The big problems with Pearson’s new GED high school equivalency test
The GED was originally designed to give adults a second chance to get high school credentials, but the new test is now aligned to the Common Core -- and failure rates are much higher.

Why is it so hard?  The new test — which is now administered only on computers — is aligned to the Common Core and has a focus on college readiness rather than workforce readiness.
Teaching winter to new US refugees

Every year, the United States welcomes tens of thousands of refugees from all over the world - about 2,000 come to Minnesota. Many of those refugees are from warm climates and seeking a better life in one the coldest states in the country.

With a ruthless winter already under way, the latest arrivals in Minnesota are learning to survive the arctic sting. Lessons on how to bundle up and use a thermostat are part of a cultural orientation offered by the International Institute of Minnesota, which helps resettle refugees…

“Well I’ve been in construction for about 35 years. Got out of construction and been teaching at the college level for about 28 years. As an instructor at BCA, is just an extension of putting all those things together.

I live about three hours away and I come back and forth daily because it’s just fun being here.”

Ray is a Professional Construction Instructor at UPO’s Building Careers Academy. He sees the passion of his students daily and is dedicated to their success. He is a mentor for those looking to achieve self-sufficiency through the development of construction and construction-related to better their lives. He is UPO.

Learn about what job training opportunities UPO supplies those in the D.C. area here:

Want to know something cool?

I have a (pre-intermediate) class with four students.

A Russian woman who speaks Russian and bit of English.
An Iranian woman who speaks Dutch, Farsi, and a bit of Arabic.
A Polish woman who speaks Polish, Dutch, a bit of English, and can understand a bit of what the Russian woman says.
An Afghani man who speaks fluent Arabic, fluent Russian, a bit of Farsi, and a bit of English.

In more than one way my students can communicate to each other and help them if they don’t fully grasp it in English. How cool is that?
Thru-Hiking the PCT for Literacy | Chuck McKeever's Fundraiser
Walking miles of desert, mountains, and forests to build educational futures.

This spring and summer, I’m hiking the 2,661 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. My goal is to raise a dollar per mile for adult literacy–a critical and often-overlooked need in many American communities. 

The organization this project benefits is Literacy Source, providing *free* ESL, citizenship, and Adult Basic Education classes to low-income members of the Seattle community since 1986. 

Every dollar counts, literally, and since Tumblr values books & nature so much, this seems like a perfect place to ask. Thanks in advance, all.

I think I’ve found somewhere to re-start my BSL qualifications :)

The catch; I never finished my level one exams and I’m not sure I can prove enough competency to start level 2 without proof of exams and stuff after such a long break between courses… so looks like we’re starting at level one again! The course started like three weeks ago, and enrollment closed a month and a half ago, but I figure if I ask nicely they’ll let me in, because I wont need any catching up?

Photo: the princess tree on Mount Galbraith in Bellingham, Washington.

Seattle Central Community College Continuing Education program is offering the first Medical Marijuana Consulting Certification. The program is offered under the regulations of SB 5052 and will cost potential students $95 to apply and $500 in tuition.

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The new issue of Queens Library Magazine is out now!

Queens Library Magazine combines great library-themed feature stories and information about all our programs and special events, and it’s available at your neighborhood library or online.

In our September/October 2015 issue:

  • Learn more about our new STACKS afterschool program as well as our opportunities for adult learners
  • Find out how you can learn a new language online
  • Read about great STEM activities for kids
  • Get the details about our upcoming “Shakespeare in Queens” performances
  • Find out about fun and enriching programs for older adults
  • and much, much more!

Read the new issue of Queens Library Magazine.

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and so I was on television!. It was for my job, if anyone is interested in learning more about earning their GED than feel free to send me an ask. I would be happy to point anyone in the right direction.