“Sex Education soley teaches you about the anatomy’s significance during sex. Why are we not taught about its pleasure?” - Professor GAIA: Adult Educator


Nagat Almatare shares her story about getting her High School Equivalency and becoming independent!


Do you remember being in middle school? Horrible, right? Every action is being judged. Embarrassment is not minor. Ever. Even when people are not bullying you, even when girls are not whispering about you, even when you are not getting beaten up, middle school is hard. It is the worst.

And high school? Remember how significant clothes were? Music was? Friends were? Because you were forming your identity. Because you were deciding who you were. Because you were becoming yourself, every day, in the face of so many trials and obstacles.

Would you go through that again?

Now, imagine all of that happening to you. Imagine that time in your life and the depth of your emotions.

Now, imagine you have to pee. Like, really, really bad.

Imagine that the bathroom is not a safe space.

Imagine you cannot just go in and pee, no matter how badly you have to do so.

Imagine that at your most vulnerable, you are being most judged.

Sorry, not you.

Sorry, not here.

Sorry, we, the adults tasked with educating you and keeping you safe, we have decided you don’t know anything about yourself and we know better than you do.

We know EVERYTHING. And if you are misguided enough to think know you are a girl and you should use the girls room, we know that is not true. If you are foolish enough to believe know you are a boy and you should use the boys room, we know that  is not right.

Never mind that you LIVE INSIDE THAT BODY. We know it better than you do. We know it so well, that when you have to pee, we get to tell you where to do it.

Never mind if that embarrasses you. Never mind if your ears are burning and your eyes are smarting, and your heart is aching and you are wondering what is wrong with you and if you deserve to live.

Because WE decided that the imaginary comfort of your peers was more important than the real and traumatic discomfort you feel.

Yeah, imagine that.

Because that is what America just told a whole group of young people.

Now tell me this isn’t a big deal. Tell me this isn’t a civil rights issue. Tell me more about how this doesn’t prove we are headed down a dark path in our nation.

Here is your public comment, Mr. Sessions, Ms. DeVos, Mr. President.

This. Is. Wrong.

This. Is. Mean.

This. Is. Dangerous.


“Queens Library opened doors for me I wouldn’t have been able to walk through without a diploma.” — Kareem Ahmad shares his story of becoming an HSE graduate.

why do other white people try to pretend they’re some kind of saints? you don’t get bonus points or some shit for acting like you’re a flawless ally to poc. I’m white as mashed potatoes, and I try my best to be a good ally to poc, I fuck up.

I have a bad habit of talking about race issues that don’t involve me instead of just boosting the voices of the people it does involve that I’m trying so hard to break, I have thought said and done racist things even today as an educated adult I still find myself saying or thinking things that are wildly uncool.

Acknowledging that as white people, we fuck up like a lot, is the most important part of being allies to poc. what matters is catching racist behavior and bad habits, stopping and pulling yourself back to examine this behavior and go to whatever lengths you need to not do it again.

no white person is a saint that’s never racist, we’ve all done and thought and said it and benefit from a system that actively puts us above and ahead of poc. ( even in queer communities my voice will often be chosen over a person who isn’t white )

admitting and doing what you can to combat this shit is the first step to actually helping poc.

Contained within is a list of career path choices for each Zodiac sign.  This list pertains to having the zodiac sign on the 10th house cusp (midheaven) of your birth chart.  These can also work for overall sign dominance in a chart.  Your 2nd house cusp sign can also show areas where you can gain income with these signs for alternate possibilities.

Careers involving the military, protecting and serving
military, soldier. defense department, security
law enforcement, firefighter, emergency medical technician

Careers centering around sports and athletics
sports, competitive sports, coaching, training
athletic director

Careers involving physical force
industrial, construction, factory work, hunting, general labor

Careers involving working with metals
weapon making including design, manufacturing and testing,
engineering, mechanic, butcher (knives), steel worker,
iron worker, machinist, millwright, sheet-metal, welding,

Careers that involve initiative
Generally competitive careers, pioneering careers, business owner, sales

Careers that involve art and creativity
painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing
advertising design, typographer, book and magazine layout coordinator
website design, blog design, prop design (for plays)
working with stage design, set director, urban planner, architect
floral design, florist, art therapist, glass blowing, mosaics, tattoo artist
working in art gallery or being an art dealer, art auctioneer, art professor
interior decoration

