adults drinking

I mostly try to ignore the grumpy old farts complaining about Pokemon Go on my Facebook feed, but it really irks when I get told (indirectly) that I need to “grow up” and do something better with my time.

Oh, adult past times, OK then. Where should I start? Drinking? Gambling? Adultery? Telling young people they’ll never make anything of themselves? There’s just so much to choose from.


here are some comics about retail I drew hastily after work while drinking ADULT BEVERAGES. disclaimer: I honestly like my workplace and my customers are mostly great and my co-workers are ALL great!!!! 

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jae, is it true jungkook was drinking beer? just curious if its true or not

well, jungkook is a legal adult now and can drink with his hyungs ahaha; here’s a picture of him drinking what i believe to be beer

i may be wrong but it look like he’s drinking from a “Lotte Kloud” Korean Beer Can. see the brand name?

our jungkook is growing up ah;;

when you realize that there are too fucking many of us in fea

on a day off chrollo spends 7 hours drinking wine and watching hairstyle tutorials. he doesnt have long flowing hair but he wants to try out a few braid styles. he keeps the instructions stowed away in the back of his mine. one day hisoka invites him over for a sleepover and they start drinking, as adults do. and chrollo being a heavy drinker and illumi being immune to alcohol they dont get too roughed upp but somehow hisoka falls asleep at 1 am. lightweight. then chrollo puts on the charm and offers to do illumis hair which at first he was opposed to but through a bit of smooth talking chrollo convinces him. he sits on the couch and illumis on the floor leaning back and chrollo show him all these intricate braiding styles and explains what hes doing the entire time. chrollo is so happy he gets to try out the hairstyles he saw on illumi. illumi is smitten

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when aria and emily kept talking about day drinking! like yes we get it you're adults

same shit different episode. i would actually buy into this whole “we are adults!” thing if they actually ACTED like adults. drinking doesn’t mean shit.

My sister and I came back from pokemon go-ing and our dad was making fun of us for playing Pokemon Go because he’s a grumpy old man, then 3 of our adult neighbours he was drinking with were like OH MAN IT’S OUT?? LET’S GO PLAY, and they left him to drink alone lmao.

You came for the party ?

Rudy was in his friend’s apartment, the place was full of young adults, men, women, drinks, substances likely to make the police really really angry, the sound was high, many walls were sprayed, but let’s talk about the sweat, the sweat coming from the rooms was almost unbearable, but who cares? Rudolf must have gone there at least twice to have sex with different people, no one seemed to care about anything other than party, especially the young wolf, after all Rudy hadn’t slept yet, it was two days since the last time he had slept, why? The answer is very simple, parties! And more Parties! He was basically drunk with energy and heavy drinks, mainly energetic, however, he must admit, he was very tired, also the other problem was that were two days since his family heard about him, but he didn’t seem to care, after all, let’s repeat, party!


Okay, maybe he overdid it a bit in mixed drinks with energetic and other kinds of things, he was really really bad and needed air urgently, Rudolf drank the last sip of the content that was in his mug, which was a mixture of coke, rum, coffee, cappuccino, whiskey, a type of white powder and other things he was challenged to put on the mug.


He dropped the mug, letting it fall to the ground and headed toward the door, he went out of the room and walked down the stairs to leave the apartment, he sat in the outside of the apartment, after a time he heard the sound of steps coming towards him, his vision was really hurting so he didn’t open his eyes, his nose was so horrible he couldn’t smell anyone now, and all his senses weren’t good, he didn’t know he was going in his direction, so Rudolf just said “You came … For the party?