advance happy birthday :)

things i love about hobi

  1. handsome/charismatic af 
  2. really
  3. have you seen his smile it’s really pretty but also really handsome
  4. have you seen him being serious and stuff its attractive af
  5. because hes so passionate about what he does
  6. about dancing and rapping and music and performing
  7. and about the group :’)
  8. have you seen his smirk especially when dancing that sexy ass Thing he does
  9. he could smirk and tell me to jump off the building and i would tbh
  10. which brings me to my next point
  11. he wouldnt do that
  12. because hes genuinely nice af
  13. like hes really kind
  14. and optimistic
  15. and even though hes not always happy all the time he tries his best to be happy for us
  16. and really, i find him to be a really positive person even when hes not actually hype all the time irl
  17. extra af
  18. have you heard his laugh
  19. like the really screechy extra one
  20. and also the really cute HA HA HA H AH A one you know the one you Know it everyone knows it
  21. it’s cute because it’s so happy 
  22. hes hardworking af
  23. like he worked super hard to learn rap and get up to this point
  24. also on dance oh my god Dance
  25. have you seen him how his body movements can go from Sharp As Knives to Completely Boneless no,,, nobody understands it either
  26. really hes talented af in dancing he blows me away every time
  27. and his singing is highkey really pretty esp i like it pt 2 was really sweet and lovely id like him to sing me a lullaby
  28. modest af
  29. lowkey really ambitious
  30. eyes are cute
  31. his aegyo,,,, 10/10 best 
  32. dancing girl group songs and knowing them really well
  33. bringing me to my next point
  34. not afraid to show his emotions/non “manly” sides
  35. like he cries when he feels like it which i admire
  36. ahh he’s such a scaredy cat
  37. he gets scared by the cutest things and its so extra
  38. but hes also really brave remember that time he had to jump off that thing but hes scared of heights
  39. but he really suppressed that fear and jumped thats bravery and i admire it
  40. really caring
  41. for like everyone
  42. but especially the members he always notices when things are lowkey off and then he’ll do something to make everyone comfortable/happy
  43. which is really sweet :”)
  44. produces !!! and writes bomb raps
  45. did i mention his rapping its versatile af
  46. and he gets the catchiest verses remember save me, remember dead leaves, remember run (don’t tell me bye bye ;-;)
  47. overflowing with love like when he makes hearts at us i can really just feel the fucken love ok like i know he has to exaggerate for the cameras
  48. but he is genuinely grateful to his fans and he really does appreciate us
  49. cutest engrish
  50. also pronounces “girl” really well
  51. lowkey clever af
  52. selfless af 
  53. his dog is cute like him 
  54. choreo leader all his bambambambam s ahaha i feel like hes a good teacher from seeing how he taught jin, etc
  55. hes just really encouraging but hes also strict and gives good feedback
  56. hes soft for cute things
  57. hes cute
  58. really fuckin strong like
  59. went through being poor, gruelling training, people calling him ugly, people not appreciating him, etc etc
  60. but he just pushed past it with a smile and thats very admirable
  61. the thing i love most about him is
  62. how he has the warmest friendliest aura
  63. kinda like that one friendly popular senior in your school thats really cool but like also not intimidating at all
  64. (which he actually used to be)
  65. idk thats seriously my favourite thing because it makes my heart feel really warm and fuzz
  66. how hes so kind and lovely
  67. how hes passionate and dilligent in what he deos
  68. but not overly greedy/arrogant
  69. jung hoseok, i have a lot of things to learn from you
  70. youve helped a lot of people throughout your life
  71. happy birthday, you deserve it 
  72. ((list is not exhaustive))

“I don’t care about what’s the right argument or whatever right now. What I want is to defeat you. I’m not matured enough like an adult to hold down my instincts and play basketball with logic.”

Happy Birthday @kryoutas <3

I am totally unsure if she will receive this, but …


Advanced happy birthday!!! ((I think … I remember seeing a post regarding your birthday coming up. I lost it though, and my memory is never good enough to trust))

But yes, even if it might not be your birthday, or I really am just belated or advanced, just consider this as a huge thank you for being an amazing blog! Your beautiful art always lifts my spirits, and motivates me to keep getting better <3 

incorrectknb once again! Based from this post here~


i actually wanted to post this for Aomine’s birthday tomorrow but I decided against it looool because i think you guys would kill me for it OTL

Oh, additional bloopers:

Momoi couldn’t stand the bad haircut Aomine did for himself and took matters in her own hands *slow appreciative clap XD*