Piles Of Things

What if there was a day, one day a year, where everyone in the world lined up in lets say, a flat desert, and just had their piles of possessions behind them? Now I mean every possession. Toothbrushes, sweaters, books, bread, TVs- everything. How much would you have? Would your pile be enormous, stretching the length and height many times your size? 

Now let’s take you, and that pile of things, and move you from where you are in this line. Let’s say before, you were in line by your friends and family, all from the same state/country. But now let’s move you to a part of the line where people are from.. Guatemala. A small village in Guatemala, where the family size is around 3-7 children, not all being biologically related. How much do you think they would have in their piles? A few bowls/baskets behind the mother, maybe a blanket or an axe behind the father. Maybe a few small piles of corn to be made later into tortillas to survive off of. A number of things you could probably hold all of in your arms. And that’s it. 

How would you react? Would you just look at them, glance for a brief second, and look away? Go back to thinking normal thoughts, like what your plans are later or deciding what you’re going to wear tomorrow? The answer is probably not. You would give them that sweatshirt that you hardly ever wear, or a blanket because you already have too many. Some of your food too, because you don’t need it all. You would want to help them. Because no one should have to worry about if they’re going to be able to eat that day, or if their family is going to stay warm enough that night sharing one blanket between all 6 of them. 

So why is society like this? Why do we just look the other way? We see commercials, or maybe even go on one missions trip, and think oh that’s so sad, i want to help. And we dwindle on it for a bit, and then the thought is gone. We get interrupted by an everyday occurrence, and suddenly we’re wrapped up in our own lives again. 

This message is so important to me. We need to help these people, all over the world, that are in need. What’s happening is real. Nearly 870 million people are suffering from chronic undernourishment. The main reason for this? Poverty. The saddest thing to me, is there is enough food on this earth to feed the entire nation. Let me repeat that. The world produces enough food to feed everyone.People, we need to start helping our brothers and sisters in this world. Please reach out if you can. Donate those old clothes, give some extra change to that charity. Or the best way, go on a missions trip to a different country and help. Experience their culture, and see what it is like. It will truly change your perspective.

I know this is long, but please pass this on. This message is so important.