I just couldn’t resist putting some patterns on these beautiful short shorts that came with backyard stuff pack. They are far from perfect. The belt is a little weird on some shorts, but if you wear longer shirts it’s not noticeable at all. (I know you’ve been waiting patiently @plxo & here they are for you!!)

› 20 standalone swatches
› Use my white as base if you wish



Another find from the files. These are the uniforms for the private investigator profession in Ambitions, and they were hidden in CAS. Which is a shame, because they’re totally good for everyday wear!


  • available in Everyday, Formal, Career, Makeover, Outerwear, Random;
  • female versions include 4 color options, male versions - only 3;
  • for a teen version of the female trench coat, see Spoonsthings ‘s post;
  • each outfit has 4 recolorable channels, pictured above;


Default replacements (if you have Ambitions)
Non-default replacements (if you don’t have Ambitions)

Pose credits: Elexis, starsha-sims, starsha-sims

anonymous asked:

Any advice for teenagers just becoming adults?

Hm.  Let me think…

1. Learn to cook.  Basic stuff. You don’t need to get too fancy with it - learn to make rice, noodles, things that are easily prepped.  Don’t neglect or feel ashamed about your microwave.  That thing is a time saver and does a damned good job making your life easier.

2. Keep a budget.  Learn how much goes in and how much comes out.  Map out what bills you have and how much money you got coming in.  Prioritize your financies. Make a line item in your budget for “me money” if you can. This is your blow money.  Use it wisely and for those times when shit seems bad and you really just need to go see a movie with a friend or buy the thing.  Keep cash on hand too.  Plastic is great and all but not every situation allows it to be used.

3. Self care is important.  Don’t neglect you.  Whatever that involves, take care of yourself.

4. Remember that libraries exist.  Free wifi, books, programming and many other amenities we all take for granted and forget about.  Most libraries now embrace online digital services too like hoopla.

5. Read.  Watch movies.  Listen to music.  Enrich your mind and learn things, either for substance or pleasure.  Never pass up a learning experience or a chance to experience something new.  

6. Make connections, social or otherwise.  Knowing the right person or resource can make a world of difference. 

7. Set boundaries.  This bit is important - high school is over with and you are an adult and entering into a society that has a shit ton of expectations for you. Setting your boundaries for yourself and those in your world can save you a lot of energy, time and effort - never let anyone violate them and if they do, let them go.  It’s easy to say, I know, and in practice it can be hard but trust me, it is very important to keep true to yourself and your boundaries.

8.  If you go out to a restaurant or a bar, tip your server. Be good to service people and retail workers.  

9. Trust your gut.  Instinct is something we often neglect.  Don’t.

10. If you live with your folks and continue to do so after graduation or becoming an adult, there is no shame in staying on until you are financially able and ready to go into the world.  Of course, everyone’s situation is different and circumstances can prevent this but I feel like so many people are still having the whole “you turn 18, you get out of your parent’s home” mentality driven their way.  There is no shame in living at home.  

11. If you live in a decent sized town or city, learn what you have for public transporation.  It’s a wonderful resource if you have it.

12. Find a “safe space”.  What do I mean by this?  Well, find a place (your home, the local library, a friend’s house, a park - something easily accessible to you and safe) that you can go and just be you.  A place to clear your head and focus.  Somewhere you don’t have to worry.  Everyone needs a sanctuary.

13. Carry a knife and/or multitool on you.  No, I’m serious.  This piece of advice has saved my ass more times than I can count.  And while I’m thinking of it, carry these things too: a list of any medications and medical conditions you have, emergency contact info, a bit of cash, identification.  

14. Make friends.  Keep those friends from your childhood if you can but only if they are decent adult friends too.  Friends make all the difference in the world.

And finally…

15. Pay it forward.  If good comes your way, do good in return.  Just… don’t be a dick.  I can’t stress this enough.  People may be shitty and the world may seem dark but cast your own little light into it and life will be that much more rewarding. 

I really hope all that makes sense.  

О взрослых разговорах

В последние дни только и разговоров, что о взрослой жизни и о взрослости, как чувстве. Мне кажется, что для каждого человека это ощущение себя взрослым приходит в разное время, не в какой-то конкретный промежуток времени, а буквально в разное, к восемнадцати годам или только к сорока, или вообще не приходит, бывает и такое. И приходит оно скорее неожиданно, точнее постепенно, но вся эта этапность совершенно не замечается, а после остается только оборачиваться и думать, как же все так случилось. Слушая истории переполненные взрослыми чувствами своих сверстников, я только глубже понимаю, что я еще совсем не готов, возможно, даже мой компас живет своей жизнью и указывает мне куда угодно, только не во взрослую жизнь.

Истории об ответственности, о домашних делах, о решениях проблем, о семейной жизни воодушевляют меня с одной стороны, заставляют гордиться этими людьми, уважать, но с другой стороны они вводят меня в ступор - мы же одного года рождения, как так случилось, где звезды так сошлись, что вот мы с разницей в месяц между днями рождения так по-разному смотрим и видим вещи, так по-разному строим быт вокруг себя и даже говорим о разном, вроде бы используя одни и те же слова. Лишнее доказательство, что календари всегда врут, спешат, не догоняют, и у каждого человека, получается, есть свой особенный календарь, где обозначено с какого момента быть взрослым, к какому числу начать менять взгляд на жизнь. В моем календаре я такого пока не заметил, хоть и пролистал этот год до конца и даже следующий, но ничего не нашел даже близкого к взрослому взгляду на жизнь. Но когда-то это, наверное, случится или нет?

Слушая историю за историей, задавая вопросы и удивляясь, я думаю, если внимательно присмотреться, в моих глазах блеснет искра страха за то, что я не чувствуя себя готовым ни к чему из этой взрослости, или я просто не замечаю, как эти самые взрослые дела постепенно окружают меня, незаметно подступая со спины, смыкая кольцо. А, может быть, я сижу тут, хлопая ресницами, на самом деле не осознавая, что и я становлюсь взрослее каждый день, вовлекаясь в обыденность, просто не замечаю это, отрицаю и отвожу взгляд. Вдруг я тоже становлюсь взрослым, только не замечаю этого? Вдруг никто не замечает, как становится взрослым и это не остановить?


my grown up gremlins :y (sorry this sucks, I’ll finish that other pic later) So Chara and Frisk and Asriel were happy to be alive and everyone was happy they were there but it took them forever to get used to it. They grow up to get a nice flat together and live a cozy life being terrible roomates and helping eachother deal with their isshes.

Chara still struggles with things like anxiety and depression and self-loathing and fear of humans but they’re do a lot better since they have so many people that gathered around to love them (even if that itself took a while to accept too). They get even sassier and work from home as an artists and crafter with painting and knitting and doing fanfiction commissions. When Asriel and Frisk are too busy, they hang out with Toriel or Undyne or duncle Sandbags. 

Frisk waited a bit after the barrier breaking to accept the responsibility of ambassador and has been one since. They get pretty busy so they milk whatever free time they have for all it’s worth, mostly by spending it with Chara. They’re still a master flirt, even Mettaton’s impressed. They will usually focus on Chara dealing with personal stuff before opening up about them, which drives Chara nuts of course. They emote and use their face muscles more now but can still work dat -_- faic.

OH and they have a dog named Poppy and a cat named Truffle.

It’s great thinking about Chara and Frisk getting to grow up and be happy, huh? :’y

This is Day 3: Adults