adults who drink milk

My roommate (who is still a fucking amazing person) got me down to my breeder today! A five and a half hour drive, then three hours of talking shop and getting a facility tour, and nonstop DOGS and PUPPIES. In addition to the three adults out and chilling in the house, got to meet and play with two pups too young to go home yet, all tiny and wet because they had baths immediately before we got there. (He does one or two at a time to get them used to baths and new surfaces and inside and outside). Got to love up on and play with a three-ish month old male, and he was ADORABLE, all bodyslammy and wiggly and cuddly and playful. Saw whelping setups, all indoors, watched feeding for a few adults, watched puppies drinking milk from mom who jumps in & out of the x-pen as needed, watched most of their dogs loose in the yard w/ zero need for a leash… Met a really pretty Doberman bitch they are watching for a friend, and a Rottweiler in for training.

Talked about what I’m looking for out of a dog and what I need and deposits and ASSUMING EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT MAL PUPPER PICKUP IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!! And we already started talking about my second dog from them too, oops :P