Careers that involve visual arts
digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design
photographer, nature photographer, aerial photographer, wedding photographer

Careers that working with fashion
designing clothes, Jeweler, hair stylist, make up or modeling
buying and selling clothes, jewels, wigs, manacurest

Careers and jobs that involve working with music
dance, singing, opera, music composition
buying, selling, distributing music

Careers dealing with finance and money
banking, loan officer, title officer
administration, accounting

Careers working with sensual pleasure goods
clothes, shoes, seating, bedding, luxuries, perfumes
buying, selling, auctioning, or trading these goods

Careers involving home and gardening
landscape design, grounds keeping, gardening, green houses, flower shops, planet nurseries
interior design, home renovation, home design

Careers involving working with food
chef, pastry chef, pastry design, cupcake designer, restaurant management

Careers involving communication
Mass media, journalism, broadcasting,
radio, TV, telecommunications, announcing
sales, advertising, marketing, public relations,
teaching, acting, stenography
diplomats, politics, advisers

Career involving writing
writing, editing, blogging
copy-writing, secretary work

Career involving language
linguist, speaking, interpreting

Careers involving short distance travel, delivery and transportation
truck driver, cab driver, bus driver
post office, post man, courier

Dealing with the general public and nurturing others
social work , occupational therapist, Human resources, CEO, directors
careers involving medical nurturing at the forefront
being a nurse, therapist, hospital worker or doctor

Working with children, child care, teaching, preschool
nurturing children and taking care of them through pediatrics, babysitter or nanny

Careers with women in mind or feminine products or hygiene
being a midwife, OBGYN, working with and protecting abused women

Career dealing with water or working in a water environment
maritime industry, oceanographer
buying and selling boats, repairing boats, working on a dock, fishing
being in the navy, working in marine or navy engineering

Dealing with cooking and food
like a chef, short order cook, or working in a restaurant in general
catering and setting up social food engagements
working with baking or pastry design
may like to nature others’ lives by being involved with food
dietitian or a clinical dietitian who helps people in hospitals meet their needs

Working with things revolving around history
buying, Selling or Refurbishing Antiques
working as a historian, advocate, researcher, educator

Working with details relating to Home
buying and flipping real estate, selling real estate as an agent
homemaker, maid, butler
home based business

Careers centering around leadership
administration, government and politics, employees of a government service
management of various kinds, motivational speaker, CEO

Careers involving children
teach children, day care, nursery, preschool teacher, baby sitting, pediatrics

Careers involving hobbies, or fun
bring a hobby to their career
work with creative self expression professionally
being a consultant to some capacity

Careers involving Self Expression
art, acting, singing, music,
hairstylist, jeweler, clothes
movies, TV, radio, public personality, publicist

Careers centering gambling and speculation
Gamble professionally, Work in stock/day-trading, forecasting

Careers dealing with sports
play sports for a living, Work with sports in some capacity
be a sports manager, teaching sports

Careers involving detail oriented work
system analyst, archivist, statistician,
tax auditing, research, book keeping, librarian
auditor, financial planing, loan officer
executive assistance, executive director
mathematics, physics, surveying
public education, human resources

Careers involving critique
Film reviewer, music reviewer, art critic

Careers involving writing or use of the hands
editor, graphic design, welding, engineering

Careers centering around health and fitness
nutritionist, natruopathic, education and health research
health care worker, nurse, doctor, dentist, disease control,
environmental health, health advocacy, health education, community health organization
occupational therapist, fitness instructor, personal trainer,

Career working with animals and small pets
vet, vet technician, animal breeder, dog trainer, groomer

Careers that involve art and creativity
painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing
advertising design, typographer, book and magazine layout coordinator
website design, blog design, prop design (for plays)
working with stage design, set director, urban planner, architect
floral design, florist, art therapist, glass blowing, mosaics, tattoo artist
working in art gallery or being an art dealer, art auctioneer, art professor
interior decoration

Careers that involve visual arts
digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design
photographer, nature photographer, aerial photographer, wedding photographer
desktop publisher,

Careers that working with fashion
designing clothes, Jeweler, hair stylist, make up or Modeling
buying and selling clothes, jewels, wigs

Careers and jobs that involve working with music
dance, singing, opera, music composition
Buying, selling, distributing music

Negotiations, diplomacy, mediation and law career fields
working in public relations, being a go-between, escrow, arbitrator
working in human resources, supervision, moderating
diplomats, consultant
being a Court room specialist, Paralegal who works with clients directly, court writer, A judge

