Adv Time Day 28

Favorite thing about the land of Ooo

I love that there are all these background mysteries that we don’t know about.

What exactly happened to Earth?

How was Ooo created?

Is Finn really the only human?

How did the Candy Kingdom come to exist?

How many other kingdoms are there?

How did Marceline become a vampire? What happened to her mom? How is she a Vampire Queen? Her dad’s basically the devil????

The species are ambiguous: we don’t know really all that’s out there, which to me, adds to that excitement.

There is so much that we don’t know. and I love this.
I love that we don’t know. And I love the pace at which pieces of history, pieces of these mysteries, are revealed to us: slowly, slowly. surely, but slowly.

First we get tastes, so that we can revel in them and speculate. Then we are presented the majority of the story, not the whole thing, but just the right amount to satisfy us (as evident in I Remember You and so on).

I really love the mysteries of the Land of Ooo. (: