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Hey friends!

So I just went through and unfollowed like 60 (yikes) inactive blogs and I’ve noticed lately that my dash is a bit empty. I have a lot more time to be on Tumblr now that it’s summer, and I’d love to follow some new blogs! 

Please reblog if you post mostly or completely:

  • Marvel - i.e. The Avengers, GOTG, MCU in general. Comics are great too, but no Hydra Cap, please.
  • Steve Rogers
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Peggy Carter
  • Stucky (especially if you’re a big Stucky blog, I’m always looking for good Stucky centric blogs to follow)
  • Chris Evans
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Any other Marvel cast members (Hayley Atwell, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, etc.)

These are the things I mostly post, so I’d love to follow some new blogs consisting of that which are also generally active. So like I stated above, please reblog and I’ll be happy to check out your blog in the next day or two. :)

Thanks! -Katie

2016 summer movies:

  • a female driven action comedy that everyone hated a year in advance
  • an edgy comic book movie with diehard fans that somehow got everything wrong 

2017 summer movies:

  • a female driven comic book movie that broke the cycle of dc putting out bomb after bomb
  • an upbeat superhero comedy based on a well loved yet controversial children’s book

Pow! Zam! Comics Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore! by Los Bros Hernandez

This is a promotional Love And Rockets strip by both Xaimeh and Beto that was published in the July 1994 issue of the long defunct Advance Comics catalog.

It was reprinted in The Complete Love And Rockets Volume 15: Hernandez Satyricon, published by Fantagraphics in 1997.

anonymous asked:

If I'm not too late, I'd love to request B5 Optimus Prime and C1 Prowl please? Those faces are perfect for "IDW Autobot High Command is up to some shifty shit(tm)" expressions. OVO

prime looks like he’s about to kill someone and prowl just needs to fuc k i n c HILL

Transformers © Hasbro
Art © *Moi


“Cas, what’s wrong? Cas?”

A headcanon about where Cas’s mind might be right now now that his vessel’s possessed by Lucifer. Man, what a tragic storyline.

“Why, for someone who boldly announced that he came here to kill me, you look remarkably pitiful, Germaniya.”

Operation Barbarossa. 

Ok, so this is an announcement… I’m going to europe for a month. It will be fun but Sadily I cant exactly carry the tablet and the computer because its alot of wires and its a desktop so for one month so I cant do any comics. I’m trying to see if I can mabye make a few comics in advance and post them while I’m away but I have not the slightist idea how to do that since the only device I’m bringing is my phone. So If I do have comics in that time they will be less frequent and will problaly not be very funny. But luckly I still a week more to go until I leave so enjoy lots of comics in the meantime! -Aaron