These guys. You gotta love em.

A little consolation after the epilogue ;.;  Although, I do like Boruto ^^;

Short Curl Conversion Recolor

Recolored the short curl conversion by @saartje77 in the 9 remaining EA colors. This file adds the EA unnaturals as additional color swatches and makes the hair genetic (the adult version as well as the children version). The original mesh is required.

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Evolution

Pamphlet scans
Part 6

Karasuno Alumni, Team Managers, Teacher, and Coach
Yamaguchi Kento -
Shimada Makoto
Sadachi Momoko - Tanaka Saeko
Yamakawa Souichirou - Tsukishima Akiteru
Nagao Shizune - Shimizu Kiyoko
Saitou Ami - Yachi Hitoka
Uchida Shige - Takeda Ittetsu
Tsuyoshi Hayashi - Ukai Keishin

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I always loved that Arthur was a stable influence for Harry. Like he trusted Harry, but he also knew what Harry could get up to and didn’t over do it with the dad-ness. He was just kind of like “I’ve definitely got your back, don’t go crazy kid, like you have a bed time, but yeah you’re a kid you’re going to do dumb stuff”. I’m not under appreciating other figures in Harry’s life, but I’ve always felt warmly towards Arthur.

I keep finding myself fascinated about the adults of the saga, especially the teachers. Among the things I wish we could get more content about from Rowling, one of my favorites is the relationship between them. How did Minerva react to Severus becoming a teacher and head of house almost fresh out of school? At first, was she suspicious or helpful and protective towards him? Was he insecure when he started? And did he and Dumbledore ever become real friends or was it always just about defeating Voldemort? How much did Minerva really know? What was the dynamics with all the professors, really? I mean, they all had to live at Hogwarts for most of the year, right? And there were mostly kids so the few adults would eventually end up inevitably getting closer. How were their reunions? Who was friends with who? Were there ever any romantic or sexual involvement between two teachers? Did they party together? I’d love to know more of their daily lives.