Careers involving customer relations
customer Service, retail specialist, retail management

Working with marriage or relationships couples, or guidance in general
marriage counselor, relationship counselor
wedding design, planning, wedding photographer
guidance counselor, occupation or career therapist

Careers involving digging deep and research
police work, detective, private eye, criminal investigator
chemist, engineer, archaeology, paleontology
pharmacology, science research, military intelligence
information broker, technical writer, recycling researcher

Careers that involve water
fishing, boating, oceanographer, maritime industry, marine biology,
marine scientist, shipping, dock worker

Careers that involve healing
doctor, surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist

careers involving positions of power or control
politics, presidency, prime minister

Careers involving intensity or protecting
security, firefighting, homeland security

Careers involving death
funeral director, coroner, mortician, embalmer, forensics

Careers involving transformation
recycling, Fixing up distressed properties, recycling product designer

Careers involving the taboo
occultist, secret society, astrology, witch, tarot reader
palm reader, alternative healer, psychic

Careers that involve sex
sex therapist, sexual educator, adult film industry

Careers that involve others resources
tax industry, tax collector, auditor
insurance, life insurance, inheritances
bill collection, economist, risk management

Careers involving higher education
teacher, college professor, tutoring

Careers involving long distance travel
travel industry, pilot, flight attendant, travel agent
tour guide,

Careers involving foreign culture
diplomat, foreign affairs, international commerce
imports and exports

Careers involving expansive communication
radio broadcasting, television host, salesman,
motivational speaking, promoter, marketing, advertising
interpreter, public relations, administration, comedian

Careers involving religion
theology, priest, preacher, clergy
missionary, minister

Careers involving philosophy
philosopher, working for non-profit organizations, public policy

Careers involving law
Lawyer, judge, paralegal

Careers involving the military
soldier, sniper, general

Careers involving publishing
writer, author, publisher

Careers involving animals and nature
animal husbandry, horse jockey
forest ranger, nature

Careers involving sports
athlete, coach, trainer, PE teacher
racing, broadcaster, reporter

Careers of being an authority
boss, management, ceo, chief executive, chairmen
chief economist, adminstrator, team management
entrepreneur, supervisor

Career involving government and politics
government officials, president, mayor
smithsonian instuation, national security agency
central intelligence agency, government accountability office
center for disease control, homeland security, parliament
public defense, criminal prosecution

Careers involving business
business owner, property management, landlords
market research analyst, business operations manager,
bookkeeping, marketing, compliance officer, management anaylst

Careers involving finance
dinancial planing, resource director, accounting
economnist, banking, appraisal, stockbroker

Careers involving history and time
historian, antique dealer, genealogist

Careers involving science and technology
IT, computer consultant, coding
science, researcher, analyst

Careers involving building structure
architect, real estate developer, engineer, contractor
masonry, construction, foreman, site manager, building inspector

Careers involving the Earth
mining, farming, agriculture, horticulture, forest and timber industry
earth science, geology, paleontology, space science, astronomer, geophysics

Careers involving science and technology
computers, IT fields, robotics, technical writer
astronomy, esoteric science, astrology,
physicist, rocket scientist, aeronautics
research scientist, architectural design,
communications, electrician

Careers in innovation and engineering
bio engineering, civil engineering, cryo engineering
material engineer, industrial engineer, safety engineer
environmental engineer, electrical engineer

Careers in politics
congress, government representative, political activist
entrepreneur, political commentator, state legislator
campaign worker, congressional research, public opinion analyst
city manager

Careers in humanitarianism and social reform
social worker, civil rights activist, mediator
aid worker, make a wish foundation, volunteer work
environmental activist, labor relations specialist
consumer advocate

Careers involving groups or teams
consultant work, advisory, performing in a music band, sports team, group project

Careers in creativity
art, music, actor, directing, creative writing
photography, digital art, digital business
Urban development, strategic planning

Careers dealing with creativity
artist, painter, photography, graphic editor
music, writing songs, music industry
creative writing, fantasy novelist, poet
acting, dancing, performing, choreographer
graphic design, video production, video game design
beautician, designer, decorator, stylist

Careers that involve computer visual arts
Digital design, animation, 3d modeler, video game design, special effects design

Careers in hidden places of society and retreat
prisons, hospitals, monasteries, jails, penitentiaries
asylums, mental hospitals, rehabilitation clinics

