adva optical networking


Moving Faster than Ever Before

One of the most incredible aspects of working in the tech industry is speed. The speed to develop. The speed to push forward. To change the way we work, the way we interact, the way we communicate. The pace of innovation is relentless. It never stops. I’m energized by this. It’s what motivates me to be better. To try harder. Everyday there’s the opportunity to change. Everyday there’s the opportunity to move faster.


Creating a new blueprint

The tech industry is built on collaboration. It’s a quality that stands at its very core. It’s what drives the industry forward. True collaboration is one of the most exciting and exhilarating elements of working in the tech scene. It’s what invigorates me; it’s what motivates me. Working across global teams, harnessing individual skills into a cohesive whole is something I never take for granted; something I never underestimate. 

Watching this video, I was reminded how critical collaboration is to the development of our networks. Companies are often too focused on their own goals to understand the broader importance of what they can achieve and how they can transform not only the network, but also communities, lives. Tomorrow’s network needs to be a collaborative effort. It needs to be something we build together.   


Transforming the Network Together

Stefan Dyckerhoff (Juniper Networks) and Brian Protiva (ADVA Optical Networking) discuss how we’re building tomorrow’s network together. Take control of your network, take control of your future.


A New Era of Ethernet Access Service Provisioning

Start your clocks as Sarah Mendham showcases how quickly you can provision new Ethernet access services and begin driving revenue. It’s all about speed, simplicity, success.