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The student body got a bad reputation

(Oh, yeah, oh, yeah)

What they need is adult education

You go back to school

It’s a bad situation

(Oh, yeah, oh, yeah)

What you want is an adult education

Oh, yeah

Sixth period English – he had two more hours left before he could go home and delve back into working on his novel. Unfortunately, the clock seemed to go slower the longer he stared at it. Running his hands through a thick mop of black hair, Castiel Novak groaned at the slowness of time and the stupidity of highschool. Most of what they were teaching them he was sure was pretty common sense, and almost no one cared about anything they were saying anyway.

He was staring at the books on his desk, waiting for the teacher to give some kind of instruction, when a hush suddenly fell over his classmates and someone at the front of the room cleared their throat. Folding his arms on top of his desk as he looked up, he saw nothing unusual at first until his eyes fell on him. He was obviously new, but that didn’t really seem to matter much considering his cocky grin. As the teacher droned on, introducing him – apparently his name was Dean Winchester – and assigning him a book, Castiel discreetly studied him, deciding he looked like a jock and was probably going to join one of the sports teams. Shrugging, what did it matter to him anyways?, he started to lay his head down on his arms when the teacher called out his name.

“Castiel. Castiel Novak?”

“Y-yes Ms. Claire?” He asked, shyly lifting his head to stare in apprehension at the teacher. They were only fifteen minutes into the class, surely he hadn’t done something wrong already!

“Oh! There you are!” Ms. Claire beamed at him, pushing her glasses up her nose as she turned to the young man standing next to her. “Dean, why don’t you take a seat next to him? Castiel will be your guide around the school until you’ve memorized where your classes are.”

Castiel blanched, open mouthed at the teacher as she spoke. He was going to be a guide for him?! Slouching at his desk, he dragged a hand over his face as he groaned in frustration. This was going to be a much longer day than he’d like.
Teaching winter to new US refugees

Every year, the United States welcomes tens of thousands of refugees from all over the world - about 2,000 come to Minnesota. Many of those refugees are from warm climates and seeking a better life in one the coldest states in the country.

With a ruthless winter already under way, the latest arrivals in Minnesota are learning to survive the arctic sting. Lessons on how to bundle up and use a thermostat are part of a cultural orientation offered by the International Institute of Minnesota, which helps resettle refugees…


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