Careers in spirituality and religion
theology, astrologer, mystic
priest, monk, minister, spiritual counselor

Careers in holistic healing
holistic healer, shaman, energy healer
acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy
herbalist, art therapist, music therapist

Careers that involve working with chemical substance
chemical engineer, chemist, pharmaceuticals,
alcohol, bar-tending

Careers that involve water
fishing, boating, oceanographer, maritime industry, marine biology,
marine scientist, shipping, dock worker

Careers involving helping and serving others
psychologist, therapist, counselor, social work
Masseuse, caretaker, nurse, aid worker, non-profit career

What humans and primates both know when it comes to numbers

For the past several years, Jessica Cantlon has been working to understand how humans develop the concept of numbers, from simple counting to complex mathematical reasoning. Early in her career at the University of Rochester, the assistant professor of brain and cognitive sciences began studying primates in her search for the origins of numeric understanding.

In 2013, she, PhD candidate Steve Ferrigno, and colleagues at Rochester and the Seneca Park Zoo made a surprising discovery: in an experiment using varying quantities of peanuts, baboons (even as young as one year of age) clearly showed an ability to distinguish between large and small quantities of objects.

But the finding raised another question. To what extent might that ability be influenced by other dimensions of those objects—such as their relative surface area—in addition to their number?

Cantlon, Ferrigno, and two additional coauthors—Steven Piantadosi, an assistant professor of brain and cognitive sciences at Rochester, and Julian Jara-Ettinger, a postdoctoral researcher in brain and cognitive sciences at MIT—published the results of a new study suggesting that primates do, in fact, have the ability to distinguish large and small quantities of objects, irrespective of the surface area they appear to occupy.

Study subjects included both humans and primates: adults and children in the United States; adults of the Tsimane’, a predominately “low numeracy” cultural group that inhabits an area of remote rain forest in Bolivia, and that has been long studied by Piantadosi and Jara-Ettinger; and rhesus monkeys, a species with strong neural and cognitive similarities to humans.

The researchers found that all groups showed a bias toward numbers over surface area in their estimations.

“This shows that the spontaneous aspect of extracting numerical information likely has an evolutionary basis, because this has been seen across all humans and also with other primate species,” said Ferrigno.

The study also showed that the bias toward the numerical dimension was strongest in humans compared to primates, and was correlated with increasing age and math education in humans.

“As children get older, they are more likely to represent numerical information as opposed to other quantitative information,” Ferrigno added. “Similarly, when Tsimane’ adults had more math education, they were more likely to represent numbers as opposed to other dimensions.”

The study, published in Nature Communications, is an exciting development for anyone interested in improving early math education. Because the testing process was nonverbal, it could be especially useful in assessing math abilities in young children. “It’s very hard to test young children at age four on their math abilities because it’s hard to differentiate what they know, and what they know, but just can’t express,” Ferrigno said. “With further refinements, this type of numerical bias test could in the future be an indicator of how they are progressing in their education.”

The study is the first to compare number perception with a single task performed across a diverse testing population.

To test the relative importance of numerical quantities versus surface area, researchers presented subjects with dot arrays, varying in both the number of dots and the relative surface area they occupied. For each array the subjects then selected one of two icons to categorize the array as a large or small quantity.

To keep the task the same across groups, no verbal description of the categories was provided; instead, subjects learned from nonverbal demonstration by the experimenters, and trial and error feedback.

The tests with primates and children and adults in the United States were conducted with touch screen monitors; Tsimane’ adults, who have limited exposure to such devices, were tested with laminated printouts.

Cantlon says the study shows “that the initial step toward becoming mathematically sophisticated likely had to do with focusing in on the number of objects, not just total mass or size.” In a broader sense, she adds, it shows “how humans got to be the way they are.

“This is about understanding human origins and how humans evolved thought processes that are mathematically sophisticated.”

Badass Black Women History Month:
Celebrating 28 Black Women Who Said,
“Fuck it, I’ll Do It!”

Day 13: Septima Poinsette Clark
“The Mother of the Movement”

Septima Poinsette Clark is one of the most important people in the Civil Rights Movement. She worked closely with MLK, Jr. and W.E.B. DuBois and was the first woman to gain a position on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference board. Septima was a teacher from South Carolina who believed education was the greatest tool marginalized groups had to fight systems of injustice. 

