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This was basically Whirled’s reaction when I broadcasted this picture on Whirled :3 (Please right-click and “View Image” if you cannot fully see it)

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                                           ( cell phone headcannon )

contact name: ( Adurrro -skull emoji- )  [emphasizes on rolling the R LOL ]
personal tone: here ─ When I know you be comin’ after me
last message:
   ( sms: Adurrro ) A D U  R O  OOOOO -inserts peach emoji-
   ( sms: Adurrro ) I missed you booger : / when we gonna have that emo jam sesh? 

I was tagged by meloyhaberman​! Let’s do iiiiit! 

Name? - Aubrey

Where are you from? - The northern middle-bit of the United States

Favorite color? - Sky blue


Favorite bands/artists? - Sons of an Illustrious Father, Fall Out Boy, Cœur de Pirate

Favorite number? - 42

Favorite drink? - Chai tea

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[ text ] I’m sick of helping you.


[ sms @ ADURO ; ] And I’m so sick of hearing you constantly whine.
[ sms @ ADURO; ] Sucks, doesn’t it? :)

Not that she is going to bother with an apology, that surely isn’t what Jiyoon is about. In fact, she enjoys this more than she would probably want to admit. In most cases, she’s about as annoying and heartless as people perceive her to be though her good looks often conceal these facts and make her seem like the good girl that she definitely isn’t. Behavior like this just proves that she, indeed, does not mean to change her ways and it’s others that have to suffer from it.

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book starters.

Status; not accepting. ◗
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 ▐▐                       Flipping through the pages of an old book he pressed his lips into a thin line, trying to find some relevant information about the specific case they were investigating–or more like Aduro was, because although Nathaniel always showed interest to help the younger male in his research, he knew he was the kind of person to do his job alone, so not minding his company was already pretty satisfying for the shorter male. He had never done anything like that before, and as Aduro looked up for reports of the case on the internet, Nathaniel would take a couple of glances at the screen, opting by keeping his voice low so he wouldn’t disturb the other in his work. But as the dark haired male’s voice sounded through the room, he raised his head from the old dusty old book.

        “Poor bloody fool.” Were Aduro’s words. And for a while, Nathaniel simply gazed at the screen with a blank expression on his face. It wasn’t like he wasn’t used to seeing pictures or scenes of dead people, because movies were filled with those. But that wasn’t a movie– that was real. He swallowed dry and licked over his lips to wet them, lowering his head again from the disfigured body, back to the pages of the book, flipping to the next one and speaking almost in a mumble.

         ❝Did you find anything interesting?
            Besides the picture–

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“I had higher expectations of you.”

A squint, a sneer, or a scoff– all three genuinely capable of detailing Archie’s vehement response to his friend’s words. His droopy set of shoulders rose to proper form in a way that almost challenged the sentiment, giving Archie the look of learned self-importance (a trait he carried with him at all times, no doubt). A single bony hand plunged deep within the bowl of shared popcorn between the two men, carving out a generously sized clump of the snack to messily pelt his friend with.

“Go fuck yourself, man. This movie is a classic.” Archie punctuated his remark with another handful of buttered popcorn, watching as it bounced and left speckles of salt and shiny, buttery blotches against Aduro’s tanned skin. “Should know by now I’m not sitting you down to watch fucking Pororo, so chill and give it a shot.”  A sudden pause of speech, sparked entirely by a brief reveal of breasts on the screen. “…. Gets better as it goes on, as you can see.”

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[ text ]: Last night, I used 7 champagne glasses to empty an orange juice carton and drank none of them.

[ msg → aduro ] … what FOR?

[ msg→ aduro ] and more importantly, how could you waste such perfectly good orange juice???

Aduro 8 - DEFRA with Drawer Wood Burning Stove

Aduro 8 is a nice and solid wood burning stove which appears in a beautiful combination of cast iron and sheet iron.Cast iron is a solid material with a beautiful finish.Aduro 8 was developed with the same efficient combustion as the other stoves in the Aduro series (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply).The Aduro 8 is easy to fire and operate - thanks to the unique automatic Aduro-tronic.The air blowing at the inner surface of the glass is optimized by means of an extra steering of the air supply and helps to keep the glass free from soot.

Sona sells ADRO 19.44: Leerink Swann Initiates Coverage on Aduro BioTech (ADRO)

“Leerink Swann assumed coverage on shares of Aduro BioTech (NASDAQ:ADRO) in a research report issued on Wednesday, reports. The firm set a $48.00 price target on the stock. Leerink Swann’s target price would suggest a potential …” said Tiera to Tonie on Tuesday, August 25, 2015.

“My dear Miss Tonie,” said Tiera, “have you heard that NSHU went down to 1967?”

“NYSE Advancing Stocks.”

Tonie replied that she had not.

“But it did,” said Tiera. “AmpliPhi Biosciences Announces Approval of Common Stock Listing on NYSE MKT UK to rapidly advance bacteriophage-based therapies. For more information, visit Statements in this press release about AmpliPhi’s NYSE MKT listing, trading liquidity of AmpliPhi stock, the potential use of bacteriophages to treat ..”

Tonie smiled, but made no answer.

Aduro 5-1 Insert Wood Burning Stove

Aduro 5 is a new and elegant fireplace insert to create a cosy and environmentally correct heating.It is formed in a stylish, minimalist design with a completely smooth front and a large glass door that gives a free view of the dancing flames.However, Aduro 5 is more than just a handsome design.It is a high-tech fireplace insert developed with the most modern and advanced combustion principles.The fireplace insert was designed by the Danish architect Casper Storm, who has created a piece of elegant furniture for the modern home.

#6: Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Universal Bike, Motorcycle, Handlebar, Roll Bar Mount for Smart Phones, Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5 / 5S / 5C / 4 / 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 / NOTE 2 / Note 3 / Note 4, Motorola Droid RAZR / MAXX, HTC EVO 4G, HTC One X, LG Revolution, GPS Holder (Black/Red)

Aduro 4 Black Wood Burning Stove

We were tasked with designing a wood burning stove with room for large pieces of firewood.This requirement has given the low wide format signalling stability and strength.The wood burning stove is undecorated - its shape is simple and exact.Its a source of great cosiness suitable for both modern and traditional homes.Designer, Torben Madsen.The unique Aduro 4 creates an exciting focal point for any room, and is suitable in both modern and classic homes.Aduro 4 innovative and eye-catching compact design, combined with a high heating capability makes it very popular amongst our customers.Aduro 4 spacious wood chamber has space for logs up to 41 cm long, which gives the stove the practicality you need.As all Aduro products it is delivered with our unique glass cleaning technology and heat regulation options.This secures you an efficient and visible fire.Aduro 4 is developed with the same efficient combustion as the other stoves in the Aduro series (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply).Aduro 4 is easy to fire and operate - thanks to the unique automatic Aduro-tronic.

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Aduro 3- or 6-Outlet Surge Protector USB Charging Station $12

Aduro 3- or 6-Outlet Surge Protector and Dual-USB Multi-Charging Statio.

  • Three-outlet station with 3.4-amp total USB output
  • Six-outlet station with 2.4-amp total USB output
  • 540 joules of surge protection for homes prone to static

Free Shipping.