistic body amigurumi doll. This pattern is similar to my curvy doll pattern/tutorial, but a bit more advanced.

anonymous asked:

Do you know what the "Standard" text setting on gifs with text are? Like, I see the same font and other settings used all the time, but I don't know what they are. I'm planning on making some reaction gifs from a sorely undergiffed movie and I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.




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how do you make your art look so soft?

Ok so a lot of people say my art is ‘soft’. I don’t really intend to make it look like that, but I thought about it and I wanted to show you now why it may looks that way :)

First my SAI Brushes (x)

As you can see, they look soft on their own xD

Let’s say I draw a pic:

Crappy little heart. I used only the three brushes above.

Dublicate the layer, and use Gaussian Blur.

Then turn down the opacity of the blur-layer, until you have your wanted softness <3

I don’t use this everytime, but if you want to soften it, it’s a neat little trick :D

I hope this helps! ~

ao3 safe search - an easy guide

per request, here’s a quick tutorial on how to filter out a tag or term from your ao3 results in a fandom tag! 

pictures included for references. (please excuse my terrible brown ao3 theme, I’ve used it for like 4 years and I don’t know how to change it and I’m honestly so used to it when I see the default white theme now it hurts my eyes.)

This doesn’t work 100% of the time, since some tags slip by, but it does filter out a decent amount. At least 70-80%, which is decent. 

step one: 

  • Go to your fandom tag. In this case it’s going to be Yuri on Ice. This should bring you to a page with all the fandom’s works.

step two:

  • Go to the search within results, located on the right side of the sort and filter (it’s highlighted in the picture)

step three:

  • Type a “-” before the tag, in this case I’m going to be using the pairing Mila and Sara (even though i love them!!! I would never filter them out, it’s just for the tutorial) as my example. Other pairing and content tags work as well. Picture below shows you what it should look like. It should look like this: -”Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino”

step four:

  • Hit the sort and filter. If you look at the number of fics in the fandom on the top the number should be reduced, and if you click the “Relationships” tab on the sort and filter options, the pairing tag is completely missing from the list. (In the picture the number drops several hundred, because there’s not a lot of Sara/Mila fics) 

And there you go! You’ve filtered out something you don’t want in your feed.

Additional info: This works on content tags as well! Just put a minus (-) sign before any tag in quotation marks and it will act as a negative search to filter out those results. For example, -”Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops” will filter out all fics with that tag in it. 

Disclaimer: This doesn’t work 100% of the time. Some fics are untagged, or for whatever reason aren’t filtered out using this search option. Especially if there’s a large percentage of fics with that term, more are likely to not be filtered out. If you’re looking to completely block something out, there’s also an advanced tutorial I’ll post later for safe search you can check out.

Please like/reblog if you found this helpful! Or like to save & use later. I hope this helps some people and makes browsing ao3 safer and easier. ❤
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Here’s the second fundamental flower or technique for sword spinning in Chinese Kung Fu. I’ve broken it down into a couple of sections, and as long as you can do the first two techniques you will have no problem tying everything together. This is a more impressive spinning technique as the sword will spin around the body. If you are comfortable with this flower check out my Advanced Sword Spinning Tutorial which uses this flower in combination with the basic flower for a very impressive sword spinning combination!

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Hey, it's the Patchouli Knowledge cosplayer from a while back, I have another question. I sorta forgot until recently that I need to make a crescent moon shaped charm for my hat and a special pentagram brooch (to add some personality to the outfit) but I'm a little confused on doing it, if I use polymer clay to make the charm and brooch, what would be the best thing to adhere it securely to a brooch pin, can it be hot glue or will I have to go back to the drawing board?

With polymer clay I find that the best way to attach a pin, a loop or earrings is to attach it before baking. If you use a flatback pin for the brooch, you can get a thin layer of clay to lay over the flat part. If you want a cleaner looking back, try the advanced method in this tutorial; you basically create a second back with holes for the pin to stick through, then attach the second back to the first. 

Otherwise I find that hot glue doesn’t stick well, I have had success with rubber cement and super glue. However you might want to check this guide: What’s the Best Glue for Polymer Clay? for some glue suggestions.

Hope this helps!
Duckie / Admin