While MLK called her “The Mother of the Movement,” she faced sexism within the Civil Rights Movement. Her position was constantly questioned and her influence has largely been overshadowed by the men she worked with. That’s a damn shame though, because Septima was badder than all these dudes. Her father was born into slavery while her mother was a free woman from Haiti. Septima’s mother refused to ever serve any white person and raised her daughters with the same principals. They were never to be servants to anyone. 

When Septima decided to become a teacher, she noticed the baffling inequality she and her students were subjected to. She was paid $35 per week to teach 132 black students with only one other teacher. The white school across the street only had 3 students and 1 teacher who was paid $85 per week. This inspired Septima to join the NAACP where she fought for equal pay. After 40 years of employment in the Charleston school system, she was fired from her teaching position due to her political involvement with the NAACP. She lost her pension and was seen as a pariah in the community. Even at a fundraiser designed to help her, people refused to have their picture taken with her for fear that they would lose their own jobs.

This ended up being a blessing for Septima. She moved to Tennessee where she joined the Highlander Folk School. There, Septima focused on adult education and literacy. She was inspired by her own father who could not write his name growing up. Septima realized the best way to fight the racist voting rules of the south was to arm people with knowledge. She established her own “Citizenship Schools” that gave black people self-pride, cultural-pride, literacy, and a sense of one’s citizenship rights. Over 10,000 teachers would train in her Citizenship Schools and open their own chapters, teaching over 25,000 people by 1961.

By 1958, 37 of Septima’s students were able to pass the voter registration test. By 1969, 700,000 black people were able to become registered voters thanks to Septima’s work. 

Adult Education | Open

The student body got a bad reputation

(Oh, yeah, oh, yeah)

What they need is adult education

You go back to school

It’s a bad situation

(Oh, yeah, oh, yeah)

What you want is an adult education

Oh, yeah

Sixth period English – he had two more hours left before he could go home and delve back into working on his novel. Unfortunately, the clock seemed to go slower the longer he stared at it. Running his hands through a thick mop of black hair, Castiel Novak groaned at the slowness of time and the stupidity of highschool. Most of what they were teaching them he was sure was pretty common sense, and almost no one cared about anything they were saying anyway.

He was staring at the books on his desk, waiting for the teacher to give some kind of instruction, when a hush suddenly fell over his classmates and someone at the front of the room cleared their throat. Folding his arms on top of his desk as he looked up, he saw nothing unusual at first until his eyes fell on him. He was obviously new, but that didn’t really seem to matter much considering his cocky grin. As the teacher droned on, introducing him – apparently his name was Dean Winchester – and assigning him a book, Castiel discreetly studied him, deciding he looked like a jock and was probably going to join one of the sports teams. Shrugging, what did it matter to him anyways?, he started to lay his head down on his arms when the teacher called out his name.

“Castiel. Castiel Novak?”

“Y-yes Ms. Claire?” He asked, shyly lifting his head to stare in apprehension at the teacher. They were only fifteen minutes into the class, surely he hadn’t done something wrong already!

“Oh! There you are!” Ms. Claire beamed at him, pushing her glasses up her nose as she turned to the young man standing next to her. “Dean, why don’t you take a seat next to him? Castiel will be your guide around the school until you’ve memorized where your classes are.”

Castiel blanched, open mouthed at the teacher as she spoke. He was going to be a guide for him?! Slouching at his desk, he dragged a hand over his face as he groaned in frustration. This was going to be a much longer day than he’d like.

willxxsolace  asked:

Hi I was wondering if you had any fic recs where One or Both of them is a professor?

I have :)

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go. 

Newts by astolat (13k)
“I’m twenty-eight!” Harry said. “I’ve been an Auror for ten years! You want me to go back to Hogwarts now?“

Lessons in Humility by playout (86k)
After the dissolution of his marriage and a good bit of soul-searching, Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new Defense teacher. Go figure, it happens to be the same year Draco takes over the role of Potions Master. Neither man is happy about this turn of events. Will they be able to set aside their differences and learn a thing or two about trust and humility on the way? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Very much so.)

Lonely Moon by eleventy7 (65k)
More than a decade after the Battle, Harry returns to Hogwarts as a professor and discovers a student with a familiar face and an unexpected past. HPDM. Compliant with everything except DH epilogue.

Everybody’s Secret by @asexualsiriusblack (2k)
Harry and Draco are both professors at Hogwarts, and in a relationship with each other. They think they’re doing a good job keeping it secret — they’re not.

