User: Willis Albinoni (Nickname: White)
Stand: Cold Play
User Bio:  An Italian snowboarder who exhibits great curiosity in people’s behavior and actions but is overall a quiet man. During his childhood, he injured his frontal lobe in a traffic accident that makes him hard to express and understand emotions well, and he tends to get himself into trouble due to careless thinking.  There is a rumor that he works with a shady organization since he tends to mysteriously vanish for a few days or weeks (even during his sport’s competitive season), only to reappear a few days later with suspicious injuries. 

Stand Stats:  

  • Destructive Power: C
  • Speed: E
  • Range: A
  • Durability: E
  • Precision: A
  • Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: Creates cryo bombs that rapidly disperses heat down to almost absolute zero and coats everything hit by the blast with ice. CP is a Long Distance Stand, which allows White to control his Stand from far distances and precisely target and bombard his opponents with powerful cryo bombs. CP is not suited for close combat, but it gives White the ability to generate ice around his hands and arms to form a temporary shield or a weapon.

Stand Name: 「COMING 2 TOWN
Stand Master: 「SANTA CLAUS」

Appearance Classification: Artificial Nonhumanoid
Stand Type: Special

Stand Appearance: 「COMING 2 TOWN」 manifests as a large red and green sleigh pulled by eight mechanical reindeer.

Stand Parameters:

  • Destructive Potential: E
  • Speed: A
  • Range: C-A
  • Durability: A
  • Precision: C
  • Developmental Potential: E

Stand Abilities:

  • Flight/Invisibility- By sitting in the sleigh, the stand user can ride it through the air. The user shares a Stand’s invisibility to non-Stand users when riding the sleigh.
  • RUN RUDOLPH RUN」- When this ability is activated, a ninth mechanical reindeer appears, its nose glowing bright red. In addition to greatly enhancing the user’s eyesight, the glow of the red nose renders walls, fog, heavy precipitation and other such obstructions to vision invisible to the user.
  • UP ON THE HOUSETOP」 - This allows the user to contort his body far beyond what is physically possible, allowing him to fit down chimneys and even through closed doors and windows. The range of this ability, and indeed, of 「COMING 2 TOWN」 in general, is limited to whatever building the Stand has landed on, although front and back yards are usually included.
  • ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS」- A sack in the sleigh from which the user can pull anything he desires.
  • 「JOY TO THE WORLD」- The user can stop time indefinitely, but only on Christmas Eve, and the existence of eyewitness accounts of the user in their homes imply that this secondary ability only stops time for everything outside of the Stand’s range.
  • 「THE SANTA CLAUSE」- In the unlikely event that the user is killed, 「COMING 2 TOWN」 is passed onto the next person to wear the old user’s coat, making them the next Santa Claus. As the name of this ability suggests, this ability only exists in the universe of the Jorge Joestar light novel.

Other Notes: Curiously, despite being a Stand, 「COMING 2 TOWN」 is visible to children and, very rarely, adults with sufficient Christmas cheer, regardless of whether or not they possess Stands themselves.


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Power: B
Speed: C
Range: A
Durability: C
Prescision: B
Potential: A

A stand that manipulates attraction.

The power can be used three times at the same time, so three different people with unrequitted attraction or one with unrequitted attraction and two with mutual attraction. Vie en rose’s lasts five minutes and has a range of a kilometer that the user has to stay in to ensure it lasts its full run.

The attraction power works by contact with the user’s saliva; the first person touched with saliva is the loved, and the second one touched with saliva is the lover. The degree of infatuation depends on how much contact the two combined have had with the saliva.

Requitted attraction requires two applications of this power; one touching person 1 first and then person 2, the other application touching person 2 first and then peson 1. The user manipulates this by coating small objects with a small layer of saliva.

Char chooses not to use this power to its full extent as it is hard to precisely control and people’s feelings are dangerous things to fiddle with. If all else fails the stand has a mean left hook.

Stand Origin: With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles

Appearance Classification: Other
Stand Type: Bound Stand

Stand Appearance: As the Stand is bound to Cosmic Energy, it could be said that 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 takes the form of the suit generated by the Fourze Driver.

Stand Parameters:

  • Destructive Potential: B
  • Speed: B
  • Range: A
  • Durability: B
  • Precision: B
  • Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 is activated whenever Gentaro transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze. But unlike the powers of the Astroswitches at Fourze’s command, the ability of 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 is deceptively simple. 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 multiplies Gentaro’s power by the number of people present whom Gentaro considers to be his friends. This ability can also be shared with people Gentaro considers as his friends, but this facet of 「A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS」 only tends to come into play when Gentaro fights in tandem with other Kamen Riders.

Other: The nature of this Stand does not allow it to appear separate from the user like most Stands. As such, the following picture is inaccurate. I really wanted to include it, though.

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