A Single Soul by noeon (6k)
In which Professor Draco Malfoy attempts to survive the inaugural Hogwarts Visiting Weekend with a shred of dignity intact, and Head Auror Harry Potter thwarts him at every turn, supported by a Cast of Thousands (or at least Hundreds).

Against All Odds by momatu (53k)
Beauxbatons is hosting the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe, and Harry has promised to enroll Teddy as his birthday present. Meanwhile, Draco is stuck in his office, putting together the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe during, when he should be enjoying summer holidays.

Homecoming by November Snowflake (27k)
Harry thinks spending two weeks as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts will offer the perfect chance to get away from his troubles. Then he meets his assigned faculty guide: Potions Master Draco Malfoy.

Nine Days’ Wonder by Lomonaaeren (7k)
In which Harry is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and really not interested in Draco Malfoy’s snippy little firecalls about Scorpius. Really.

Transfigurations by Resonant (71k)
Five years after Voldemort’s defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.

Heartsight by thethaumas (11k)
One morning Professor Draco Malfoy receives a mysterious package, and in order to identify the contents he needs to ask for help from the only professor he is loathe to require assistance from.

Fast Forward, Two Steps Back by emmagrant01 (36k)
Everyone knows that Draco Malfoy died in the Room of Requirement ten years ago. So when he suddenly reappears at Hogwarts ten years later, still seventeen years old, Professor Harry Potter’s life gets very complicated.

Healing Touch by Digitallace (18k)
After an accident forces Harry away from professional Quidditch and back to Hogwarts, he discovers the healing abilities of a certain former Slytherin.

Rules are Made to Be Broken by leela_cat (7k) 
Harry’s week is off to a rocky start: Teddy’s being bullied by bureaucratic assholes at primary school, he missed the first meeting of a club he’s sponsoring at Hogwarts, and Draco Malfoy can’t seem to decide whether to yell at him or flirt with him. And then there are the rules…

The Re-education of Draco Malfoy by Veritas03 (31k)
In the aftermath of the war, it has been noted that many of the young witches and wizards who attended school during the second rise of Voldemort have received sub-standard educations. As a result, Hogwarts opens an adult education program in the summer to bring these students up to par in the workforce. Draco Malfoy, desperate to pass the NEWT for DADA, is among them. But his hopes are dashed when, on the first day of class, Draco discovers – to his horror – the new DADA professor has never even taught before – and is a student himself, still trying to pass Potions. And anyway – just how is Draco supposed to stay focused in class when Professor Potter is so totally hot?

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Draco by floweringjudas (23k)
“Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.”

Two Blokes, a Bike and a Biro by yodels (8k)
“Out with the old, in with the new. Draco Malfoy’s got his life classified and catalogued, everything in its place. But, Harry Potter’s unexpected appearance at Hogwarts shakes up Draco’s organized world.”

In Pieces by Dysonrules (85k)
Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new DADA instructor, only to find his teaching efforts thwarted by a very familiar ghost.

Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster (63k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes.
But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.

Sleeping Under the Stars by Writcraft (25k)
DADA Professor Harry Potter finds himself on a Muggle camping trip with newly appointed Potions Master, Draco Malfoy. The men bicker, work out some tensions (*ah-hem*) and the inevitable smut ensues

Do the Sick No Harm by Marks (10k)
Harry rejected the hero racket and decided to take over the hospital wing at Hogwarts, but his chosen career also means taking care of the staff. All of the staff, and that includes Professor Draco Malfoy.

A Spoonful of Sugar by fourth_rose (11k)
Of all the sweetshops in the world, Hogwarts Potions master Draco Malfoy had to walk into Harry Potter’s.

degeneratexbeautyqueen  asked:

the other day i read an article on vice and they completely insulted the true crime community which pissed me tf off! it was an article about hybristophilia in teens, which is a bad thing, but in the article they described the true crime community as sick and insane people. and it made it seem like we're a whole bunch of 16 year old girls that want to fuck every serial killer. like no, were a group of mostly educated adults who have an interest in something. sorry it just pissed me off lol

People generally have a tendency to condemn things they don’t understand and they’ll use a few hybristophilia-oriented blogs to represent the entire community. It’s pretty absurd, but sometimes people are desperate for readers and a catchy title about a community of teenagers and young adults who worship serial killers, no matter how inaccurate and ridiculous that statement is, promotes public interest. That is what sensationalism is.

Comments on child!Hux.

Some responses that I would like to signal-boost, to a post that asserts Hux has always been evil incarnate, and his behavior as a small child in Empire’s End s proof.

@reserve said:

1) I am inherently skeptical of [this post’s] interpretive merits because OP has stated on several occasions that they truly dislike Hux.

2) I am skeptical of anyone who denies the idea that abusive behavior is learned behavior. Children raised by parents who value violence and control over affection and nurturing will most likely suffer some level of maladjustment. [… Children] are not held accountable for their behavior as a predictive measure for their future selves.  

3) This post wildly misses the point that Armitage Hux is terrified of these children, nearly on the verge of tears, and shaking as he makes this command. He clearly hopes to assert some small, self-protective authority and ensure that he’s not about to be murdered by a trained gang of murder orphans. He is wildly outnumbered, and they are much bigger than him. He responds in a way that a) he was likely taught, and b) that seeks to assuage his fear.

4) Hux feels a strange and sinister buzz of excitement because he has never felt powerful before. This feeling is entirely new to him. Again, I’m not saying that it won’t define his future actions, but I am saying that exerting control when you’ve always been stripped of it, and taking pleasure in that, does not a future sadist make. Maybe it was formative, sure, but Hux has been told his entire very short life that he is weak and useless, and that’s canon. And welp, here is he, showing his canonically abusive father that he is not weak, that he is not useless. Just saying.

5) Rae Sloane, a grown woman, and a seriously high ranking imperial official, is afraid of these very same children. Tell me again that they are Hux’s peers.

PS: OP fails to mention that HUX IS FIVE YEARS OLD.

@sleepyowlet said:

I’d like to add that most five year olds have no concept of morality yet. It’s downright silly to expect them to know right from wrong, especially in extreme situations.

Also here we go again with the realistic villains/unrealistic heros thing - Rey and Finn are written with just as horrible backstories, but they are never tarnished. they came out of horrid circumstances as normal, well-adjusted people with functioning moral compasses (that kind of thing doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t; these things need to be taught). The more realistically written villains (Kylo and Hux) look twice as bad in contrast.

It all boils down to the good old portrayal of mentally ill people as monsters.

@illusion9 said:

Those children could kill without batting their eyes, but no one will comment them as “naturally evil” since they certainly  had been taught so. Then a five-year-old  who had been scared into tears by them is judged to be “evil out of his own choice”. Ironic comparison.

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my relationship with bees throughout the years
  • Me at 7 years old: *screams and runs away in terror*
  • Me as an educated adult: hello friend *screams and runs away internally*

tk17studios  asked:

I run adult education workshops on rationality, and I have frequently taught an hour-long class on the color wheel to our instructors so as to make them better teachers and mentors, and to give them tools to understand and reach more students. It's always been extremely well-received and from my position as curriculum director, it's been a highly positive framework to have in the mix.

That is great! Thanks for sharing.

anonymous asked:

Hi! What's with first person vs third person when it comes to autism? I saw something about it in one of your posts about Julia and I'm wondering what it means/is about? Thanks!

It’s not about first person versus third person, but rather, person first language versus identity first language.

Person first language is when you speak in a way that places the person before anything else. A person with autism. A person who is transgender. A person who is disabled.

In this case, you are talking about a person (who has something attached to them).

Identity first language is when you speak in a way that turns the attachment into an identity, and makes it the primary aspect. An autistic person. A transgender person. A disabled person.

The argument is for person first language sounds good on the surface: The person is more important than the thing they suffer from. But it inherently implies that whatever they have is something that is not important to who they are. It is used by the medical establishment and educators.

They claim that “autism isn’t who the person is,” and stuff like that.

Only, autistics disagree. Time and time again, it is shown that autistics overwhelmingly prefer identity first language. Like, some 85%+ of the community prefers “autistic” over “person with autism” - and I know it may seem like a quibble, but the reason is important.

You cannot separate us from out autism. It affects everything about us, including how we perceive the world, how we process the world around us, and how we interact with the world.

Disability advocates argue that when you are disabled, that also affects everything about us. A person that has a prosthetic leg, for example, can’t just ignore that their leg is mechanical. It’s a fact of life, and it inherently affects what and who they are.

Identity first language acknowledges this. By saying “I am autistic,” instead of “I am a person with autism,” I am making a statement that my autism is a quintessential part of me. Same with disability. Same with being transgender.

I can’t escape those things. They are not something that is “with” me. They are something I am.

When it comes to Julia, Sesame Workshop worked with many groups, including groups like @autisticadvocacy (ASAN), who I am sure urged Sesame Workshop to use identity first language.

They chose not to, presumably because that is the medical / educational standard. They disregarded what the community prefers.

Identity first language is one of the things that we are in a constant battle about. Despite the overwhelming support for identity first language among autistic adults, medical providers and educators insist that somehow using identity first language will harm kids by making them limited by their disability.

And like, its weird because hello! We grow up! We are telling these people what we prefer. We are telling them that person first language is what harms us. And they ignore us. It’s frustrating.

It’s starting to change? Like, the APA style guide allows for identity first language. It’s just the public perception is that we suffer from autism, and so that’s how they write about us.


I am autistic. I am disabled. I am transgender. I do not suffer from any of these things. They are who I am.

Understanding Welfare

People throw around the word “welfare” as if our country is being sucked dry by takers, but there are actually a total of 83 programs run by the government that qualify as “welfare.” Some like to talk about welfare as if the government is mindlessly giving free bags of money without any strings attached or economic strategy behind it all so that lazy unemployed people can buy Cadillacs and eat steak for every meal, but take a look at what qualifies as “welfare” and decide for yourself if such programs might be valuable to our society or improve your life both directly and indirectly (via the Senate Budget Committee):

 Family Planning
 Consolidated Health Centers
 Transitional Cash and Medical Services
for Refugees
 State Children’s Health Insurance
Program (CHIP)
 Voluntary Medicare Prescription Drug
Benefit—Low-Income Subsidy
 Medicaid
 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
 Breast/Cervical Cancer Early Detection
 Maternal and Child Health Block Grant
 Indian Health Service
 Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families (TANF) (cash aid)
 Supplemental Security Income
 Additional Child Tax Credit
 Earned Income Tax Credit (refundable
 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP)
 School Breakfast Program (free/reduced
price components)
 National School Lunch Program
(free/reduced price components)
 Special Supplemental Nutrition Program
for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
 Child and Adult Care Food Program
(lower income components)
 Summer Food Service Program
 Commodity Supplemental
 Food Program Nutrition Assistance for
Puerto Rico
 The Emergency Food Assistance
Program (TEFAP)
 Nutrition Program for the Elderly
 Indian Education
 Adult Basic Education Grants to States
 Federal Supplemental Educational
Opportunity Grant
 Education for the Disadvantaged—
Grants to Local Educational Agencies
(Title I-A)
 Title I Migrant Education Program
 Higher Education—Institutional Aid and
Developing Institutions
 Federal Work-Study
 Federal TRIO Programs
 Federal Pell Grants
 Education for Homeless Children and
 21st Century Community Learning
 Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness
for Undergraduate Programs (GEARUP)
 Reading First and Early Reading First
 Rural Education Achievement Program
 Mathematics and Science Partnerships
 Improving Teacher Quality State Grants
 Academic Competitiveness and Smart
Grant Program
 Single-Family Rural Housing Loans
 Rural Rental Assistance Program
 Water and Waste Disposal for Rural
 Public Works and Economic
 Supportive Housing for the Elderly
 Supportive Housing for Persons with
 Section 8 Project-Based Rental
 Community Development Block Grants
 Homeless Assistance Grants
 Home Investment Partnerships Program
 Housing Opportunities for Persons with
 Public Housing
 Indian Housing Block Grants
 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers
 Neighborhood Stabilization Program-1
 Grants to States for Low-Income
Housing in Lieu of Low-Income
Housing Credit Allocations
 Tax Credit Assistance Program
 Indian Human Services
 Older Americans Act Grants for
Supportive Services and Senior Centers
 Older Americans Act Family Caregiver
 Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families (TANF) (social services)
 Child Support Enforcement
 Community Services Block Grant
 Child Care and Development Fund
 Head Start HHS
 Developmental Disabilities Support and
Advocacy Grants
 Foster Care
 Adoption Assistance
 Social Services Block Grant
 Chafee Foster Care Independence
 Emergency Food and Shelter Program
 Legal Services Corporation
 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP) (employment and
training component)
 Community Service Employment for
Older Americans
 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult
 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth
 Social Services and Targeted Assistance
for Refugees
 Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families (TANF) (employment and
 Foster Grandparents
 Job Corps
 Weatherization Assistance Program
 Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
Program (LIHEAP)